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  1. Great performance by Gabby! Can’t believe she sounded that good while heavily pregnant! Lol
  2. Just got done watching the Disney+ special and it did not disappoint! She deserves AOTY for sure.
  3. If she wins Album of the Year again, she'll be the first female artist to win 3 times.
  4. Taylor’s been nominated for 6 Grammys!Beautiful Ghosts - Best Song Written for Visual MediaCardigan - Best Pop Vocal Performance, Song of the YearExile - Best Duo/Collaboration with VocalsFolklore - Best Pop Vocal Album, Album of the YearRealistically I see her winning both for folklore and maybe SOTY for cardigan. I don’t think BG will win since there’s tough competition in that category and Cats flopped as a film. The others I think she has a shot but it’s not necessarily in the bag for her. I could see maybe Exile winning, so if she wins those 3 she’ll now have 13 Grammys lol
  5. I can’t tell you how excited I am to see this!
  6. The Good Ones is a totally different kind of song than I Hope. I Hope sounds very Carrie-esque, like a Before He Cheats kind of song. It had radio hit written all over it. I like The Good Ones, but I don't know if I would have chosen it as the follow up single. I think Thank God, Rose Needs a Jack, Jesus & My Mama, Footprints on the Moon, any of those probably would have been better follow ups. Ballads are always a bit risky. At any rate, she may have just gotten really lucky with having a hit right out of the gate. Just because one song is a hit doesn't mean that the next one
  7. Ok so after having this album for a few weeks now, I actually like it a TON more than on the first listen. There's still a couple songs that I think could have been cut but otherwise most of the tracks have grown on me so much more and I actually really like the album now. I still don't think it's better than Thank U, Next and the lyrics still could have been way better on most of the songs, but I really like the sounds of this album and it's a good album to put on when driving or doing something and just having it in the background. The only songs I just don't really like at all a
  8. Damn that’s sad and shocking! I didn’t watch her season but knew of her, I remember when her son auditioned for Idol many years later. Its crazy because she was just on Nigel’s Idol Memories podcast not too long ago.
  9. I agree, I think the back half was much stronger than the first half. She did an interview last night with Zach Sang and gave more insight into the album that's worth a watch IMO: I gotta say she looks really ridiculous now though with the gigantic lips, they are so distracting and look like they're going to burst at any moment. She's doing too much with the gigantic false eyelashes too. I will say that I like something they touched on in the interview which is that they used strings for every song, which is something I really like that th
  10. I totally agree. I've loved all her albums so far, even sweetener was ok, but this is easily her worst album to date and I agree it just felt like a chore listening to it. By the time I was halfway in, I was ready for it to just be over. There are very few standout tracks and even a lot of professional reviews are saying the same thing. I don't like the overt sexual lyrics. I just don't think they're clever or creative at all. I don't mind songs about sex, which she's obviously done a lot of in the past, but at least when the lyrics are clever, it makes the song better IMO. For exa
  11. Hard to believe that was 4 years ago already! I wish he would release some new music, at least he posts on social media every now and again, but unfortunately nothing music-related. I wonder if he has any projects in the works, would love to hear an official single version of Pax Americana.
  12. Yeah after reading the article a few posts above, I had that same thought, which is unfortunate because I really like her cover.
  13. That's not the only strange thing. Girls in My Hometown is also missing from her "Complete Collection" playlist. What a huge oversight by her team not to include her latest single on a "complete collection" playlist SMH
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