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  1. A good radio team generally helps. Here's the thing: BMLG, Broken Bow, & the 3 major labels in country all have about 10 people per radio team which many times also work on the other label imprints. All these labels combined with imprints have about 25 acts on their roster. That means potentially that radio team could be pushing 10+ singles at the same time for the label & its imprints. There was an article in the country publications about the rise of indie labels specifically Triple Tigers, Big Loud, & Black River. These 3 indie labels have had a lot of success breaking out & establishing their artists on radio. The article credited these labels with having experienced staff (many came from major labels). They all have about the same amount of staff on their radio team as major labels, BMLG, & Broken Bow for way less artists. Most indie labels don't have big radio teams. That's what makes these 3 indies different, but also probably why they're successful. Triple Tigers only has 3 artists on their roster. The other 2 mentioned indie labels still only have about 10 on their roster. With a capable & successful radio team for all 3 indies, when a roster artist is releasing a new single they basically all get good & specialized treatment from the label. On big rosters, obviously your A-listers get special treatment. But I think sometimes they don't really try to breakout or establish everyone on their roster. Unfortunately, I got the feeling years ago that was the case with Danielle. I do think that some of Danielle's singles haven't sounded like they would have become radio hits. However, I still think the biggest potential (no pun intended) for a radio hit was "Potential." I still think that should have been a single.
  2. Apple Music has "You Time" on a few playlists: Country Risers, New in Country, New Music (all genres), etc. Also, YT is under "Hot Tracks."
  3. Great news! KSCS is one of the Top 5 ranked stations according to Mediabase. It's Cumulus owned.
  4. New Music Friday is basically popular music from any genre that was just released. It will have music from other genres on there. However, IMO that is a good thing. Some of the other genres such as rap & pop have fans that generally stream much more (artists with 500 million+ streams for a song). Scotty being on a playlist like this means more potential for higher streams, people outside the genre to discover his music, etc.
  5. Just a heads up: Pandora does not count towards streaming #'s/certifications according to Billboard. Pandora acts like online radio think iheartradio which doesn't count.
  6. I'm not Kitty. I saw on Twitter Chris Owen, who works for radio tweet it. He also tweeted about Scotty's add date.
  7. Catchy song! Hoping for another #1! I want to mention this. It seems like lately when artists have great sales/streaming for their first couple weeks of release radio is faster to play the singles. This happened with Morgan Wallen & Scotty's labelmate Russell Dickerson whose single is already in the Top 15 after 29 weeks which is very fast nowadays. Russell's single was #1 on iTunes country & #2 all genre when it was released. Both were selling/streaming well in their 2nd week without airplay. Also, generally music is released on Fri. Scotty's team released mid-week. That means a lot of new releases likely will take over soon. Just saying let's buy & stream as much as possible!
  8. "Booyah" is popular in the sports world. The catchphrase was popularized by sportscaster Stuart Scott. I remember him using the catchphrase a long time ago (maybe '90s). Scotty tweeted about him when he passed away a few years ago after his battle with cancer. Stuart also moved to NC at a young age & attended UNC there. He also used to be a sportscaster on Raleigh tv stations. It seems like he was very loved by many people including athletes, celebrities, people from NC, etc.
  9. All Access lists impact date on Oct. 12th.
  10. The new Country Aircheck Fall issue doesn't give an official date, but says "You Time" will impact in early Oct. I assume that's when it should "impact" radio.
  11. Here's another problem with country radio: They rely heavily on callouts (listener feedback). Positive callouts usually means radio will play it. The problem is the listeners polled still generally like males. The current callouts show only 1 female solo song getting positive callouts. There's 1 song with a feature by a woman. All the rest are men receiving positive callouts. The type of audience (young, old, men, women listeners) don't matter. They're usually still giving male artists good consistent callouts compared to female singles. This has been normal for years. The Top 10 positive callouts are usually from male artists. Generally, the female country artists who receive consistent positive callouts for their singles are Maren, Carrie, Kelsea, & Carly Pearce. Those 4 female artists are also the female artists with the most consistent radio success (Top 20 or higher hits). I doubt it's a coincidence. For the past several years, according to yearly industry polls by Mediabase, the #1 factor in determining a radio hit is callouts. I don't like callouts, but radio seems to love using the data. Unfortunately, it seems like for a female artist to have a radio hit positive callouts will need to happen. For example, Maddie & Tae's recent #1 hit had great callouts. That hasn't been the case with their past singles.
  12. I think some of it has to do with the type of country fans like. Like bro-country? Of course, you would like male artists. The new "boyfriend country." Same thing. Neo-traditional country. Probably prefer males. A big problem is a lot of the big sub-genres in country right now are male dominated. Also, I get the feeling country fans are less open to different music than before. I don't think it's just radio that gets fans to stan them. In general, for country artists the one's that have stans seem to have a significant female fanbase & many times also significant others/wives that they lovingly sing about & feature in music videos. Luke Bryan, Blake, Kane Brown, Thomas Rhett, etc. all do this. It's basically fans falling for the artist & their lives.
  13. Yes, pop music fans can stan for both male & female artists. I generally don't think that's the case for country fans. Many can stan several artists, but generally I find them to be fans of the same gender. That's also a reason males dominate the genre.
  14. I'm not saying that radio isn't a major factor. I've been following country radio for years so I know that's a major issue. There are many issues going on. I was pointing out that the female artists that do have Top 10 hits like Kelsea, Maren, Carrie, Carly Pearce, etc. usually those hits have way less streams than Top 10 hits of male artists including non-A-listers. So I'm not comparing a single that gets low airplay. This shouldn't be happening. It shouldn't be happening for YT videos either of hit singles. I think a factor in why these videos gets many views are because too many people are falling for the artist & basically become fans/stans. Basically, I think some of the country audience does has something to do with it. The power of female fans for instance. Once they fall for these country guys like Kane Brown, Morgan Wallen, etc. they're hooked & will buy anything they sell. It's similar to me as talent competitions when a male contestant has a voting bloc (Ex. Team Minivan) that will keep liking & voting even when there's better people.
  15. GG is still her current single. It's still the single being pushed to radio. On GMA, it was said that her "new single" is "Run," but there's no signs that is the official new single. There's no official add date, news, etc. about it being the new single. Also, I don't think that is a great choice for the next single. The label should go with one of the duets.
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