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  1. Danielle will be featured on a track called “Dallas” from Parker McCollum’s new album, out July 30th.
  2. Gabby Barrett for sure. I didn’t like her at all on Idol but I really like her post-Idol music and have enjoyed seeing her be so successful. It’s nice to see any of the Idols do well outside of the show, even if I’m not personally a fan.
  3. There was another photo posted to her FB group that was most certainly a music video shoot. I’m guessing for Girls in My Hometown since that’s her only other officially released song from the new album.
  4. I find it interesting that on her last album she was very adamant about writing her own material but for this album it seems like the majority of songs she's cutting are from outside writers. Obviously whatever the better song is, whether she wrote it or not, is what should go on the album, but I just think it's interesting. I think every song she has previewed thus far aside from NHIE has been written by other writers. I know she has said during the pandemic she has struggled to stay motivated and inspired, perhaps she struggled to find something to write about since there's nothing going on. Even NHIE was technically written before she actually met her current boyfriend.
  5. I don’t watch The Voice but as an Ariana fan, this is a really good gig for her. I don’t think it’ll make me want to watch the show, but I think a lot of her young fans will tune in and vote hard for her contestants. I think she can offer a lot of great advice not just on vocals but also creating an identity as an artist and especially advice for the young contestants since she started young.
  6. Hmm. I don’t know, I think it’s fair to say Cassadee is the most successful if it’s being purely based on chart/sales success, awards, and social media followers. Cassadee has the most followers and was nominated for a Grammy. It also says her album reached #1 on the country chart.
  7. I agree. It’s astounding that she is one of the most acclaimed songwriters of all time, yet she has never won SOTY. She’s also never won ROTY either, despite having several hits. I think someday she’ll get SOTY but I’m not sure if evermore will give her that. If she submits willow, yeah it’s a great song, but it wasn’t really a hit or anything. I don’t think the lyrics are as strong as cardigan was. By the way, she now joins the ranks of Paul Simon, Stevie Wonder, and Frank Sinatra as having the most AOTY wins.
  8. Honestly I got worried when Dua won Best Pop Album, I thought there’s no way Taylor could win AOTY without winning in her genre, but glad she got it!!! I would have liked to see her also get Best Pop Album and SOTY to make 13 Grammys, but at least she got AOTY. It’s so well deserved.
  9. I swear on the Christmas livestream she did that her album would be coming out in the beginning of this year, she might have even said first quarter of 2021. Like girl it’s March, where is the album?
  10. I really like the new song. I like both, but I do like the traditional country sound of “The Mess I’m In.” Seems like on this next album there maybe be a lot less songs written by her and more from outside writers.
  11. Also wanted to say that I love how the album cover is similar to the original in terms of the pose, the flying hair, and stuff, but it’s still different enough to not just look like a copy of the original. She’s also looking the opposite way. I wasn’t sure how they were going to do the album covers, if they’d use an outtake from the original shoot or try to recreate the original photo, but doing it this way is nice.
  12. So excited! Yeah I didn’t expect to have to wait almost 2 months for it, but that’s ok I guess. It gives time to build hype. I’m really excited to hear the 6 unreleased songs in particular. Anyone else think she might bring back the secret messages for the re-recordings but with different messages? Like “Love Story” could change from “Someday I’ll find this” to “I found it.”
  13. It was leaked by Shazam that she’ll be dropping the re-recorded version of Love Story on Friday for Valentine’s Day, called “Taylor’s Version.” And apparently hashtags have been created on Twitter for #TaylorsVersion, #LoveStoryTaylorsVersion, and #FearlessTaylorsVersion. I’m thinking the announcement will be Love Story on Friday and re-recorded version of Fearless coming the following Friday.
  14. It's currently #85 on the Latin chart on US iTunes. Selena Gomez put out a new single that also falls under the Latin category, so she will probably take the #1 spot, but hopefully NHIE will rise some more. It's good that it was released under the Latin category so it might have more of a chance to chart higher than one of the more competitive charts.
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