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  1. I think Kelly is strategic with the save. Last season, she knew Corey could win it with his emoting ability. Kelly noted how Hailey was pitch perfect (one of the only ones who was) and so she knew she could outperform others in the IS
  2. I think the harmonies will be nice on Home. Kelly has a rendition. I mean she has a rendition of nearly every song…
  3. I think River Deep, Mountain High makes more sense for her tone. But I wish someone would take on a lesser known Tina song as she’s got a great catalog
  4. I don’t think so to be honest. I think it’s the type of twist that they will want viewers to tune in to see what it is
  5. Samara appears to still be in NYC. Pretty sure her story was of the subway
  6. The other approach is that two battles could be short-clipped with hardly any rehearsal footage and then LiBianca and Tommy probably would be only montage but not sure that they’d do that
  7. I just think it’s logical. The order maybe was off in the video. Lana vs Hailey is Blake’s battle being shown with a save. Brittany vs. Samara are being shown. The remaining battles logically would be a Team Ariana one as they wouldn’t have a full night without Ariana. Kelly’s team gets featured briefly with Jershika’s decision. I could be wrong but I’m taking a numbers approach
  8. I think Katherine and Vaughn will be shown. Kelly’s team won’t have a battle as the night will start with Jershika’s decision and usually the battles rotate between teams, so Blake, John, and Ariana will have battles. Therefore, Carolina and Xavier will be montaged. Blake won’t have have 2 battles on a Tuesday, so LiBianca and Tommy will also be montaged as Lana and Hailey have a save.
  9. The original is by Aretha but it does sound like the En Vogue version
  10. Yeah it seems like an odd pick but there are some slowed down versions on Tik Tok that are sung as a ballad.
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