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  1. i dount it will last long. people just wont go once these businesses start losing money the mandates will end.
  2. Knowing now yes but wouldn't have voted Trump either why couldn't we have better people.
  3. i think eventually it will be like the flu shot once a year. also i'm for the vaccine and booster ause even if you get it you seem to recover faster, but i agree with thaat poll people should not lose their job, that is gonna make things worse
  4. when it comes to masks just let people do what they want. if someone wants to wear one let them if not dont. its wrong on both sides to harass the other for either wearing or not wearing a mask.
  5. yeah the vault songs are great, and yeah its not gonna be exactly the same feeling as years ago, cause of course it was different back then. like her and joe jonas get along now. this is so she can own her own work.
  6. yeah i will trust the fda. it does seem too soon for boosters.
  7. yes a healthy 30 year old will recover but the problem is they could spread it to someone else that is high risk, so we stil gotta do treamentseither vax or the antibodies. whatever works best.
  8. prob just wearing off like any other vaccine it doesnt last forever. also for the antibodoes they should make them available for all states
  9. yeah if these antibodies work then use them more. they seem to be safe and work, so why not let states get more.
  10. yeah there are breaktohugh cases in all states blue or red. but most of those people are fine within a few days even if they have to go to the hospital where unvaxed are there longer and they are taking up beds needed for others too. Also i think it would be smarter to run Desantis rather than Trump cause he may get the gop never-trumpers vote.
  11. i do agree he is right on the last part, if they chose not to get vaccinated it is on them. i know its their right not to get it, but at the same time i feel for the docotrs and nurses in full hosptials everyone not just fl cause an unvaccinated person is taking the spot of someone who might need an important surgery. i just wish these people who chose not to get the vax would also think of how their choice is affecting others .
  12. yet another great song form Danielle. I just wish she had more albums out and winning some Country awards. all these years and only 2 albums. hop we get a 3rd soon. shes so good
  13. another great album, also cant wait for the hallmark movie. road less travlled was so good
  14. you cant beleive everything you read online of course, but this is coming right from family memebers. i dont know why he would keep chekcing it though. His son served in the military so you would think he would know better. I think he feels guilt cause he knows the botched escape caused it, but still you dont do that no matter how uncomfortable he felels.
  15. if sodiers themsleves are saying the dogs were left then that does seem legit. the watch thing its hard to tell the vid clip was a short clip and other sources did say he paid respects, i guess each person will have to decide for themsleves.
  16. I get that, but what if in those cases the mother does not want or cannot propely care for the baby, yes there is adoption but thats gonna be hard on the mother to give up the baby and maybe make her feel like a terrible person. also you have to hope if the baby is placed in adoption he/she is put in a good home, you hear stories of abuse and stuff in the foster care system this is a hard choice cause yes the baby deserves life but also you have to think how its going to affect the mother who may have to give up the baby, hoping he/she will grow up in a good home and actually have a good life.
  17. No I do care I was just wondering why they woudnt . all I meant was you need to be sure what you are reading is true. I am an Independent was hoping for an explanation from left but since they didn't give one then yes they are wrong. I also agree Biden should be held responsible. The vid of him teamaudura posted is short and you can't really tell if he's checking his watch. To me he looks very uncomfortable given the situation. His son served so I would think he would care. I respect your belief but what if the woman is raped or baby is a product of incest. What if the women's health is at risk and giving birth could kill her.
  18. he checked his watch after not defending how he handled the evacuation cause these 13 were killed and it could have been prevented but still facts are important. https://www.yahoo.com/news/fact-check-biden-honored-members-180612827.html?.tsrc=fp_deeplink
  19. Ok then there must be a reason they don't read the names. There are two sides to every story. Have the dems given a reason? Not saying you are wrong but so far the tweets are from one side.
  20. if true thats bad but lets hear from others first to confirm it. this is just one person.
  21. agree. we should have been out of there years ago. bush should have had a plan or obama, so its not all on Biden, if we would have been out of there years ago Biden wouldnt have ben in this mess
  22. yeah that is why they are doing the booster. I got the moderna shot and it seems like at least that one protects against delta pretty well so far. like with nay vaccine it wears off or cant fight a variant, so lets hope the booster shots work.
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