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  1. also once she re-records then Scott will lose even more on the deal lol.
  2. lol dominationg as usual. doing this well on the new label. proof she is where she is today cause of her and not Scott. its her writitng and her connection with the fans. Scooter should def just sell her stuff back to her
  3. lol breaking her own record
  4. ^ she better win both are great videos
  5. oh yeah. love the fact that Taylor usually has the highest selling album still.
  6. well it was a surprise album and its not in stores. so i can see why its lower than lover
  7. was at one and some tables are let empty in between people with signs saying closed for socail distancing
  8. omg didnt even realize
  9. lol how is there a difference. 100 people protesting or 100 people at a gathering. how can anyone think this makes sense?
  10. yeah I can see Texas and Flordia their Govoners never really took it serious. but Cali did one of the first to shut down, the spikes there are kinda surprising
  11. I hope is before he cheats 2020. "I hope he cheats" lol. Carrie is such an infulence on her.
  12. no cause there are many good cops out there look at the ones marching with the protesters. however the bad cops out there actully need to be held accoutble if the killing or brutailty is unjsut. cause just firing isnt enough they just get jobs elsewhere. If more were held accoutable that deserve to be we wouldnt get what get got now. I mean to the ones that want it defunded I ask then who would you call if you were in trouble or your life is in danger.
  13. that poll is right, yes we need to stop the looters and ones causing trouble but when you see the vids of cops going after the peaceful ones that are doing nothing wrong that is just as bad. and what Trump did for the photo op is terrible, pepper spraying the peaceful crowd so he could take a pic
  14. yeah they should be ficusing on the looters and the ones causing damage not the ones doing it peacefully.
  15. ^^ yes but the protest at the park in DC was peacful and Trump attakced them, sent out the cops and fired tear gas and rubber bullets. thats just as wong and the riots, they have a right to protest peacefully
  16. ^^ now thats wrong if they are protesting peacefully they have the right to do so. if they were protesting something that helped Trump he wouldnt have a problem with it.
  17. yeah I mean just like everything there are bad cops and good cops. dont pait them with a broad brush. many of the cops have said they have condoned the action of this cop and the ones with him that did nothing.
  18. the other cops could have stopped him and maybe George Floyd would be alive today. Not sure how it works but could they be charged as an accessory? I don't agree though with all cops are bad. Many are marching with protesters like In flint mi. Cops across the country condemned the cop saying this is not us we don't stand for this.
  19. agree. Police should be held to a higer standard. there are good ones like the cop in Flint who joined the protesters.
  20. well thats not right either with sports and stuff. i agree. and yeah if they are protesting peacefully like most were the cops shouldnt be using rubber bullets or pepper spary and no excuse for driving in the crowds. I also didnt mean to tell them how to protest. I know the protesers are seperate from the looters and the rioters, should have been more clear.
  21. he has the right to do that and its a shame no nfl team would take him because of it, and yes cops do need to be held accoutble. a handcuffed person cannot harm you, at the same time burning down buildings is only going to hurt things too. there was a POC in MN who had their busniess burned down. but yeah you all have a point too, maybe if more cops would actrully be held accountalbe for killing unarmed poc then it wouldnt get this bad. there have been many cases like this. someone in handcuffs should not die, they are defenselss. also when they are cooropeating with their hands up unarmed. there needs to be a change yes.
  22. exactly right. the violence and looting is wrong. protest but do it peacefully and many are.
  23. yeah the ones that wre coming out of town and looting and destrying things are only hurting the cause. and he better be found guilty. what possible reason does he have to knell on him that long. when someone is down and in handcuffs they are not a danger
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