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  1. https://www.instagram.com/tv/CIbTpd2hjBG/?igshid=w1joqm2jxqc0 what a voice
  2. https://www.instagram.com/p/CJBoxPqB2ub/?igshid=10037x139s2ty im really excited for Cassandra. She’s got this very Fleetwood Mac, indie pop mixed with 70s/80s vibes.
  3. https://www.mjsbigblog.com/american-idol-2021-promo-features-genius-quotes-more-tears-video.htm it looks as if Grace Kinstler, Jason Warrior, Alex Miller (Kentucky Kowboy) and Cassandra Coleman are good candidates for people who will go far as they’ve appeared in every single promo.
  4. Anilee List might be my favorite. Giving me shades of Sophia James for sure
  5. Deborah Johnson Deshawn Gonsalves Dr. Soul (viral vocal coach Cheryl Porter’s student) Drake McCain Idol ABC S2 Dreion Dzaki Sukarno Elon Eckart Elyscia Jefferson Ethan Kuntz Idol S15 auditioned with brother Joshua Kuntz Funke Lagoke Grace Kinstler (Natural Woman singer & Berklee student) Graham DeFranco Hannah Everheart Heather Russell- in Ojai in several pics and HW Tik Tok Henry Thompson Hunter Metts Isa.vbella Jadon Giuseppe- not confirmed yet. Jake Clark- viral Tik toker Jamie Grace (famous
  6. I’ve got a list. I’ll post it. I’ll post in a few parts: IDOL S4 Contestant List Alphabetized Adiley- hasn’t confirmed self yet Adriel Carrion - hasn’t confirmed self in HW Tik Tok Aedan Alvarez (through pics & mutuals but not confirmed yet… viral Tik Tok) Alan Carl Alana Sherman- hasn’t confirmed self yet. Alanis Sophia Gonzalez (La Voz Kids S1 runner up) Alex Miller (Kentucky Kowboy) Alexa Yanez Althea Grace- hasn’t confirmed self yet but with Anilee during HW Alyssa Wray Amanda Mena*** (actually hasn’
  7. They’d be too much guess-based that I’m not going to attempt that
  8. Unless Keegan makes it. They are similar artists.
  9. Video Promo order: 1. Alex Miller (Kentucky Kowboy) 2. Vahhley 3. Cassandra Coleman 4. Ben Dodson 5. Alyssa Wray 6. Henry Thompson 7. Cheryl K (Crazy Rich Asians singer) 8. Mackenzie Carpenter or Rory O’Neill (tough to tell) 9. Benson Boone- viral Tik Tok 10. Celeste Butler (purple outfit) 11. Hunter Metts 12. Alanis Sophia 13. Zay (Xavier) Washington 14. Graham DeFranco 15. Dr. Soul (viral vocal coach Cheryl Porter’s student) 16. Dreion 17. Anilee List - one of my favorites 18. Grace Kinstler (Na
  10. Yep as well as Grace Kinstler, Cassandra Coleman, Tryzdin, Benson Boone, and more. I’ll try to get more
  11. Any news on spoilers? Don’t mean to put you on the spot but just curious
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