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  1. Bloomberg being in this debate, and Tulsi NOT being in this debate … is a TRAVESTY!!! So … I will bring Tulsi's Town Hall, in Colorado Springs, Co, which ended 2 hours ago. here ….
  2. Except for … Pizzagate is utter nonsense, and Shadow App isn't. Pete is the ONLY one (of the candidates), from everything I've come across, whose campaign, actually donated to this App.
  3. Great voice. She's strong, but vulnerable, too Add me
  4. She's very cute, Niki. Voted for her
  5. I have an impossible time, trying to pick, which of Siobhan's performances is my favorite. So many to choose from. With that said …. this one, is on my top 3 This song (Someday), was written for her. It was part of the play "The Reluctant Dragon" Her range, and the different ways, she uses her voice in this … is amazing. I also heard, that she got quite the standing ovation. The applause, goes on & on. Here's why
  6. Yeah …There's a lot of info coming out, regarding this App. No wonder everyone was pretty surprised, that Pete came in that high in Iowa. It didn't make sense, and now … we are finding out, why https://thegrayzone.com/2020/02/04/pro-israel-buttigieg-seth-klarman-iowas-voting-app/ And then, there's still that ridiculous coin toss. Like … SERIOUSLY???
  7. Pete's campaign, giving $$ toward this app, seems more than fishy. It needs to be investigated. https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/buttigieg-campaign-paid-firm-that-developed-voting-app-blamed-for-iowa-caucus-delays
  8. Documents Reveal DNC was "Intimately Involved" In Development Of Troubled Iowa Caucus App https://news.yahoo.com/shadow-inc-idp-contract-dnc-documents-224407455.html
  9. O M G !!!! Siobhan & Dan got engaged. It looks like they're in the southwest.
  10. Facebook is Censoring Reporting On Buttigieg Cheating
  11. Not a supporter, of either of these 2 but …..
  12. That Swan Bride clip, was hysterical!! I have this video to share. LOL
  13. Oh wow. Gary Johnson, just endorsed Tulsi Gabbard!
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