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  1. My Picks This Week Ravens Chiefs Saints Packers
  2. Deb, similar to previous years there is no weekly Billboard pdf released during the holidays. The following site does update the Billboard Country Airplay chart. However, it's usually late on Wednesday (11 ET) instead of the usual Monday. http://charts.bdsradio.com/bdsradiocharts/charts.aspx?formatid=4
  3. I just heard on an Entercom station that YT has been picked as this week's Song of the Week. This is a recent radio deal for Entercom stations. Michael Ray & Lee Brice have new singles (who went for adds after Scotty). They both were picked as song of the weeks & both had big gains for a week, but there will be a significant fall. For example, Michael's new single debuted at #56 on Billboard Country Airplay. The week he received the deal he jumped to #38. However, the next week he was back to the lower 50's of the chart like in his debut week. Basically, this is a good thin
  4. Her upcoming album has pop artists such as Sam Smith, Harry Styles, etc. as songwriters. These are artists that Cam has collaborated or toured with. Her current single has a producer from the pop genre. She has said she wants to blend her traditional country roots with pop so this sounds like the direction she wants to go. For me, I like her sound, style, & music best when she sticks more towards traditional country.
  5. In terms of voice, I prefer Cam's voice to many country artists (including A-listers). I feel like more past singles of hers even if they didn't do well on the charts were better than her current single. She's also trying to establish herself again on radio after a few singles that didn't do well. Due to this, I feel like radio needs to hear a single from her that sounds radio friendly or a signature song like Burning House to chart well. I don't think her current single sounds like a hit.
  6. I'm not surprised at Riley getting a lot of adds. Despite not having a #1, generally his songs do get good adds. A single should have a good 1st week of adds, but it doesn't necessarily mean that it's a sign of a definite Top 10 hit. For example, Riley's last single "I Wish Grandpa's Never Died" received 40+ adds his 1st week. The song was getting good sales & streaming that it climbed the charts fast at first. However, then research kicked in & its callouts was very bad that radio stalled it (peaked at #12). There was a Cassadee Pope single that received 40+ adds a few years ago &
  7. 10 adds Generally, when 2 A-listers (in this case Luke Combs & Sam Hunt) are going for adds, it seems like around 20 adds is still a good # for established artists. That's at least what I've noticed. Remember some stations only add 2 songs a week so as long as Scotty has around that many I think it's fine. The following weeks in adds, airplay, etc. are important to look at.
  8. Here's what the current adds look like so far:
  9. Starters: KJKE-FM Oklahoma City Format Country TW 5 lw Move 5 ovn 1 am 1 mid 3 pm eve Aud 0.028 Deb: Since you can access the leaders, to access the starters, just change the link with the word 'leaders' to 'starters.'
  10. I read an article awhile ago that Pandora isn't considered because there's no way to choose the specific song you want to play like streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, etc. where you can play the exact song on-demand you want. It's basically online radio like iheartradio.
  11. A good radio team generally helps. Here's the thing: BMLG, Broken Bow, & the 3 major labels in country all have about 10 people per radio team which many times also work on the other label imprints. All these labels combined with imprints have about 25 acts on their roster. That means potentially that radio team could be pushing 10+ singles at the same time for the label & its imprints. There was an article in the country publications about the rise of indie labels specifically Triple Tigers, Big Loud, & Black River. These 3 indie labels have had a lot of success breaki
  12. Apple Music has "You Time" on a few playlists: Country Risers, New in Country, New Music (all genres), etc. Also, YT is under "Hot Tracks."
  13. Great news! KSCS is one of the Top 5 ranked stations according to Mediabase. It's Cumulus owned.
  14. New Music Friday is basically popular music from any genre that was just released. It will have music from other genres on there. However, IMO that is a good thing. Some of the other genres such as rap & pop have fans that generally stream much more (artists with 500 million+ streams for a song). Scotty being on a playlist like this means more potential for higher streams, people outside the genre to discover his music, etc.
  15. Just a heads up: Pandora does not count towards streaming #'s/certifications according to Billboard. Pandora acts like online radio think iheartradio which doesn't count.
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