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Gabby Barrett Fan Thread


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15 hours ago, frederick said:

Cade is REALLY making it hard to be a fan of Gabby's. Have you guys heard the new stuff he's said?? He is the worst! Ugh.

yeah. his religious fundamentalism is getting annoying and upsetting. 

but good for Gabby on her nomination! :thumbsup:

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Finished listening to the album! :wub: Uhh wow, I love nearly every song on first listen. :omg:  I'm so impressed and will be listening to it over and over in the coming weeks. ❤️ So happy for her! I hope the whole album does well. ❤️ 

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I'll preface my post by saying I actually wasn't a fan of Gabby at all on Idol. But I am a big fan of country/pop music, so I checked out her singles she released before the album and was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked them. Since I liked all the singles, I decided to check out the full album and I really like it quite a bit!


I think the second half of the album is stronger than the first half, but my favorite songs include I Hope, Thank God, Footprints on the Moon, The Good Ones, Jesus & My Mama (was quite surprised when I heard how rocky this one was!), Hall of Fame, Got Me, Rose Needs a Jack, and Strong. The only ones I'm kind of meh on are Write It on My Heart and You're the Only Reason. The title track is ok, but since it's the only one she didn't write on I think you can sort of tell the writing style differs a lot from the rest of the album. And I don't really like the "GoldMIIIINNNNEEE" hook either. The Charlie Puth remix is fine, but the original is definitely better IMO and I think a lot of people feel the same way about the remix. 


No matter what, I always like to see Idols do well whether I was a fan of them on the show or not. I'm pleased to see how well Gabby has done since the end of her season, she may be one of the few finalists to get a major record deal other than the winner in several seasons. And the success of "I Hope" is incredible for a debut single, especially since females have a difficult time with radio play in country music.


So overall I think her debut is really strong, definitely one of the best Idol debut albums out there. 

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favorite songs for me are I Hope (both versions),  footprints on the moon, Jesus and my Momma, Got Me,  The Good Ones, Goldmine, Hall of Fame, Write it On My Heart and Every Rose has a jack. I'm also getting a new appreciation of Strong. 

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