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  1. I remember a station thinking & saying on-air "Wherever You Are" was Scotty's new single since it was one of the songs released prior to the album to generate buzz. I've heard this happen to other artists, too. Sometimes they are correct & it is the artist's new/upcoming single, but sometimes they're wrong. I could see the next single being "Damn Strait" especially since he sang it in that Triple Tigers concert with positive feedback from the radio stations that participated, but we will wait & see.
  2. There is a clickable link in the PDF which opens to the official video. For some reason, the screenshot is of the video posted by Country Paradise.
  3. Monday Morning Intel (MMI), the weekly PDF that compares data (sales, callouts, streaming, etc.) of current singles on the chart reviewed "Why You Gotta Be Like That" & the music video. Here's the review.
  4. I know. Just saying that in the interview sounded most of the new album was done during the pandemic. Once I heard that, I thought some of those songs he previewed wouldn't be on the upcoming album & none of them are (unless it's on a deluxe album or as a bonus track).
  5. Falling for a Stranger & Last Night are also missing. There was a recent interview Scotty did where he said most of the new album was written & done during the pandemic. It sounded like a lot of the music he originally had on the album wasn't probably going to be on it. It sounded like Scotty thought the new material was better so while the label probably had some input this was likely also Scotty's choice. Also, Scotty was trying to tie up this album in one big theme. It's possible those songs didn't fit.
  6. I can't wait for the new album. Love the new song. It's very catchy. FYI: Morgan Wallen for months has been averaging about 50,000 album equivalent sales a week (includes sales & streaming). His album has been #1 for awhile on the Billboard Country Album charts even with album releases from A-listers such as Blake, Thomas Rhett, etc. Just saying, Scotty will likely need above 50K to get the #1. It can be done, but we need people to buy & stream, the streaming services to put him on big playlists, etc. Due to Morgan's "cancellation" his fans will keep buying & streaming his music. It seems like there's a bunch of new rules for Billboard album charts that started last year. It includes new rules for merch & concert ticket bundles, physical copies only counting as a sale when shipped, digital copies only count as sale when redeemed, etc. https://www.billboard.com/articles/business/chart-beat/8544817/new-rules-merchandise-album-bundles https://www.officialcharts.com/chart-news/billboard-announces-new-chart-rules-putting-an-end-to-ticket-and-merch-bundles__30209/
  7. Pulse music board listed Scotty's new album coming out on Sep. 17th. Album is named "Same Truck." There is an album cover included. Here's the link to the message thread (Upcoming Albums thread). https://pulsemusic.proboards.com/thread/201617/upcoming-albums-2021?page=17
  8. I don't think they're giving up on YT. I do think YT is moving quicker than expected. Remember when a few other songs was released prior the Seasons Change album release that weren't singles. I assume that's what's going to happen. Scotty & his team will release a couple other songs to gain buzz before the album release. Many artists do this.
  9. Not surprised that Miranda's single didn't go recurrent. Co-hosting CCUSA generally coincides with the final push on the charts. Miranda is scheduled to co-host next weekend (July 17-18).
  10. On the Spincrease chart today "You Time" had a 1135 move on 296 stations. He was #1 out of all artists & singles on the Spincrease chart.
  11. This song is last on his set list. It's a cover of Bryan Adams song "Heaven."
  12. Today's round finished & Scotty & his partner, Thornberry are tied for 3rd in his group.
  13. If anyone wants to keep up with the real-time scoring of the golf tournament & Scotty's group, it's at the following link. Scotty is in the high handicap celebrity group & him & his partner, Thornberry is currently tied for 6th in his group. They are playing the last hole. FYI: I follow golf a bit. In general, professional athletes in celebrity golf tournaments usually do well. The top of the leaderboard for both celebrity groups have usually the celebrity as a athlete. https://www.pgatour.com/korn-ferry-tour/tournaments/bmw-charity-pro-am-presented-by-synnex-corporation/leaderboard-x7.html
  14. Billboard "You Time" #20 Billboard Country Airplay (lw #22) #37 Billboard Hot Country Songs (lw #45) https://bulletins.billboard.com/country/country_update_2021_0607.pdf
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