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  1. David Cook, was a most definite worthy winner! I always looked forward to his creative performances. And by far, the best WGWG in Idol history
  2. No one has to believe anything she believes, or anything that comes out of her mouth, HOWEVER ... I'm sure her record, is one easily proved, or dis-proved. The proof will be in the pudding, not in anyone's "beliefs".
  3. Good to see. More & more doctors, speaking out
  4. I don't disagree with Crystal being your favorite for S9. I said I was happy to see her being your fav. Read what I said, again.
  5. Cool! Top 10 time 10 - Quentin Alexander, is an artist. He was my 2nd favorite that season ( Adanna Duru, being my fav). He sure was an interesting, talented contestant. Always looked forward, to his performances 9 - Didn't watch S2 8 - Elise Testone is my favorite Finalist of S11. And "Whole Lotta Love", is on my Top 15 Idol performances. It was perfection 7 - Crystal Bowersox, is tied with Didi Benami for my Top 2 faves on S9 (Siobhan, of course being my #1). Crystal always delivered a very solid performance, and glad to see, that she is out there making music, and on your Top 10
  6. Just a harmless question, here, but.... could it be due to the FACT, that there is a FEDERAL monetary incentive, to states & hospitals for diagnosing COVID patients, and another monetary incentive, for putting patients on ventilators, and yet a bigger monetary incentive, to mark a death certificate, as a COVID-19 death? You all, do know about this ....right?
  7. Also .... while I'm in here ... Good video. The comments, are priceless, and say so much
  8. I think you forgot, the point of the post. The FACT is .... she has treated 350 patients, diagnosed with Covid-19. And NONE OF THEM HAS DIED. What do you have to say about THAT small, tiny "forgotten" detail?
  9. Cool!! On Friday 8/21/20 @ 7:30 ET, The URO are going to be streaming live
  10. Semi-Finalists. I didn't watch S1 - S6, and came in mid S7, after the semi-finalists so ... Everyone that I mention, is someone that I thought should have made the Top 10 (2 of them, are not on your list) S 8 - Felicia Barton & Jackie Tohn S 9 - Alex Lambert, Lily Scott, Katelyn Epperly - If these 3, would have made the Top 10 .... S9 would have been so much better, overall (just my humble opinion) S 10 - S 11 - Jen Hirsch - I listen to her at least a couple of times a week, to this day S 12 - S 15 - Stephany Negrete - LOVED her version of " Mama Knows Best" so much, and her stage presence. Cannot believe she didn't make Top 10. S16 - Effie Passero - Strong Vocalist. Glad to see she is out there doing music S17 - Ashley Hess - She is my 3rd favorite idol contestant EVER. I will NEVER understand how she didn't make Top 10. Granted ... "Sir Duke", was not the best song choice, but overall .... she is amazing! That voice is GOLDEN. And the ease, with how she sings, is so lovely. I listen to her almost every day. .
  11. Besides having an incredible range, vocal tone/s, stage presence , Siobhan is always ... so interesting "They even gave it a nose ring ..."
  12. I knew that I would find a copy of this again, since youtube censored this, and removed it. So..... here's the Doctor, Dr Stella Immanuel from Houston, saying .... there is a cure for COVID , who has treated over 350 patients with COVID https://www.bitchute.com/video/ukmtlokiGHRr/
  13. Yeah ... not sure what her deal was but ........LOLOL
  14. Virtual Concert on Aug 1st @ 1:00pm PDT with LP
  15. I knew, that youtube would remove the above video, with a doctor, who treated several patients, with COVID-19, and NONE of them died. She didn't go the usual route. THAT, is why the video was removed. THEY, really don't want you to know anything different, from what THEY are putting. Let's see how long this video with Dr. Judy Mikowitz & Robert KennedyJr., is up before THEY take it down. This is Part 1 of 3
  16. Not a single of her COVID patients, has died ... Why?
  17. This came out in May, but I've never seen it. Here .... Julia talks about her biggest influences in life
  18. Oops. I meant S13 I don't know, how I got the wrong season in there. I edited it, on my original post
  19. It's been a while for me, but since 2 of my Top 5 (My Top 5 being Siobhan Magnus, Julia Gargano, Ashley Hess, Jessica Meuse & Candice Glover ... in that order) have shown up, and 2 of my Top 20 have shown up (Allison Iraheta, Pia Toscano), it's time to comment. Glad to see them ranking this high on your list. Allison Iraheta - was my 3rd favorite from S8, after Adam Lambert & Jackie Tohn. Allison, was always very professional & comfortable on a stage, and was quite impressive, considering how young she was. I did catch several videos, of her post Idol career, especially with Halo Circus. Glad to still see her out there performing Pia Toscano - To me, her version of River Deep Mountain High, is THE best version out there. Yes ... I said that. It was shocking to everyone, when she was let go so early. I have not really kept up with her post Idol career, although I know she is doing pretty well. Jessica Meuse - My definite favorite from S13. LOVED The Crow & The Butterfly & Blue Eyed Lie. I have somewhat kept up with her post idol, and watched some of her Stage It concerts. Jessica was bussed by the judges, and it was obvious. Glad to see her out there, still making music Candice Glover - To this day, when I hear I Who Have Nothing and Love Song ... I STILL get chills. Candice is amazing. She was most definitely a most deserving winner. I haven't really kept up with her post Idol career as much as I should. That may have to change. Also ... and this will be off topic, but I don't know where else to put this ... Ashley Hess's audition video is blowing up. I noticed it 4 days ago, that the viewership, had gone WAY UP. I mean ... WAY UP. I wrote it down, to see if I was imagining it. I wasn't. It went from 3,401,967 views on 7/23/20 to 3,835,746 views this morning. That is over 430,000 views in 4 days. The comment section is blowing up, as well. Katy's face on this video, is my face, when I noticed the number of views Great to see this happening, though
  20. All I can say is ..... This new Official Video just came out yesterday. Man ..... that voice/vocal range is insane!!! And of course, the song is .....
  21. Yay!! Found something new to share Here's Julia w/the incredible guys, singing "I Can't Make You Love Me" Lots of incredible harmonies plus Julia, looks great in flannel
  22. Watch it. Or don't. But, I HIGHLY recommend, that you do. It's a video by Dr. Carrie Medej. Her video got taken down, but several other people put it back up. So, for now ... this one is up. If it gets taken down, I will replace it, as there are already 5 other copies of it out there
  23. She has posted on her twitter account. It's under Samantha Diaz. Looks like she had been busy, participating in peaceful protests
  24. Yup! And, Sweden didn't destroy their businesses, on top of that. https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/companies/28-companies-that-have-filed-for-bankruptcy-since-the-pandemic-began-and-13-that-could-be-next/ss-BB16Gk
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