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Rank every 3rd placer


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s1 - Beverly McCellan/ Vicci Martinez

s2 - Tony Lucca

s3 - Nicholas David

s4 - The Swon Brothers

s5 - Will Champlin

s6 - Christina Grimmie

s7 - Chris Jamison

s8 - Joshua Davis

s9 - Barrett Baber

s10 - Hannah Huston

s11 - We McDonald

s12 - Aliyah Moulden

s13 - Brooke Simpson

s14 - Kyla Jade

s15 - Kirk Jay

s16 - Dexter Roberts

s17 - Katie Kadan

s18 - Thunderstorm Artis

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1. Katie Kadan (S17)



2. Kyla Jade (S14)

3. Hannah Huston (S10)

4. Thunderstorm Artis (S18)

5. Brooke Simpson (S13)

6. Wé McDonald (S11)

7. Aliyah Moulden (S12)


Didn't Care For:

8. Nicholas David (S3)

9. Christina Grimmie (S6)

10. Vicci Martinez (S1)



11. Will Champlin (S5)

12. Kirk Jay (S15)

13. Chris Jamison (S7)

14. Tony Lucca (S2)

15. Barrett Baber (S9)

16. Dexter Roberts (S16)

17. Joshua Davis (S8)

18. The Swon Brothers (S4)

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I wanted these contestants to win

1. Kyla Jade

2. Brooke Simpson

3. Wé McDonald


Contestants I would have been more than happy with winning, but I preferred someone else

4. Katie Kadan

5. Hannah Huston

6. Christina Grimmie

7. Thunderstorm Artis


Fine, but you wouldn't have made the finale if I was in charge

8. Will Champlin

9. Aliyah Moulden

10. Chris Jamison


The bottom of the barrel that shouldn't have made it even close to the finale, sorry

11. Dexter Roberts

12. Joshua Davis

13. Kirk Jay

14. Barrett Baber


Didn't watch S1-S4 enough to place their respective 3rd place finalists.

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They Deserve to win

1. Katie Kadan - 100

2. Kyla Jade - 100

3. Brooke Simpson - 99

4. Thunderstorm Artis - 98

5. We Mcdonald - 98


They deserve some higher place


6. Hannah Huston- 96

7. Christinna Grimmie - 95

8. Aliyah Moulden - 94

9. Vicci Martinez - 93

10. Will Champlin - 91


uhmm ok?


11. Chris Jamison - 87

12. Tony Luca - 86

13. Dexter Roberts - 85

14. Kirk Jay - 83

15, Nicholas David - 83




16, Joshua Davis - 79

17, Barrett Baber - 75

18, The Swon Brothers - 70

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Actively disliked them

18. Dexter Roberts

17. Aliyah Moulden


Not my kind of voice

16. Vicci Martinez/Beverly McClellan

15. Kirk Jay

14. The Swon Brothers

13. Nicholas David


I can only take them in small doses

12. Katie Kadan

11. Kyla Jade


Decent artist but did not grab me

10. Thunderstorm Artis


I liked their runs on the show, not my favorites

09. We McDonald

08. Brooke Simpson

07. Hannah Huston


Singer/Songwriters FTW

06. Tony Lucca

05. Joshua Davis


Love them

04. Christina Grimmie - RIP again

03. Chris Jamison - when will we have another artist like him on the show again?



02. Will Champlin - will always have a special place in my heart


Eternal snowflake

01. Barrett Baber - the hardest working artist I've had the pleasure of supporting, and the most invested I've ever been in an artist, period. Will always be in this guy's corner.

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Kyla Jade (S14) - all hail Queen Kyla. If she'd been on Kelly's team, she may have won given the big push for Team KC by TPTB, but who knows? As is, Blake did very well with her so I can't be too upset about the results.

Wé McDonald (S11) - I am a massive sucker for strong alto voices, even though she kinda flopped after Take Me to Church. 

Hannah Huston (S10) - her KO is *chef's kiss* and I was surprised that she didn't have more support through the lives, but she's one of my favorites even four years out.

Will Champlin (S5) - his artistry on the show is probably the most similar to my music taste on Spotify, and given how tough the competition was for S5 he fought tooth and nail to make it to the lives and out of the playoffs but sailed through to finale afterwards, so this spot was well-earned.


Katie Kadan (S17) - she's ten times more fabulous than I could ever hope to be, and I wish her much success.

Thunderstorm Artis (S18) - I find his tone super-soothing, so I hope his post-show work does well and I'll keep an eye on it.

Brooke Simpson (S13) - Brooke's got a helluva voice and she's hilarious too, so if they ever bring back contestants to mentor again like they did in S14 I hope she's one of them.

Christina Grimmie (S6) - she deserved so much better than she got.


Dexter Roberts (S16) - after it officially became a Country + Maelyn finale, I wanted him to be runner-up so badly, but third isn't a bad way to end a season in which artists in the same lane as you are massively overrepresented. 

Nicholas David (S3) - I like old-school raspy-voiced stuff once in a while, and I'm glad CeeLo didn't try to steer him out of that lane since he suited it very well. He also has the distinction of being the first one-chair to make the finale, so kudos to him for that.

Chris Jamison (S7) - if the show hadn't been so fixated on making him Justin Timberlake 2.0, he might have done slightly better; on the other hand, he went from nearly getting cut to being the only artist in the semifinals to get both of his songs in the top 10 on iTunes. That plus his blind audition is a classic.  

Beverly McCllelan/Vicci Martinez (S1) - both were good, but not my two favorites of the season. 


Barrett Baber (S9) - I didn't mind him but I thought his semifinals performance was kind of a mess with too much trying to happen to the song (the idea to flip it was creative but could've been better executed), though had he come runner-up I would've been fine with it.

Aliyah Moulden (S12) - I wanted Hunter and Brennley in the finale over her and Jesse, but she did very well for how young she was at the time of the show; she just isn't my taste personally.

Tony Lucca (S2) - I'd put him a tier up but the Xtina-Adam rivalry he got caught in the crossfire of that season left a bad taste in my mouth.


Joshua Davis (S8) - he wasn't bad, just bland.

Kirk Jay (S15) - his pre-taped stuff was fine; live, he was kinda just "ehhh" to me personally.

The Swon Brothers (S4) - they were fun to watch, but I would've much preferred one of the top 8 ladies who got cut before the finale over them. 

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Season was definitely rigged and she should have won and I bet did win based on actual votes:

Christina Grimmie


stellar queens:

Kyla Jade(ugh, why did the bus have to hit her and throw her to the next dimension)

Hannah Huston

We McDonald

Brooke Simpson


Pretty good tbh:

Katie Kadan

WIll Champlin


Chris Jamison

Tony Lucca

Thunderstorm Artis



Lmao, what flops:

Rest of them

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Didn't someone figure out that Vicci finished ahead of Beverly or am I imagining things?


Tony Lucca is a good singer, but Adam weighing his semifinals points toward him and then we find out that Katrina Parker actually got the popular vote and would've advanced really annoyed me and soured me on Adam.

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1. Christina Grimmie

2. Brooke Simpson

3. Will Champlin

4. Hannah Huston

5. Kyla Jade

6. Chris Jamison

7. Barrett Baber

8. Aliyah Moulden

9. Wé McDonald

10. Thunderstorm Artis

11. Katie Kadan 

12. Kirk Jay

13. Dexter Roberts

14. Joshua Davis


(first season for me was 5)

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