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  1. I don't think it's a good idea. There is a definite difference between a live audience atmosphere & just singing at home. There's also a level of comfort contestants would have from home than in front of a live audience. Celebrities doing it are already famous so people would already watch.
  2. It's only been suspended right now. Not canceled. I think that's where some people are disagreeing with your posts. The show can start back up when it's safe to do so. I do think this all depends how long this goes on & everything is shut down. But I wouldn't say right now it's likely this season will be canceled.
  3. I doubt that's the strategy because Maren's already had 2 songs in the Top 30 before ("I Could Use A Love Song" & "Dear Hate"). That's not counting singles where she's the featured artist such as the duet w/Thomas Rhett & she had a solo single also released to radio. I think the reason Maren's single keeps re-bulleting is the single is starting to take off on pop radio. When country songs crossover to pop & become a decent sized hit on that chart, those country singles stay longer on the country chart even if it's already peaked. Think Sam Hunt's "Body Like A Back Road" or Lady Antebellum's "Need You Now."
  4. ptebwwong

    NFL Thread

    I think he didn't retire because he still wanted to play, but he also wanted to win another championship. Pats actually has a tough schedule this upcoming season. Even if Brady stays, I can definitely see them already lose 4 games (Ravens, Chiefs, Seahawks, 49ers). I don't know if he will leave, but Brady likes to prove doubters wrong. I could see Brady changing teams & want to prove he can win without Belichick.
  5. I think Twice a Child if it's a single it would gain a lot of buzz such as sales, media, etc. that would definitely help along the chart run similar to FMM or TII. I could see Falling For A Stranger being a single, too. I just think it might be more suited as a 2nd or 3rd single. I think first songs from a new album "set the tone" for how radio treats an artist for the follow-up singles. IMO Twice A Child could be a career or signature song. It would keep up his radio momentum from Seasons Change.
  6. What are the talk shows doing right now? I assume the one's that have new episodes still have live audiences.
  7. The following is the criteria for new artist categories according to ACM website. Presented to an individual artist, group or duo who gains initial fame or significantly greater recognition during the promotion of a debut or sophomore album within the eligibility period. The artist must have released a single that reached the Top 40 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs or the Country Aircheck (Mediabase) charts. Any albums self-released through an independent label the artist owns and operates may not be counted as a debut or sophomore album, unless it produces a Top 40 single reported by Billboard’s Hot Country Songs or Country Aircheck (Mediabase) charts. The nominees shall be determined by a nomination ballot(s) and are subject to the approval of the Board. The winner shall be determined by a vote of the ACM professional membership. Any artist who served or is currently serving as a lead member of a duo or group is not eligible for individual category recognition. Additionally, any artist who has gained initial fame as a solo artist or as part of a duo or group in another genre is not eligible in these categories. An artist may be a nominee two times in a three-year period. Once an artist releases the lead single from a third studio album, they will no longer be eligible in this category. If an artist is a winner in the New Female Artist /New Male Artist/New Duo or Group (or any respective previously named) category their first year on a ballot, they will not be eligible in any New Artist categories again. Any artist who has previously won the award for Entertainer, Female Artist, Male Artist, Duo or Group of the Year (or any respective previously named category) is ineligible for a New Artist nomination.
  8. It's 2 albums, but like you said a lot of artists would be eligible.
  9. Tim is signed back to Big Machine. https://www.billboard.com/articles/business/8551584/tim-mcgraw-signs-big-machine-records-label-deal
  10. Garth & Blake's single won't drop early. It's pushing for a #1 a couple weeks from now according to ads. I like Garth (not this song though), but if this single gets a #1 it's a blatant chart manipulation because it has been struggling for awhile.
  11. I don't know about this. All judges probably have contestants they like more. Luke seemed to be ok with Nick, but there are other contestants the 1st episode he seemed to be more interested. Would he choose Nick if he has favorites left? We haven't seen most of the female contestants & many of the guys either. It's only the 1st episode. Luke or the other judges could like other contestants more & want to choose them if there are wildcards. None of the judges I would say seemed to love him more than others (Ex. Arthur Gunn, Louis, etc.).
  12. Google's net worth usually isn't correct. For example, it says Gabby Barrett has a net worth of $105 million. She's doing well with her 1st single, but not that well!
  13. I guess you missed it. The site basically crashed. All the previous threads before the crash is gone. Owner rebooted the site.
  14. There's ways to compliment your wife without comparing or dissing others. He could have just said "I'm proud of my wife & all she's accomplished." He didn't need to say she will be bigger than Carrie, the biggest success from their season, etc. Everyone involved in this was wrong at some point. Cade could have praised his wife without comparing others. Also, he could have apologized after it started to gain some negative attention. Maddie was too quick to jump to post her thoughts. Same with the others that chimed in. They didn't need to post all this on social media. Gabby's dad also needs to stop talking & not get as involved in everything with his daughter. This isn't that big of a deal because it's just between Idol contestants. But he can't keep saying negative things about people especially if she continues to be successful. This isn't the first time either. What happens if he disses other country artists, industry people, etc.? It doesn't seem like he'll stop either unless someone tells him to. Gabby isn't really saying anything, but I think she does at some point have to stop her father from posting all this stuff before a bigger issue or story happens in the future.
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