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  1. I think she’ll push about the same as the others. There is limits with publicists and management. She can’t just beg for votes through SM
  2. Here’s my opinion: minivan will continue to show up. As always with massive fan bases, people will watch for Ari but then after a few episodes fade away so it won’t affect voting that much
  3. Certain ones have been eliminated if you look via Social Media. The most notable Michael Gerow and Abby Lebaron
  4. It’s an even number and from the preview I’ve identified Kya and Willie so I think it’s just the order it goes in with the pairs meaning Funke vs Ronda, etc. John and Louis, and Samantha and Alana pretty much confirm this theory
  5. If it’s a similar artist it would probably be Beane. I’m hoping I’m wrong though. I just feel like they have this kind of soul Yebba esque pop sound this is if it’s like Lauren vs Grace. Hopefully it’s more like Neco vs Ben where it’s different genres
  6. We may have our first contestant who leaks a bit too much. Madison first of all tried to say the hotel was her new home in Tik Tok as she’s apartment searching. Funny right? Good cover. but today on her Instagram story she posted thank you to her hair company for sending her flowers and you could see the message on the flowers that said congratulations on making the next round. If the general viewer has sense of time and how things are prerecorded, they will be able to put two and two together and know that she’s made it really far.
  7. Not sure if anyone uses this still but... Kyndal should’ve made it way further. This is proof. her new song with Jet Stream: https://youtu.be/vKII7yDMb30
  8. It would still be duets. They had a few celebrities pair up with 2 contestants last time. Meaning the celebrity sings 2 separate duets
  9. I’d say Maelyn went more toward an older audience and was less indie pop than Zan and Cami
  10. Didn’t Dana have low app percentage and her views weren’t great as well?
  11. Nevermind... still one of them would have to be on
  12. I think JD is on tonight and not Lindsay/Rachel. JD is the only one who specifically said to tune in tomorrow (now today). Lindsay/Rachel both just said keep watching and look it's me on the screen.
  13. Also a powerhouse would sound good covering What Other People Say by Demi Lovato and Sam Fischer. Probably Gihanna
  14. I would love to see something from Jeremy Zucker and Chelsea Cutler covered. You were good to me or This is how we fall in love would be good choices.
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