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  2. Danielle will be opening for Sugarland on 3 dates of their tour in July.
  3. By the way, it looks like the article has been deleted... Edit: It’s back
  4. It was a dumb comment for Cade to make but I don’t think he meant harm by it, though he should have apologized when people, including those he is offending with that statement, called him out for it. Maddie typically has knee-jerk reactions on SM and complains a lot, but I also don’t blame her for reacting, though maybe she should have texted Cade privately instead of putting all this out in the open. However, according to her, Gabby’s fans and even her father have been going after Maddie since she won Idol 2 years ago. And Gabby has never told them to stop. According to Ada though, the Barrett family sounded like a nightmare BTS of Idol. There is likely more to the story than we know. Cade made a dumb comment but I think he was just overly excited for his wife’s success. He’s not that young, but he’s still only 23/24, and the rest are younger too. It was a misunderstanding/dumb remark that got blown out of proportion IMO but Gabby’s dad did not need to insert himself in the drama of 20 year olds. Her dad is a disgusting person and should be ashamed going after kids like that. I hope Gabby or his wife will tell him to get the hell off Facebook and stop fighting his daughter’s battles. For me, that’s really the most heinous thing about the whole situation more than the original comment Cade posted. Also, let’s be real: Gabby will not become the most successful Idol ever. They’re all delusional (Cade, dad, fans, Gabby herself) if they really think that. IMO it’s a super arrogant comment to make about what type of success she will have because she has ONE song climbing the charts right now. Score a few #1s and sell out some arenas first before making boisterous claims like that.
  5. Dalton did another IG live last night where it seemed to me like he was recording a guitar solo for a new original song. You could briefly hear vocals that sounded like his voice and it was a song no one seemed to recognize.
  6. I wonder if she’ll ever release a lot of the songs she wrote for IDBWM, especially because she played them live several times and her fans grew to love them. They could easily tack them on as bonus tracks or could have released a short EP in between her 2nd and 3rd albums to tide fans over while waiting for new music. It’s a shame we will probably never get official releases of those songs. I’m really surprised RFT of all songs didn’t get released, that seemed like the #1 fan favorite. I thought considering how many years she spent working on IDBWM that only 10 songs just seemed way too short, they could have easily added a couple more songs. Hopefully this album will have more.
  7. Last night Dalton hopped on IG live briefly to do a piano performance of Open Book.
  8. I think Here for You is just kind of ok, but I remember really liking the other new song she teased “Never Have I Ever” and think it should be on the album. I remember reading an article about her new music and seem to remember her saying something about going more R&B this time but still retaining those country influences.
  9. I wouldn’t be surprised if Dalton was offered major (or independent) label deals after Idol, we honestly don’t know if Scott could have wanted to sign him or not. But I don’t think that was the direction he wanted to go in because he wanted to have complete control over his music. So just because he didn’t sign with a label doesn’t necessarily mean he wasn’t offered a deal. With what’s happening between Scott and Taylor Swift right now is probably further evidence why it was a good thing he didn’t sign with him.
  10. Yes there’s definitely been several female country artists who have still been successful despite a lack of radio support.
  11. Honestly I think no matter what single they led with, it wouldn’t have made much difference. As long as country radio won’t play women, it’s not going to matter what they release and her situation with radio isn’t going to change. They tried songs like Friend Zone and Sway because it was the closest thing she had to the type of bro country radio normally plays, even having a song with Thomas Rhett didn’t really help her move up the charts much. It’s a boys game, unfortunately, and until that changes, I don’t see her getting much airplay regardless of what song she puts out. IMO she should move to pop instead, I think most of her music at this point sounds pop and R&B and not country, and she might have a better chance at getting radio play. Blackout is a pure pop song and was very well received, it was considered a highlight on an otherwise underwhelming soundtrack even by those unfamiliar with her. But yeah basically because the rest of the soundtrack tanked, I think that’s why people quickly forgot it.
  12. Not that he really counts as a proper Idol alum, but I seem to remember William Hung went to work a regular office job some years ago. He did put out an album or 2 though, didn’t he? But soon after that I think he returned to normal life.
  13. For what it’s worth Katy came out some time ago apologizing for that song and realizing in this day and age it’s in poor taste. I never minded Ellen that much. Yes she didn’t know that much about music but at least she provided some comic relief I guess. And I think she was meant to represent the average viewer at home, most of whom don’t know much about technique, music theory, etc. either but who just know what they like when they hear it and would buy that contestants music. For me the worst judge is Mariah. She just took way too long to make her comments and rambled a lot of nonsense, despite the fact she is knowledgeable about music. It doesn’t really do any good to have a judge be knowledgeable but not able to articulate their comments over someone who may not be knowledgeable but can still provide some sort of feedback or commentary or at least some levity. Mariah made everything even worse with her bickering with Nicki. And to this day Mariah acts like she was put in a prison camp like it was the worst experience of her entire life sitting in a chair all day and make some comments while getting paid the highest salary of any judge at that time. Please, she is so dramatic. And her diva persona wore thin after awhile. Harry Connick Jr is a really close second. He was ok in his first season but he became obnoxious after that, like he thought he was smarter than everyone else, including his fellow judges. He was very condescending a lot of the time. Let’s not forget the creepy move of putting a young girl on his shoulders and dancing around with her and his racially-charged attack on Quentin in season 14. Katy is definitely obnoxious and over the top with her antics. She takes away attention from the contestants a lot of the time and kissing that guy without his consent was also inappropriate. But I also think she can be entertaining sometimes when she actually dials it back and most of the time she does offer a lot of insightful critiques. Randy was awful in his last few seasons, you could tell he was just phoning it in. But I guess we couldn’t expect much when he had been on so many seasons and was also stuck with dud panels.
  14. It’s not exactly a secret that how they cast Idol and similar shows has very little to do with actual talent. They are casting for a TV show, so they care more about looks and personality, as well as people they think their audience will like. I auditioned for Idol online in season 13, in person season 15, and online again for this season, as well as in person for The Voice season 8, and was rejected in the first round every time. I auditioned with quite a few people I thought for sure who would get through that also were axed in the first round. And the few people I did see get through the next round I never saw on TV. You remember that pink haired girl they kept showing on Idol season 17 but we never knew her name or heard her sing? She made it through Hollywood Week but we never saw her except in the background. That was apparently the daughter of a friend that my boyfriend’s mom knows (confusing I know lol) So we even see people make it really far yet they may never be shown singing or get their name onscreen, even though they make it just as far as everyone else who does get shown. Then even if you are lucky enough to make it, let alone win the whole thing, it doesn’t guarantee a career. No matter how you want to get into the music business, it’s tough. And it’s tough to have a long lasting, successful career.
  15. Dalton Rapattoni - Happy Xmas (War is Over) RV9fCN_YGHo Not really a Christmas song per se but it's a winter holiday season kind of song, Voices by Jack & White (Brooke White's band) vNT1ZZz2GPw Jon Peter Lewis - It's Christmas LGo5OAn9Y90 Jon Peter Lewis - California Christmas WxY_WxDAef8 Kelly Clarkson - I'll Be Home for Christmas dTts0u5UB2w Kelly Clarkson - Underneath the Tree YfF10ow4YEo Stefano Langone - O Holy Night (Live) 239JmI4pt5U Maddie Poppe - Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas z8QhAdlnTDs Maddie Poppe - Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree 8wZZh6lGnjk And I really love Scotty's Christmas album, Christmas with Scotty McCreery
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