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  1. Oh … now we're "dangerous". I see. What is dangerous, is those horrible test vaccines, that killed those 7 children … which by the way, I notice, you didn't even mention. Hmmm … Why? They didn't deserve even a mention? Do you not have ANYTHING, to say about that? All you can do, is deflect, and call me, & others, who are not buying, what you're selling, "dangerous"? What I brought here, is information, real news, that didn't come from our Corporate/Pharmaceutical owned news. I am pointing out, the main thing, that you totally ignored. Whether you like it or not, more & more people are questioning , what we are being told. There are those in your field, who have way more knowledge & experience than you do, who are speaking out. Thank goodness, for that, even after many attempts to be silenced
  2. Sure, go off the ridiculous end of the cliff. There is a difference, between being an anti-vaxxer, and being against having horrid ingredients put in vaccines (mercury, glyphosate, animal parts, rfd chips etc etc), which , are in vaccines. Do you just not know this? Or …. what? Cuz, some people only get their "news" from the Corporate, Pharmaceutical owned "news" , who of course, wouldn't be pushing THEIR agendas, . Riiiigghhhtt?!!! Oh … of …. course … not. LOLOL So … who wants to sign up for Covid-19 vaccine testing? Here … let's look & see what no MSM news, is reporting. . Go ahead. Be the first in line. All I can say is …. https://ayyaantuu.org/afaan-oromoo/covid-19-vaccine-killed-seven-children-in-senegal-africa/#
  3. All I can say is … I hadn't heard anything, regarding this: Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci & Big Pharma lost a Huge Supreme Court Case in USA. Did any of you?
  4. Here's another utterly fantastic song , called "Magic". I have not been able to find live footage of this. It's probably because … just like the song "Too Much", she hasn't done it live. It is one of my top favorites of hers, though. And, I would LOVE to see this live some day
  5. I'm not gonna go contestant, by contestant. Just a few thoughts Jovin - Yeah, didn't see that one coming, HOWEVER … He's great on a big stage, and knows how to fill it, with his voice, talent & presence Franklin - I don't know … Just never caught my interest DeWayne - Even though, his last song did him in. He is one of the contestants, that made me wonder what he would do next. Would have liked to see him go further Arthur - Yes, he belongs in the Top 10. Yes, the songs all started to sound the same, but … something about his presence, drew people from all over the world to him Olivia - She's a mighty performer. Her voice, isn't as strong as some of the others. She's pretty young, and hopefully can try out again, when she's a little older, and strengthens her vocals Francisco/Sophia - They deserve to be on the Top 10 Dillon - Dillon has a unique voice. I like him, as a person & performer, and songwriter. I could see him having a successful career in music Grace - Yeah … Over The Rainbow, not a good choice, but I loved that even without an audience, she was able to connect, through the camera. I like her presence Julia - My #1 favorite, for this season. Should have AT LEAST made Top 3., and glad to see her in your Top 3. Her songwriting, is amazing. I've been listening to several of her videos, with original songs, and they are utterly fantastic. I love that her voice, can be like smooth as silk, and raw/gritty, as well. Also .. something really important in a performer, is presence. She has beauty & presence. So looking forward, to whatever new material, she puts out. I can see Julia having a career in music Sam - Most definitely is deserving of the win. She won hearts. Still so very happy for her. Wishing her great success, in the music biz.
  6. Julia uses really creative chord progressions in her songs. Here she is, around 16 yrs of age, with her song "Deep End". Very impressive
  7. By all means, YES. Thanks, for helping me make my point!
  8. Very good analysis, CarmenSadiego. You hit the nail on the head. People, really did connect to HER. She is very deserving of this win. Still so happy for her.
  9. Upon doing an internet search, THIS is the 1st thing that pops up. So … if that is "fake news" to you, then Coronavirus (COVID-19) statistics Sweden cases Updated May 23 at 2:37 PM local Confirmed 33,188 +379 Deaths 3,992 +67 Recovered 4,971 See breakdown See less Confirmed 5,267,452 +99,019 Deaths 339,949 +4,013 Recovered 2,086,375 +100,719 See breakdown
  10. Sweden has 10.18 Million people. They have had 3992 deaths. in percentages, what is that … 0.039% ? AND … they are further north, hence colder, than a lot of the other countries, AND.... they didn't destroy their economy
  11. Interview, by SILive.com , Julia Gargano Recounts Her Top 3 American Idol Moments,
  12. Here is Julia's Encore Performance, from Live Kelly & Ryan! She performed her original "Growing Pains", in its full version. https://kellyandryan.com/videos/?video=6158313956001
  13. Sweden isn't on lock down. Businesses are open. People aren't wearing masks. Children are going to school (up to age 16). Groups up to 50 can meet. The deaths there, are the same as everywhere else. What does that tell you?
  14. Thank you so much, for posting. I wasn't able to catch it live
  15. From Hard Rock, to Ballads, 90's Rock, to Movie Themes, to Big Band Swing …. Yes. Big Band Swing. One of my favorite genres. Here is Siobhan, singing "I Know Why And So Do You" with the Bean Town Swing Orchestra, from a performance in 2014. The tone of her vocals …. exquisite (quite different from the rocking vocals on Ball & Chain or Stockholm Syndrome)
  16. HUGE congratulations, to Julia! She was chosen to do Live's American Idol Encore! I'm not surprised, and yet … I am. Pleasantly, so!!! It will air tomorrow morning https://kellyandryan.com/live/lives-american-idol-encore-2020/#.XsK0rnSLDpg.twitter
  17. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS !!!!!!!!!!! Crying tears of happiness, for her!!!!
  18. Every time I turn around, I have a new favorite song of Julia's. This next one, is very different (PinkFloyd-ish), and I love it! It starts off kind of otherworldly, and then … it rocks off, into the universe. It's called Spaceman. I'm posting 2 different performances of it. Both are done with band members. The 1st one, is mixed really well, and looks like a professionally made video. The 2nd performance, is in a huge performance hall, with a huge audience . There are back up vocals, and it's a good live performance video. And .. the audience really loved it, judging from the applause. Strong performances by the musicians, on both videos
  19. I didn't see Lauren sing "The Joke", but I did see Julia sing "The Joke" . That's why I listed it as one of my favorite performances. And … Brandi Carlisle, sent her a tweet letting her know that she really enjoyed it.
  20. She should do a Stageit concert.
  21. Julia Gargano - Growing Pains Julia Gargano - New York State Of Mind Julia Gargano - The Joke Just Sam - Rise Up Just Sam - Como La Flor Dillon - The Times Are A Changing Julia Gargano - Glitter In The Air Lauren Spencer Smith - Mama Knows Best
  22. You go, girl!!! That is so awesome!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  23. 1. Candice Glover 2. Kelly Clarkson 3. Maddie Poppe 4. Just Sam 5. David Cook 6. Carrie Underwood 7. Fantazia 8. Jordan Sparks 9. Caleb Johnson 10. Ruben Studdard 11. Kris Allen 12. Laine Hardy 13. Scotty McCreery 14. Phillip Phillips 15. Trent Harmon 16. Taylor Hicks 17. Lee DeWyze 18. Nick Fradiani
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