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  1. Going back to May of 2011, here is Siobhan, at the Mohegan Sun, performing Maria (by Blondie). I just love her voice, on this and let's not forget .... family cheer
  2. You're denying what the doctor saw, for himself
  3. Real FACT: 99,96% of the worlds population HAS NOT DIED OF COVID-19 Some pandemic
  4. OMG!!! What awesome news! I had a feeling, when I saw his audition, that he would get signed. Congratulations to Dillon!!
  5. Horowitz: The CDC Confirms Remarkably Low Coronavirus Death Rate. Where is the Media? https://www.greenmedinfo.com/blog/horowitz-cdc-confirms-remarkably-low-coronavirus-death-rate-where-media?utm_campaign
  6. "Just because we put Covid 19 on the death certificate, doesn't mean ... that the patient died of Covid-19" WHAT????
  7. I am really behind on comments, but since my fave showed up in this round, I have to comment 75. Amber Holcomb - Liked her, but LOVED Candice 74. Anwar Robinson - Didn't watch S4 73. Siobhan Magnus - My ultimate favorite, of the universe. Why? A lot of reasons, but her voice to me, is just the best! I love, that she is unique & creative, and sounds great in whatever genre, she sings in. I love that she cannot be put in a box. and was by far, in my opinion ... the most interesting, and talented contestant on S9 ( and to me the most talented & interesting contestant, period.) , And yes Crisis, I could definitely fill you in, on what she's been doing, but ... I have posted some of it on her thread, and will continue to do so, as there is a lot of great performances, as she has had a very busy, and varied music career post idol. Through The Fire, was her weakest performance, during S9. She went out of tune a couple of times, which is something the winner did, on most of his performances, so .... there's that. Superstition, Paint It Black, Think, Wicked Game & Across The Universe, Living For The City, were great! Besides her own projects, Siobhan is a full time member of a group called The Ultrasonic Rock Orchestra (The URO), and it's a really good fit for her. One more thing... To show what a pro she was/is. her exiting performance was THINK, and if you tuned in, and didn't know that she just got eliminated, nothing about that performance, would have told you so. 72. Matt Giraud - Liked him, but he wasn't a fav that season 71. Phil Stacey - Didn't watch this season
  8. Yay! A new clip of Julia. Here, she is singing "Forever Young"
  9. Who knew? Not I. But, apparently … Siobhan had done the lead vocal for yet another, of Ridiculon's games (I previously had posted "The End Is Nigh", in which she wrote the lyrics, and did back up vocals). Her voice sounds perfect, for this.
  10. Lee - This may come as a shock coming from me, but I would put him a little higher. While he was pitchy, and not the most exciting of performers, I do like his voice. Burnell - Good placement Adanna - She was my favorite that season, and "Runaway Baby" was awesome!! So … I would have her higher Laine - Lane was my 3rd fav of the season (After Ashley Hess & Madison Vandenberg), and I would have him a little higher Majesty - Good placement. I really enjoyed "Tightrope"
  11. I must check it out. Thanks, for letting me know
  12. Yeah …. STILL shaking my head, regarding Ashley Hess. Urggghhh. She's my 3rd fav Idol contestant, ever. Her audition video has over 3.5 MILLION views, and there are new comments practically every day. Regarding the rankings …. I pretty much agree with Crisis, but I might have had Alyssa a little higher. Love her vocal tone
  13. They sound great together. Thanks for posting!!
  14. YAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LP's tour has been rescheduled. Can't wait!!! Crossing my fingers, that it does actually happen. Seriously …. between the endless great songs she has, her riveting stage presence, and …. well …. this says it all
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