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  1. Wow wild how I was just randomly thinking about him and revisited this thread only to see there’s a couple new, recent posts! It’s funny how last fall he had said his band would be releasing new music yet it hasn’t happened yet. I’m still always interested in seeing what he does musically but yeah, I think he must not care about making it big or anything anymore. Sad because he gained so much exposure from Idol and so many fans, but it seems like after the release of Nobodys Home he started to peter out. Maybe it just wasn’t for him. I’m sure whatever he’s doing now (teaching at SOR, recording music on the side?) he’s happy.
  2. I went back through her recent releases to see at what point the copyright changed. The last single to have Big Machine Label Group was The Day That I’m Over You which was released in September 2023. All her singles in 2024 started with the DB Records/Danielle Bradbery appears courtesy of Big Machine Records. So this is a rather recent development.
  3. It was confirmed by a country music website that this will be an independent release. That must be why the tracklist is shorter than a standard album. I wonder what contributed to her deciding to go indie rather than sign with another label if she was not happy with BMLG.
  4. So is it only 7 songs or are there more and that graphic is just cut off? I did notice how she seemed to be releasing more music more quickly. Maybe BMLG is just a distributor now or they help pay for the recording sessions but she has the help of this other label now? Very strange. I’m excited she is finally putting out another album, it’s been way too long! Although it’s a shame some of the recent singles won’t be on here so they don’t really have like a proper home. But on the bright side, it looks like we are getting many new, unheard songs. I kind of wish she had gone with a different title for the album as it’s so similar to her debut, maybe Simone would have been better if she wanted to go with something personal. I love the cover though, I think it’s her best one yet!
  5. I hope they’ll release this song! https://www.instagram.com/reel/C25SVOhuXG5/?igsh=emozbzk4Z2liMmg1
  6. Not saying those aren't all valid points, but I'm just confused why music releases are so scattered with her. And why they take forever to put out a new album from her. I think she herself has alluded to being frustrated with them from time to time. Maybe other labels aren't interested in her, in which case, yeah she's better off staying where she is than having no label at all. But a lot of her fans are very frustrated with the lack of music. She has a solid fanbase and she puts out good songs. She's clearly talented. Yeah, there's lots of factors that make a person successful or not, and radio still doesn't want to bite on female artists so that will probably always work against her. But I'd like to see more than just a random single every few months. She's never invited to perform on the major award shows either.
  7. But that's what I'm saying. Only 2 albums in a 10-year career is honestly deplorable. She could have easily released 3-4 albums by now. I'm just saying another label could potentially be better than where she's at now and I'm not sure why they're not exploring that. Lauren Alaina was with the same label for 10 years and she finally switched over to a new one because she felt it was time for a change. They have been doing very well for her. I'm not the only one to notice her label doesn't really do much to support her. Most fans are usually wondering when a new album is going to be out. The fact she hasn't released a proper studio album since 2017 is appalling. Yes, the pandemic slowed things down but her last release was simply a compilation album they threw together because they didn't want to invest in a new project. It is pretty clear to most people they're not that invested in her. We don't have to pretend like her label is great. They aren't. She could probably fare better somewhere else but for whatever reason they are choosing not to go that route. It is pretty common after a while for an artist to change labels, especially when things aren't working where they currently are. Scotty McCreery had enormous success once he left the label he signed with after Idol.
  8. So I just came across an article about another country Big Machine artist and reality show alumna, Laci Kaye Booth, and how she was dropped from the label last year after her EP went nowhere. She also said she didn’t get a lot of creative control and attributed it to being a woman in the industry. This is not the first instance I’ve heard of BMLG dropping an artist after not really doing anything to support them, and not the first time they’ve been accused of not allowing creative control. I’ve often wondered what is actually going on over there concerning Danielle. They seem to just take forever to release anything and they don’t seem to want to invest much in either pushing singles to radio, or investing in full albums from her. It’s really bizarre why they continue to keep her on but they don’t seem terribly invested in pushing her. Like I said, what others have seemed to experience there seems similar to her situation. The fact it’s happened to more than one person isn’t really promising. I wonder why she continues to stay there. The whole thing is just bizarre.
  9. Dalton says new album coming soon! https://www.instagram.com/p/CwYhIUVORDp/?igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA==
  10. Yesterday a new interview came out where she was on Jana Kramer's podcast "Whine Down." I just listened to it and wow, it was incredible. She discussed how she had a period of a couple of years where her anxiety got really bad because of her relationship with Bennett and it was so bad that she lost weight from not eating. Her relationship with him got very bad I guess and he apparently "made her life a living hell" for a few months after she broke up with him and then got a new girlfriend almost immediately (she believes there was "some overlap"), and she moved in with him. It is so incredibly sad and devastating to hear how he treated her and how badly it affected her. She also discussed the comments people would make online about how anorexic she looked from being so thin, it's disgusting how people could say things like that with no idea what she was going through. In more positive news, she says she is going to release a new single soon, either this month or maybe next, and she is sitting on lots of songs for a new album she hopes to put out. She alluded to being frustrated with the label at times because she is ready to release stuff but they take forever to put it out or don't always let her release what she wants (she said something like "I try to be as vulnerable as I can, or as they let you" which says to me the label might have say in how "deep" they let her get with the songs). Anyway, I recommend giving it a listen!
  11. Last week a podcast called Music on My Mind interviewed Dalton's new band and they played a couple songs acoustically. They say a full album will come later this year and more singles.
  12. I think most of those songs are from when she was writing a lot for the second album, so it’s doubtful we’ll ever really hear any of them. She has probably changed her sound a lot since then and even though fans have been begging her to finally release Room for Two for years she still hasn’t.
  13. I’m loving the new song! My fiancé has been dealing with a toxic coworker for the last few months and the lyrics just hit home. I sent it to him.
  14. Danielle shared this really interesting video from the creative director of the ASP video, he shares some really interesting insights about the making of it, like how Danielle picked all the visuals for the moodboard and the whole vibe of it was her idea. Looking forward to hearing Monster on Friday!
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