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  1. Taylor’s 2012 demo of Better Man has leaked. IMO it’s not a coincidence it leaked on the 13th and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was by Taylor herself. The demo has been around for years since LBT would have been in possession of it to record it, if someone wanted to leak it I think it would have already leaked years ago. Someone noticed that if you add the numbers from the 10% off for 48 hours deal (4+8+10), you get 22. Better Man is track 22 on Red (TV). Better Man single coming?
  2. I think some people don’t understand what the purpose of the re-recordings is or how it works. The point isn’t to make new versions, it’s to own her work. Therefore, they have to be pretty much an exact note-for-note copy. People are so stupid when they complain about the songs sounding the same, like duh - that’s the point! I think the Fearless re-recordings were interesting to hear with her more mature vocals. However, I will say I don’t think they carry the same emotion as the originals and I think that’ll sort of be the problem with the early albums. Like she’s not a teenager anymore and feeling the raw pain she felt fresh off a breakup writing those songs. For me they don’t carry the same emotional weight. She sounds almost as if she’s just covering her own songs. I think Wildest Dreams sounds great though. I think the later re-recordings like 1989 and rep people aren’t looking forward to as much because her voice isn’t going to sound much different. But again, the point is to be able to own her work and so that fans can buy/stream the music without feeling guilty about giving the money to someone else. The point is that they *should* sound the same. I think the best idea she came up with was to include the vault songs to add more value to the re-recordings. No matter how you feel about the re-recorded versions, at least the vault songs provide something new and she has a lot more leeway to change things with those since she isn’t trying to copy an existing version. Honestly it’s my favorite part about the Taylor’s Version projects, since it offers something completely new and unheard.
  3. Lauren did a livestream last night and played some new songs!
  4. Nice new interview Danielle did with the Grammy Museum, plus an acoustic performance of SDYB. https://watch.grammymuseum.org/videos/danielle-bradbery
  5. I want to say we heard Look at the Mess at one random show she played. It was a one-off performance I think, she hasn’t played it since that I know of. Weird that it’s in contention as a single. BMHA is nice but it’s so obvious the single should be SDYB, I don’t even know why they’re debating it. It has country radio written all over it, not to mention she has needed an upbeat single for ages. The dance trend is also huge right now and this song caters to that really well. They’d be stupid not to release it as the single.
  6. Lauren’s album is out today! I’ve got it added to my Apple library and will give it a listen later.
  7. Lauren’s tour with FGL is canceled. I’m disappointed for her but I sort of expected this would happen way back when it was first announced. It just seemed too early to be holding concerts again and the inevitable happened. At least her album is still coming out in 2 weeks and her book in November! Maybe she can do more virtual concerts like she did for her EP releases.
  8. Nice new interview, though I don’t think it really tells anything new. If you’re viewing on mobile you might get some annoying redirects. https://entertainment-focus.com/2021/08/10/interview-danielle-bradbery-opens-up-about-new-single-stop-draggin-your-boots-and-her-plans-for-new-music/
  9. Lot of horrible comments about her weight too, saying she looks “unhealthy” and underweight. Personally I never even noticed and it’s not really anyone’s business if she’s underweight. She’s always been thin and petite, but even if she is underweight, that’s nobody’s business but hers and her doctor’s to work out. I’m amazed in 2021 people still think comments like this are ok, you can be thin and still be healthy. This is why I don’t know why her team made the video a Facebook exclusive thing. They obviously got paid by Facebook to do so and a large part of her audience is in the demographic tat uses FB but they don’t seem to like anything she does anymore. They expect her to still be like the 16 year old country girl who was on The Voice instead of the 25 year old woman she is now. They think her music is too pop, she dresses too sexy, she is too skinny, too this, too that. I don’t think they’re her target audience anymore. They should try to market her to younger audiences closer to her own age who wouldn’t bat an eye at her wearing some sparkly boots or doing a song like this. I’m amazed some people think this sounds “pop,” it’s more country than most songs I’ve heard lately. And more country than most stuff from her last album.
  10. I don’t really understand the strategy of releasing the video exclusively to FB then everywhere on Monday. It seems like it will get less views that way?
  11. It’s currently #24 on iTunes country and the lyric video is #1. The lyric video is so cool, it looks like it might have been done in 1 take! I wonder how much she had to practice to get it down where she could do it in one take like that. Such a cool dance!
  12. I’ve followed Lauren since Idol and I’m super happy to hear she’s finally releasing this long awaited third album! However I have to say I’m not a super big fan of the title - it just seems really long and doesn’t roll off the tongue easily, it doesn’t really sound like an album title to me, but I guess at least it’s unique and different? I also think the cover is kind of all over the place with the colors and the album title is placed very awkwardly. On a positive, I’m glad that this album will have 15 tracks and there will be a lot of new ones that weren’t already released on her two EPs. That was something that really annoyed me about her last album, so I’m glad they have tried to include more tracks and more new songs this time. As far as the new song “It Was Me” goes, I get this is a very emotional song for her and she says it’s her favorite she’s ever written, but I thought this was just ok. It feels long and dragged out IMO. But her vocals are some of her best ever and the traditional country sound is nice. It’s a choice to start off the album with a ballad. Maybe it’s going to tell a story all the way through like she felt insecure about herself and that led to a lot of failed relationships but now she is ok and happy with herself. Still looking forward to hearing the whole album on September 3rd and I also want to read her book!
  13. I really love the new song! I wasn’t super keen on the live rendition but the studio version is so good. It’s super catchy! The music video looks like it will be her best yet, so curious to see it. I hope this will be a hit for her - it’s her catchiest song since Sway and sounds very radio friendly. But I don’t know if country females are still having issues getting radio play or if they’ve tried to improve that. It’s high time she has a hit song after all these years and I think if the video is good and has a dance that people can try at home that will bring it more attention.
  14. That is such a cool dance! I think it’s great she is incorporating dancing into her music, as not every country artist can do that and it’s something that can set her apart. The song sounds great too, I wasn’t big on the live rendition but the studio version sounds more promising.
  15. Danielle will be featured on a track called “Dallas” from Parker McCollum’s new album, out July 30th.
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