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  1. Fair I wasn’t meaning anything negative. I was just saying I don’t see them as a country trio... I see them more as a variety group. And of course they are talented. I’m sure the audition was nervewracking. Also I wish I could listen to their Pill For This cover again... I think they covered this. Good luck to them the rest of the way. I’m sure you are so proud of them. Now I’m going to look up the Matthews singers.
  2. Like yes they covered some country but mostly worship and pop music. I just didn’t see them as country
  3. Can I just say I was following Worth The Wait when they were a duo for a while with just the two sisters (must’ve been after the 3rd sister left and later the mom joined) and they weren’t one ounce of country back then. I still think they lack authenticity even if there harmonies are pretty strong. I do think the youngest is the strongest vocalist of the three. I think the mom might be a weak point as she mainly does the lower harmonies I think and might not stand out as much.
  4. Also this Dylan is Dylan I believe as she’s following a Dylan Emmett from NYC that moved to LA that is a songwriter
  5. Julia has a tattoo on her back on the left side. This girl does not.
  6. I’ve decided to keep stuff pretty broad for the time being. I will reveal locations once I get them/ dates as in the past. I’ll continue to compile my doc but I don’t think new people auditioning should necessarily be known info (unless past contestants / reality tv stars that are big already) especially when 300-400 probably make celebrity auditions due to the fact that about 170 make Hollywood. If you’d like further info you can message me. Thank you.
  7. Theory: Kelly and John have a lot of faith in winning the 4-way knockout. Kelly dumped her two powerhouses, Marisa and Kelsie in hopes that her 3rd powerhouse Ryan would win the 4-way knockout. John dumped Cami (put her with a tough matchup even) and Lauren in hopes that Julia would win. Genre wise this makes sense. Also I just listened to Julia on youtube and realized she may be my favorite this season even if she probably doesn't stand a chance in the knockout. She's far more indie than Cami and I think has a more natural sounding voice. If only she can pull this upset off.
  8. Desz continues to dominate the week with Kelsie a distant second. Tanner, Ben, and Sam are all popular. I take it people are not going to be happy with Kelly when she gets rid of Kelsie. I didn’t expect Kelsie to be one of the more popular auditions of the season. This is by all metrics, FB, YouTube, etc.
  9. Final day of virtual auditions. So far we know of 2 filming locations/ weeks happening. I’m expecting 3 more locations/ weeks. They could start as early as next week.
  10. I’m wondering if there one team who is super popular if they increase this to 9
  11. Or NBC did. Typically a celeb has two channels that happen for a post before posting. Someone runs their account and typically they have to get it approved by whatever the tweet is referring to, so any The Voice tweets might have to be approved by NBC / Mark Burnett’s team.
  12. Key factor for the knockouts: Song choice. Kelsie’s You Oughta Know isn’t a good knockout choice as she’s not necessarily a rocker and it probably will be a bit “screamy”. On the other hand, Madeline picked one of the more popular country songs this year that fits her style and voice and probably delivers a moment with it
  13. It could help them that Kelsie whose socials are doing pretty well, second best last night I believe will eventually not be competing with them
  14. Yes Joanna was. I think Kelly’s team has a good shot at this then. Or even Gwen if Payge or Carter doesn’t make it. I don’t think we should be as worried as we are
  15. With the 4 way knockout being a thing... does this mean there will be a wildcard for the top vote getters of each team to fight for again? Wasn’t there last season?
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