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  1. ^ you are right, and maybe the Govoners would take it more serious if Trump himself would when he says the virus is going away yet every day cases go up. and Govonoers like in Fl listen to everything he says, true or not.
  2. this. you really cant go by rally numbers. Trump voters are more likey to go to them, where biden voters are more likely to stay home cause of the virus.
  3. you would think singers like Pat and Adrianne would be better at this.
  4. Biden may not have many at his rally but his supporters are prob early voting or mail in/absentee
  5. I bet she wins some AMAs last year will always be the best when she won artist of decade
  6. I really hope seahorse is tori kelly s she would be the most current singer on the show. if i recall most others were legendary singers like patti labell or popualr but years ago like bow wow and jesse
  7. yeah that is def the sun. and hope you are all right about seahorse too
  8. also the fact that he basically tweeted its not that bad, of course for him its not hes getting the best treatment possible. the average person cannot get the best treatment. he shouldnt tweet stuff like that
  9. is he trying to lose? no stimulus before election. some people need that money
  10. ^ lol yeah I mean who really knows his heath but to take off his mask and go right i nthe white house after only 3 days where during the last few days several there tested postitve isnt good.
  11. no way seahorse is halsey unless she changed her voice. you can really tell her voice the way she sings.
  12. I think this year many just wont vote or vote 3rd party if they just keep bickering with each other like this.
  13. both were bad but trump was the one , telling a racist group to stand by and stand back
  14. but really there is no way to keep all 5 rounds of the 10,000. cause both were good singers so even if she keeps rock climber she would have lost the 10,000 eliminating stylist. same with if she keeps golfer to the end and he was f3 with rock climber and stylist. so wouldnt she have ended up with 30,000 either way?
  15. she should have listnred every panlist said she was good. and the last round was obious. why make up wicked
  16. hope congress blocks the nomination so the voters can decide you know like Mitch said.
  17. the press should ask him the last time this happened didnt you say let the voters decide. also people should protest with signs that say let the voters decide, then maybe he wont get the votes
  18. ^ yes, but now we see if mcconnell is a hypocrite if he fast tracks a nomination.
  19. Betty Live is gonna be amazing
  20. he may or may not have said it but we all know what he said about Mcain
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