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Julia Gargano Fan Thread

Idol Maniac

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Age As Of Premiere




March 9th, 1998


Audition Location

Washington, D.C.


Performance Details
Celebrity Auditions: "Growing Pains" (Original Song) [With Piano]

Hollywood Week Round 1 (Genre Challenge): -

Hollywood Week Round 2 (Duets): -

Hollywood Week Round 3 (Full Band Accompaniment): -

Showcase Round (Top 40): Pink - "Glitter In The Air"


Fan Listing
01. Idol Maniac
02. Carrie_On

03. jazzontherocks

04. wgm

05. jamescasaki

06. hazuki

07. Blirel

08. VoiceFan1

09. KelseyW

10. psterina

11. m1key

12. stillcrazy2195

13. camilejplfan04

14. Tiger_8

15. Stacey.

16. Walker359718

17. ShortstopVM
18. Shireen
19. Niki

20. -

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