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  1. I agree it doesn't make sense. That's why I said maybe it's money motivated since I think if he gets voted through he has a chance to win. I assume winners still get $.
  2. The only things I can think of is more exposure or more $ from potentially winning. However, he's already received exposure from last year. He says he's doing it for his fans. But IMO you don't have to do this comeback to still do stuff for your fans such as releasing new music (which he has), social media interactions, livestream concerts, etc. during the pandemic.
  3. TBH, I don't understand why Arthur would even come back. He supposedly rejected a record contract. The winner doesn't seem to get a good record contract anymore. Keep releasing music independently & the music he wants to do.
  4. I stumbled upon a new data source called Monday Morning Intel (MMI). It is available on All Access & their website & seems to have been available for several months now. It compares current singles in video streaming, audio streaming, sales, callouts, etc. The link where you can see the data in PDF form is below. It seems this data is being used because it specifically says based on data which songs are performing better in these factors compared to their airplay & those songs are singled out as one's to push or play. It seems like a good tool to see which songs are performing well
  5. I have no problem with the songs about alcohol that are more introspective. There are some great songs about that subject like you stated. It's the partying, bro-country songs, etc. that in recent years I dislike. For example, that Chase Rice ft. FGL single where it seems like they're namechecking beer, God, etc. to mention things country fans are supposed to like.
  6. I feel like that's a lot of the content of radio, too.
  7. In a video last week, Benson posted on TikTok him with the lead singer from Imagine Dragons. They are singing a duet of Imagine Dragons new single. Maybe this possible collaboration is why he withdrew.
  8. I remember Jimmie's audition from S10. He was ok. He's been in Nashville since the show & has been friends with alums that season including many of the country contestants. His current single is a duet with Brad Paisley.
  9. Lainey Wilson is the artist that just got the OTV (On the Verge) deal so the song will likely continue moving quickly.
  10. This actually seems usual. This Is It had many of the same names listed as You Time & 8 other music rights societies. FMM listed on YouTube also has many of the same names & a whopping 17 other music rights societies. Spirit Music & BMI are publishing companies so they need to be included due to rights. A few of the names are related to Triple Tigers or Sony (remember Triple Tigers is a partnership w/Sony). The other names seem to be related to licensing/rights in other countries. This is usual for artists with YT videos able to be played in other countries. I looked at Scotty's la
  11. Current iTunes positions: Country: #66 Overall (All-genre): #322
  12. I don't either. Just saying Idol promotes them as such so if The Voice wanted to they could do the same. Although, it doesn't seem like Voice usually promotes most alums anyway. Unless a contestant gets immediate opportunities or success after the show I don't really consider their success due to the show such as Daniel Seavey, Tori Kelly, Morgan Wallen, etc.
  13. To be fair, Idol in recent years claims Tori Kelly & Lauren Daigle as successful alums, but neither made T20 their seasons. Idol just has way more successes. But if Idol acknowledges them as successful alums I don't see why The Voice can't do the same for non-finalists.
  14. Deb, the following website updated Mediabase's official Top 40. YT did rebullet. http://www.mediabase.com/mmrweb/fmqb/charts.asp?format=11
  15. My Picks This Week Ravens Chiefs Saints Packers
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