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  1. yeah it is changing i think there will be a booster shot coming by next year
  2. well yeah you will still get it but more that likely minor symptoms, just like the flu shot you still get the flu but not as bad. he may have tested positive but hopefully the vaccine will keep him out of the hospital. from what doctors and others have said the fully vaccinated that get it so far have mostly only shown minor symptoms so that's good
  3. yeah with like the whole mask thing you got crazy people on both sides cause you also have anti maskers yelling at or making fun of people wearing masks. and anti maskers shooting people cause that place required a mask
  4. ^ you are right just look now, they lead the country in hospitizations. yes lockdowns hurt the economy , but if your state leads the country in cases and hospitizatios, that will also hurt the econmy, do you think tourists will want to go to a state that leads in cases. also think about the docotrs and nurses in the hospitlas who are overworked due to the overcrowded hospitlas right now. i saw something like 10,000 people are in hospitlas there. is Desantis doing anything to help them? maybe he is and i didnt se it?
  5. ^ oh yes you are right some of those people are hyopcrtics that tlell you to wear a mask but dont look healthy themsleves. they are just as bad as the covid deniers. how can those people say it doesnt exist at all when you see hospitals full of people .and yes now with the vaccine things should open up. about masks leave it up to each person you feel safer weating one then wear one, but leave each other alone. its wrong on both sides when you see somone with a mask shaming someone without and the ones w/o mask shaming those who wear one. just let people do what they want. you may not agree with it but still their choice. and just wanted to say i do think people should get the vaccine but would never yell at people that didnt. its their choice. im not one of those people you see on social media vids yelling at or shamig the people that didnt get it.
  6. yeah thats what i meant you can still get it with the vaccine but you will likely be fine and stay out of the hospital. sure i get people are hesitnat to get it and I hope friends or family of those people who are already vaccianted would sit down talk with them and tell them its safe. I think that is the best way to maybe convince them to get it.
  7. dont know just going by the cdc info https://abcnews.go.com/US/symptomatic-brea and even if you still get it the vaccine willl most lieky keep you out of the hospital. most people in the hospitals now are the unvaccinated.
  8. are there breakthru cases yes, but if you are fully vaccinated the chance of you getting it is very rare. its your perosnal choice to get it, but its just amazing some people would rather risk being on a venilator or worse dying than getting a simple vaccine. i agree though no more lockdowns
  9. please just get Jaime Foxx on there so they can stop guessing him every time lol
  10. yeah i do like that he is encouraging it.
  11. I would hope the teachers would get the vaccine. My concern here is that if a few teachers do not get it, that it only tkaes 1 to spread it. if he/she gets covid but doesnt know it cause they have no symptoms go to teach and end up spreading it in the school, then you end up having multiple people out sick. like what happened with some schools last school year
  12. exactly the reason fauci and the cdc keep going back and forth with masks for example is cause while the science is the same the virus mutates. so what might be right one day might change the next. we must adapt with the mutations Drew you are right yelling at people wont encourge them to get the vaccince just make things worse.
  13. yes misinformation is one of the big reasons people arent getting it. some will beleive anything on social media even if its been debunked. and yes we have freedom of speech but posting certian things can be dangerous too
  14. agree with everything here. . the covid shot is like the flu shot, you can still get the flu but not as bad. the covid vaccine is also meant to keep hospitals from getting over crowded .and doctor after doctor will tell you this but some people would rather beleive facebook or twitter over medical professionals. If someone refuses the vaccine that is your choice as much as i dont agree with it, but at the same time i wont feel bad for them if their place of employment or state itself makes them wear a mask. the company has just as much right to require a mask as the induvidual hs to refuse the vaccine. all choices have consequences.
  15. yes some get side effects but its only for a few days. getting covid itself is worse than any side effect.
  16. yeah you are right its their choice, but the same people that refuse the vaccine for other reasons than a medical one, will be the same people complaning about masks or restrctions. well i wont feel sorry for them, they made their choice. with every choice there is a consequence.
  17. yeah true that what else could they remove. its just that its hard with covid. delta varient is making things worse, and the misinformed people are not getting the vaccine which will make things better. maybe instead of removing things just put a message or something at the start saying this info has not been veririfed by cdc or something but then again you can show people actual facts and they still wont beleive you.
  18. i am of course for freedom of speech, but the only way covid goes away is getting more vaccinated. so how do we do that without limiting freedom of speech, cause one reason of lack of vaccinations is the misinformation online.
  19. but some people arent as smart . they will beleive everything they read. like the covid stuff they read it alters your dna or it puts a chip in you and they beleive it and tell others. what do you do with them?
  20. but dont you think the stuff that has been debunked and proven false be removed..people read that stuff beleive it and refuse to get the vaccine, then edn up getting real sick or dying. . there were people that actually beleived the vaccine will alter your dna or that is has a tracking device and all the other myths out there . how else to you prevent that than remove the debunked articles, what else is thre to encourse people get the vaccine and that its safe.
  21. i did but what about the people that read the misinformation online and don't. it takes people getting sick or a loved ones dying for them to finally get it. you see the headlines all the time the covid deniers or ones that refuse the vaccine finally realize its real when they are in the hospital or a loved one died from it . it shouldn't come to that. by getting rid of misinformation it could save lives yeah you are right, but its sad that it takes someone dying for others to finally listen. hopefully with the misinformation being removed it will also help
  22. thats the problem though people read the misinformation about the vaccine and dont get it. misinformation should be removed.
  23. She's great doesn't need to win to prove it. She will be just fine with a voice like that. Plus its not like the winner is that much better off anyway. Maddie was my fave and idol pretty much forgot about her. Now Grace is free to choose what she wants to do
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