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  1. Johnny, is really talented. Definitely one of my faves, this season
  2. OMG!! I LOVE IT!! Thanks for posting!
  3. Question: Have some conspiracy theory's actually been true? Answer: Yes So … I like to take the stance of, "Don't blindly believe something" but also, "Don't blindly reject something" with that said, here's this:
  4. Most definitely!! The MSM, is desperately trying to keep this quiet
  5. I'm going to jump in here, and …. agree
  6. Truly, Siobhan has had one of the most interesting, varied music careers, of the Idol Contestants. This is one more example. This is from a game, called "The End Is Nigh". Siobhan did the lyrics, Ridiculon, did the music (they did all of the music, for the different game songs). Siobhan also did all the fantastic harmony parts I tried finding the original video, of "The End Is Nigh Bonus Bonus", but I can't find it. Anyway, I found this one, and … we get to see the lyrics. Warning they are kind of dark, but … it had to do with the game, and how things turn out. The music, is hauntingly beautiful, as well as the melody
  7. Sorry that happened Drew. Happened to me, as well
  8. FYI …. Just passing on info, as I come across it
  9. Bringing this here, to look at the numbers
  10. Nope. I do not. But, Trump is going to rip Biden to shreds. We are NOT in a good place, people. the DNC, is beyond corrupt, and I hate that. This is NOT a democracy.
  11. Tulsi, is an amazing leader. In the face, of unprecendented opposition (DNC & MSM smearing & blackout), during her presidential campaign, she has demonstrated her leadership, and spearheaded the UBI effort (she was the one to introduce the legislation, for it), and now, the Republican president, is going to make it a reality. Seriously, let that sink in. Overall, not happy Biden got the nomination, overall, definitely not happy with Trump. I may sit the general out. This was not her time. She stuck to her word (as she ALWAYS does), that she would NOT run 3rd party. She will be president, some day. Her light is too bright, not to. We will ALL be recipients, of her leadership efforts, through UBI and future courses of action. THAT, I am sure of. Still, the best candidate, I've EVER seen
  12. Apparently, there are OTHER "reasons" for his loss
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