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  1. Here's the info about Gabby's album/streaming sales according to tonight's Billboard Country Update. The following was a section written about her, the album, etc. CHART RICHES Gabby Barrett’s first LP, Goldmine (Warner Music Nashville/WMN), flies in at No. 4 on Top Country Albums. It starts with 20,000 units in the week ending June 25. It earned 15.98 million on-demand streams for its songs in the tracking week, the largest opening streaming week ever for a debut country album by a woman. The sum also marks the biggest opening streaming week for a debut country set in 2020 and the third-largest debut streaming frame for any such album this year (after Sam Hunt’s Southside, with 36.8 million, and Kelsea Ballerini’s Kelsea, with 16.7 million). The 13-track set includes 12 songs co-authored by the 20-year-old Barrett, who finished in third place on ABC’s American Idol in 2018. First single “I Hope,” which led Country Airplay in April, was the first career opening No. 1 by a woman since Carly Pearce’s “Every Little Thing,” which reigned in November 2017. On the airplay-, streaming- and sales-powered Hot Country Songs chart, “I Hope” holds at its No. 2 high. It leads Country Streaming Songs for a 12th week, with 13.5 million U.S. streams (up 15%). On Country Digital Song Sales, it lifts 5-3 (7,000 sold, up 7%). Goldmine’s sophomore single, “The Good Ones,” pushes 59-56 on Country Airplay (1.1 million, up 34%). Here's an ad from her label.
  2. I like Cam & her sound. Russell didn't release a new single. It's a promo song for the new album & not going to be released to radio (could be later). Think about when Scotty released those other songs such as "Home In My Mind" & others while he still had FMM officially as his single & released to radio. This is a common practice to release promo songs to help gain buzz for the album. I expect a new Gone West single to radio soon since of the survey. I think we could see a new single in late summer as previously stated. However, the album might depend how long the single takes to climb the charts. Usually labels like to release albums when the artist's single is Top 10 or 20. If that's the case, I'm not expecting the new album until probably late this year or early 2021 at the earliest.
  3. I think TT will likely for about the next month or so focus on Russell & a new single from Gone West. There was a survey asking radio to choose Gone West's new single back in May. There was a recent radio interview where Scotty said new single could be late summer. Don't know if that's still true, but TT could want to "space out" the singles to radio.
  4. Mediabase charts AC: #17 For King & Country "TOGETHER ft. Kirk Franklin, Tori Kelly) (lw #19) #21 Kelly Clarkson "I Dare You" (lw #20) #22 Gabby Barrett "I Hope ft. Charlie Puth" (lw #23) Christian AC: #9 For King & Country "TOGETHER ft. Kirk Franklin, Tori Kelly) (lw #13) #18 Danny Gokey "Love God Love People" (lw #21) #23 Colton Dixon "Miracles" #25 #36 Mandisa "Way Maker" (lw #34) #38 Mandisa "You Keep Hope Alive" (lw #56) Country: #1 Scotty McCreery "In Between" (lw #4) #15 Carrie Underwood "Drinking Alone" (lw #11) #25 Hardy "One Beer ft. Devin Dawson & Lauren Alaina" (lw #26) #37 Lauren Alaina "Getting Good" (lw #34) HAC: #16 Kelly Clarkson "I Dare You" (lw #16) #22 Gabby Barrett "I Hope ft. Charlie Puth" (lw #26) #25 John K "6 Months" (lw #25) #45 For King & Country "TOGETHER ft. Kirk Franklin, Tori Kelly) (lw #46) Top 40: #26 Gabby Barrett "I Hope ft. Charlie Puth" (lw #31)
  5. Thanks Deb! My station has played IB at least 4 times today. It's an iHeart station. Hoping that's happening at other iheartradio stations & a great sign for tomorrow's Billboard chart.
  6. While every little bit helps, it wouldn't make a difference for Billboard Country Airplay chart #1. It only counts airplay on Billboard monitored stations (usually major stations). Streaming is counted on the Hot Country chart & the Hot 100 all-genre chart.
  7. According to a radio person on Twitter, the Billboard #1 is still too close between Scotty & Kenny. We still need to make sure our local radio stations are playing it today. Mine played it twice so far today. Let's get the Billboard #1, too! Deb, since Scotty hosted CCUSA is there a big comparative for tomorrow? Does Kenny have a big comparative, too?
  8. Congrats to Scotty & his team on the Mediabase #1! Still crossing my fingers & hoping for the Billboard #1 since charts end Monday for that chart.
  9. Agreed, but I think IB will get #1 for Mediabase. That could be why radio people are more confident. It's the chart radio uses. Billboard will be very tough considering IB is currently at #8 on that chart, Kenny & Luke both were already ahead, etc. Hoping for BB #1, but I could see a peak of #2 or even #3 on that chart. I'm still happy with the single's era. I liked this as a single. There were times I was doubting this could get to Top 10 so I'm happy its done as well as it has. Seasons Change has been a very successful album era.
  10. Tonight's industry emails had ads for both Scotty & Kenny. Both ads are pushing to "power up now!"
  11. Looking at the charts, IMO IB's best shot is probably pushing this week considering all the A-listers too close behind. I think if it waits 2 weeks by then Luke already will pass on both charts (and possibly Miranda). However, pushing this week with a big push from the label (Ex. 1000+ increase on Mediabase) would need a lot of other help. Kenny needs to stagnate/not push & Carly/Lee needs a big drop to not have a 2nd week at #1. I think if those things happen this week a Mediabase #1 is a possibility. Billboard is less likely. I think the best chance at a #1 is on next week's chart. I doubt Luke will cool off. Sam Hunt is hosting CCUSA in 2 weeks. And so on. Too many "unknowns" & "problems" if they try to wait.
  12. Thanks! Usually hosting the countdown is the same week as push week so that doesn't seem to be the case this time.
  13. Isn't Scotty's CCUSA hosting next week? That would likely mean push week is starting next week.
  14. My guess is he is in talks with signing with Hollywood Records or another label. I highly doubt it's a clearance issue.
  15. It looks like Idol is still adding performers. Idol's Facebook page just confirmed Fantasia is performing.
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