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  1. My bad. You are right. I knew it was some different date. Maybe I was thinking of a different season being in Mid-June
  2. I think S19 was like mid June but S17 and 15 were June 25thish
  3. I really feel like Tess Boyer is underrated. Yes she was a bit inconsistent but I loved her battle of Have A Little Faith In Me and she was especially good on Human
  4. Here’s Maelyn’s actual account. She’s at 9K https://open.spotify.com/artist/14k8mR2Z2lvIjIKRwuVgrD?si=2pPvUp0eTGW9U0SDN-1RRw
  5. We will see if she joins John and Kelly in the first time coaching winning club. Kelly has continued to be fairly dominant where John hasn’t. John had Maelyn (one of the top received auditions ever) and Kelly won because of her past experience. Ariana if she gets someone as good as Maelyn has a good shot. I don’t think she can win with just anyone like Kelly did. Yes Brynn was good but she wasn’t always seen as the top front runner that season. I didn’t count Season 1 since they were all new that season.
  6. He’s recently talked very positively on talk shows but I don’t see him returning. I think he could be Blake’s mentor though
  7. I think it shows up when around 1000 streams in the artist profile. But not sure. They might have to have it turned on. The profiles are tough to find unless you tap her name with the song. It’s easy to find her personal
  8. This is fairly viral. 30K likes https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMeq6Kkuq/
  9. Remember pimp spot isn’t always good with coast to coast voting.
  10. He’s also a big fan of the song, using it as the background in many Tik toks
  11. I think Zae could do well with Drivers License. He’s got an ache in his voice at times and dynamics that would suit the song
  12. They have been back from Florida for about 3 days now
  13. It’s probably similar to the arrangements people sing on Tik Tok. It was a big Tik Tok song
  14. I think Charlie Puth is a good guess. He’s wrote with Katy before. Katy is also somewhat friends with Selena I believe... Selena might be a bit expensive.
  15. Hmm. I won’t give up does have the little rhythmic part that most Mars songs have but it’s not really rap. It’s less rap than a few of his other songs
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