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  1. You didn't respond to ANY issue in THIS article, and there are tons of issues. https://www.rightwirereport.com/2020/05/21/op-ed-why-the-world-hates-donald-j-trump/ Everything that is brought up, originally came from other articles. And, mainly ... from left/center sources (Time, Business Insider, Veterans Today, even the U.S Department Of Justice). But keep on shooting the messenger, but KNOW, ... this messenger, will continue to bring info, whether you agree with it, or not. .
  2. Blah Blah Blah ... This article is written, by a former democrat. AND ... the links, are not right wing links, like this one, from TIME. Yes. TIME (really right wing, huh?) https://time.com/4652703/president-trump-lobbying-ban/ What I DO NOTICE .... is that you didn't bring up a single issue. Not a single one, and the article addresses several (with links, like the one I provided above). I am not touting Trump as a leftist candidate. However, as the Kim Iversen video, a few posts back, prove ... he is to the left of Biden on 3 issues. Twist my words, and I will point it out.
  3. Actually, it is concern for the victims, that has brought me to where I am on this. Check this thread, all the way back. I literally hated on Trump, up until 4/5 months ago. The proof, is right there. I have been a life long democrat, and have always voted democrat. With that said, I'm 1 of the 5 people I know personally, who are voting Trump this time. One of them, sent me this. Oh, and by the way ... it is written by a former democrat, and I couldn't have layed it out any better. Your "news" hasn't been telling you ANY of this. https://www.rightwirereport.com/2020/05/21/op-ed-why-the-world-hates-donald-j-trump/
  4. Honorable Mention: Vonzell Solomon Vonzell, most certainly, sound the best out of the 3 of them. A true pro. You would never know, from that performance, that she was just eliminated.
  5. It's a heck of a lot more than "when people are led to believe children are in danger" . And ... this isn't just about children. It's about ALL human trafficking, which is shockingly, a HUGE, SICKENING problem. Apparently, much more, than you are aware of. https://www.state.gov/reports/2019-trafficking-in-persons-report/
  6. Another progressive, weighing in
  7. My 2 cents, for the final 6 rankings. I think, that the only thing that I would change would be, switching David Cook & Fantasia. She sounded amazing! Also ... I really liked Falling a lot!!
  8. Trump will NEVER, be considered progressive, by me. HOWEVER ... Trump & Tulsi, align on my major issues. Namely, ending the endless wars, going after pharmaceutical companies, for over charging Americans, getting rid of NAFTA, and other issues. But MOST OF ALL ... https://www.govinfo.gov/content/pkg/FR-2020-02-05/pdf/2020-02438.pdf and This, has become my #1 issue, as it is so massive, and utterly horrible. People are so clueless, but .... heads are going to explode, regarding this. I mentioned how, there will be meltdowns, of epic proportions, in an earlier post. The MSM & democrats in power, are in a panic. Why? They KNOW, what is coming. You might want to ask yourselves, why certain voices, who are ALWAYS speaking out loudly, regarding politics, at this time .... aren't. I have spent hours upon hours, digging into this. And, let me say this ...While Biden, is looking for his marbles ... Trump has been playing 5D chess.
  9. Apparently, mytake1 doesn't like my opinion on this. Oh well ..... It is, what it is.
  10. Tell you what .... if you REALLY want to know how his supporters measure his success, there's plenty of comments (from his supporters) on this video, from Sept. 13th, that will spell it out, for you. That way .... you actually hear it from them, not someone who is putting his opinion forth, as to why. So, scroll down, and find out, for yourself.
  11. Just my 2 cents ... 012. Maddie Poppe - Going Going Gone To me ... This song, is the catchiest, out of this batch of songs. And Maddie sounded GREAT! I would have this higher 011. Just Sam - Rise Up Would place this a little higher. Wonderful vocals 010. Phillip Phillips - Home To me ... this song is not that catchy. Not a popular opinion, here. He's fortunate, that the Olympics brought him exposure & neither he, nor Jessica were my faves for that season. 009. Jordin Sparks - This Is My Now ... Wow! Stunning vocals. Would place this higher 008. Kris Allen - No Boundaries ... Catchier song & better vocals, than Nick Fradiani, but I would have this a little lower. 007. Nick Fradiani - Beautiful Life ... He stayed in tune, and vocals are good, but not great. The song is ok. I would have him lower than this. #12
  12. Thanks for posting. Good to see her putting out music. You're right, Blirel, her vocals sounds really good
  13. Biden will spend more, to support the Military Industrial Complex (is anyone RELLY surprised), because .... he is, and always has been .... a WAR MONGER!!!! He (like Hillary) voted yes, on Iraq. H3ll no, to Joe !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The left, has NO REPRESENTATION, with the Dems. Trump, shockingly, is more to the left, than Biden/Harris. Sad, but true!
  14. I ran out of time, to submit my rankings, but .... here's my 2 cents 018. Lee DeWyze - Beautiful Day - At least he didn't sing out of tune, like a lot of performances 017. Scotty McCreery - I Love You This Big - Even though the lyrics are a little cheesy, I would place just a tad higher. I'm saying this with Scotty being no where near a fav, that season 016. Caleb Johnson - As Long As You Love Me - Caleb was my 2nd fav (after Jessica Meuse) that season. I would have placed this a little higher. Love the edge in his voice 015. Candice Glover - I Am Beautiful - For Candice's voice alone, I would place her higher. Granted, there could have been a better song for her 014. Laine Hardy - Flame - The song fits Laine well, but to have Laine over Candice? 013. Taylor Hicks - Do I Make You Proud - Good placement
  15. Oh man!!!! This would be great! Where's the popcorn? Trump's already in. Where are you Biden? Joe Rogan would ask great questions, and he's very fair. Hope this happens!!!!
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