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¿Who sang Humble and Kind better?


Who sang "Humble and Kind" better?  

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    • Addison Agen
    • Jim Ranger

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40 minutes ago, Hamza Tufail said:

I love both of them but I voted for Jim. He really DELIVERED in this performance and he showed great emotion(which he was lacking in his other two performances). As for Addison she has many other great performances(AFM, ACOY, SUTBM and the list goes on...)

Brain farting rn, I know AFM is Angel From Montgomery, ACOY is A Case of You, but what is SUTBM?

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Addison was my one of my favorites from Season 13. Unfortunately, I have to agree with some of the others on top of this thread. Her version was not her best. So I voted for Jim. I would've voted her over Jim if she performed it like the studio version.

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jim was really great on this performance. addison is my all time favorite though, and i can't ignore her tone on this song, whether or not she made mistakes. i can't access the original video though lmao so i have to vote based on her studio while taking into account she made some "mistakes" as have been stated previously. 

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