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  1. Yay new single out Friday! She’s releasing Girls in My Hometown!
  2. I feel like Black is King is probably going to take those categories, especially for Best Music Film. Miss Americana wasn’t really that much about music, it was a documentary. And while I like Only the Young it’s nowhere near being one of her best songs. I don’t think it would win anything honestly. That being said, Folklore 100% deserves something, especially AOTY. As somebody who actually understands why rep and Lover didn’t win, I 100% think folklore actually deserves to win AOTY.
  3. Hmm to be honest I don’t think The Good Ones was a good choice for a follow up single and I don’t see it being a hit. While I get that they probably wanted to show a different side than I Hope, I feel like Footprints on the Moon, Thank God, Jesus & My Mama, or Hall of Fame maybe would have been better singles. At any rate, she seems like she has a really solid radio team going to bat for her for how well I Hope has done. I don’t know if The Good Ones will be that successful, but I think she has a strong chance of getting another hit in the future. Either with a different single from this album or the next one. Nothing is guaranteed in the music business, there’s some artists who have been working for years that either only had one #1 or none at all. To achieve a #1 with her first single, especially in a climate where females aren’t getting radio play, is still huge. Multi platinum certification at this point too.
  4. The success of I Hope is definitely a good sign for her career, but one hit song doesn't make someone a star. One hit is definitely better than none at all, but she needs to keep that momentum going with the next singles. She is getting recognized by award shows like her latest nominations at the CMAs and that's great, but again, one hit song doesn't make a career. What she has accomplished so far is far more than most people could have ever imagined and that's great for a start. But she has to keep it going to have a steady career and not just fade into obscurity.
  5. Just got done watching her livestream show - it was so good! She performed all the songs off the EP plus Getting Good and Road Less Traveled. She performed Jon Pardi's part in Getting Over Him and Lukas Graham recorded a video of himself singing his parts that they played on video screen behind her during What Do You Think Of? The whole show was phenomenal, but What Do You Think Of? was the highlight for sure! I have obviously watched Lauren perform many times but I've never watched a whole concert of hers before (never attended one), she is not only a supremely talented vocalist but she is also a very dynamic and charismatic performer. She is an absolute star! She also announced she will be doing an hour long virtual show again on October 14th.
  6. I like the “Vocals” project she did a couple years ago where she released a cappella tracks from IDBWM.
  7. Bumping this thread because I just recently re-listened to all his music. Fly Away Hero, IM5, Fly Away Hero 2.0, Idol recordings, and Nobodys Home. I hadn't listened to his music in awhile and was reminded of how good it is, especially the Nobodys Home album. Some weeks ago I thought he posted something on IG that was like teaser artwork for Pax Americana and I thought that meant he was going to release it as a single soon, but that still hasn't happened yet. I hope he will release some new music again soon. But sadly the longer we don't hear anything from him the more I think it's not going to happen. At least he is still on social media from time to time, even if it's just to post a random silly pic. And he did actually collaborate with Tristan recently to record a cover song, so there's that.
  8. They were 2 of my favorites in that season as well and I still keep up with their music (more so Lauren than Scotty). A lot of people hated them as the final 2, but they are 2 of the most successful alums to come from the show, especially in recent seasons. The fact both still have strong careers going today says something. I don't know if they ever actually dated, I think they were just close because they spent so much time together on the show and also had to go to school together. At a certain point they were the only 2 minors left, so that kind of made them stick together automatically, both also had their moms with them. When Lauren kissed Scotty after his winning moment, she said that she was dared to do it by a crew member I think. I don't remember exactly what the details were but she said later on she was talking about it with someone from the crew and they dared her to kiss him if he won or something like that. A lot of people thought they were dating because of that moment, but it was really just a joke. At least according to Lauren, anyway. It's crazy to think Scotty is married now and Lauren was previously engaged. Whether or not they ever dated doesn't really matter at this point because clearly both have moved on. I like that they occasionally still see each other at events and stuff, I think they are just really close friends and still support each other's music every now and then.
  9. I enjoyed her concert last night on US Cellular but I think it must have been prerecorded and then just streamed live because she didn’t play any of the new songs. She only performed 6 songs: Georgia Peaches, Somebody Else’s Problem, Getting Good, Three, What Ifs, and Road Less Traveled. She also made reference to GG being her current single which is obviously old news. Initially I didn’t think it was worth paying $20+ to watch a concert online for the show she’s doing tomorrow but I decided I really would like to hear the new songs live and I think it’ll be fun to watch. I’ve been working hard recently and it’ll be nice to have something fun to look forward to. I also decided to purchase a signed copy of both EPs since they were only $6 each on her website.
  10. I don’t know if it’s faster but there’s basically not a lot of difference between this one and the original, just a slightly different instrumental track. Same vocals. I think it would have been better if they had recorded a truly acoustic version and had her redo the vocals, almost like a “live in studio” feel.
  11. Currently watching her concert on US Cellular!
  12. It seems like Danielle is releasing an acoustic version of NHIE tomorrow.
  13. My favorites from this EP are Run, If I Was a Beer, and Getting Over Him. The others I think need to grow on me with more listens. But the same happened with the last EP where I didn't like a few of the songs on first listen but they grew on me a lot.
  14. Haha we aren’t going to mention her duet with Grandpa Blake of Timber, I’m Falling in Love?
  15. They are offering an exclusive blanket for Capital One members with free shipping! I maybe would have preferred a different photo on the blanket but since I wasn't able to snag a blanket for the Lover era (my god I wanted that blanket so much and it sold out lol) and it was only $10 with free shipping, I figured that was a steal so I ordered one! I just hope they don't come out 2 days from now with another blanket that I would have liked better. :/
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