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  1. I didn’t start watching until season 5 and stopped watching around Laine’s season so my votes go to seasons 7 and 10. Honorable mentions to 5, 11, 15, and 16. I feel that seasons 7 and 10 just had some of the strongest pools of contestants of any seasons. Seasons 10 and 11 in particular were very diverse in terms of genre and I liked nearly everyone from those seasons. Season 5 was special because it was my first year watching and I fell in love with the show. I feel like since this was right after Carrie’s win, this was when the ratings were at their peak I think. Season 5 gave us some great non-winners like Kellie Pickler, Elliot Yamin, and of course Daughtry. Stellar talent that year. Season 7 I really loved Brooke White, Carly Smithson, and Michael Johns (RIP). All such talented singers. Season 15 gets an honorable mention purely because Dalton Rapattoni is my all-time favorite Idol. It was also the show’s pseudo-finale and the finale was incredibly well done with bringing back all the past Idols. The only issue with that season was that the contestants did unfortunately take a back seat due to all the finale hype. Finally, season 16/ABC 1 gets an honorable mention because I think they did a pretty good job resurrecting the show despite being on a different network, new panel of judges, etc. I wasn’t sure how it would be and whether it would still feel like Idol, but I thought it turned out pretty well overall. I really liked that year’s crop of contestants and it was great to see Gabby get a major record deal and a 2x platinum, #1 single, showing that Idol can still help produce stars even though it’s been on the air for close to 2 decades.
  2. I'll preface my post by saying I actually wasn't a fan of Gabby at all on Idol. But I am a big fan of country/pop music, so I checked out her singles she released before the album and was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked them. Since I liked all the singles, I decided to check out the full album and I really like it quite a bit! I think the second half of the album is stronger than the first half, but my favorite songs include I Hope, Thank God, Footprints on the Moon, The Good Ones, Jesus & My Mama (was quite surprised when I heard how rocky this one was!), Hall of Fame, Got Me, Rose Needs a Jack, and Strong. The only ones I'm kind of meh on are Write It on My Heart and You're the Only Reason. The title track is ok, but since it's the only one she didn't write on I think you can sort of tell the writing style differs a lot from the rest of the album. And I don't really like the "GoldMIIIINNNNEEE" hook either. The Charlie Puth remix is fine, but the original is definitely better IMO and I think a lot of people feel the same way about the remix. No matter what, I always like to see Idols do well whether I was a fan of them on the show or not. I'm pleased to see how well Gabby has done since the end of her season, she may be one of the few finalists to get a major record deal other than the winner in several seasons. And the success of "I Hope" is incredible for a debut single, especially since females have a difficult time with radio play in country music. So overall I think her debut is really strong, definitely one of the best Idol debut albums out there.
  3. Danielle appeared on Diplo's livestream when he debuted the song, starts at hour 1, min 47: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vUd1j9rhp1c
  4. I know of Diplo but couldn’t tell you any of his songs. I don’t know how often I’ll play this one but she sounds good on the song, though they kind of over edited her voice I think. No matter what, it’s a big deal she’s included on it since he’s quite a big artist. I’d be interested in knowing more about how that collaboration came about.
  5. I watched the first run on ABC but haven’t been watching Laine’s season or this one. I used to love Idol back in the day and watched every season from 5 onwards, even the terrible FOX seasons. But once season 17 came around, I just kind of lost interest on top of not having time to dedicate 2-4 hours a week to watching one show. I passively keep up through blog recaps, here, the YouTube posts of their performances, or through my boyfriend who watches. The episodes are just too long. If they were cut down maybe to 1 hour I might watch. The auditions especially are tedious to me. I get they draw in the highest ratings but I personally always hated spending so much time on contestants we never see again. At least if they cut out most of the backstories and we just heard them sing it might be more tolerable. But 6 episodes just spent on auditions was part of the reason I dipped. I just don’t care. Get to the good stuff once the weak contestants have been weeded out and we are in Hollywood/Hawaii/lives. The amount of so few live shows also doesn’t help the contestants grow or establish a strong fan base to take with them after the show. It feels like a lot of buildup just for only a few weeks of actual competition and that’s probably another reason why I didn’t feel it was worth my time watching. The judges’ critiques are usually useless as well. If you skip all the dreck, you can probably cut the show down to 30-40 minutes. IMO the format just really needs to be reworked to make the episodes shorter and cut out some of the useless stuff.
  6. New interview: https://www.celebsecrets.com/danielle-bradbery-on-how-her-new-boyfriend-impacted-her-new-single-never-have-i-ever-exclusive/
  7. Yeah I do agree that I don't think it matters much what song they put out to radio, if radio basically doesn't want to play her songs, she should just release what she wants and what she is most proud of. Hence why even if NHIE may not seem super radio friendly to a lot of people, it seems to really suit her style and represents what she is going through right now and that's why it's out. I do think this song will really show people her own unique style and establish her own musical identity, regardless of how well it ends up performing.
  8. Um sorry to break it to you but that’s kind of how the music industry works. As much as I liked the ballads on her album, they never would have gotten much airplay because it’s not what radio generally plays unless it’s from a well-established artist. And even at that, the songs like Sway and the Thomas Rhett collab still failed to really make that big of an impact. It is a tough sell for female country artists, they can basically throw anything at the wall and hope something sticks. In general, I think she should focus on doing the music that feels natural to her and this song seems like a good example of that. But the label also decides what songs get to be singles and they aren’t going to waste time and money promoting songs they don’t think will be commercially successful enough to recoup their losses. That’s how the business works. If anything, they’re gonna probably release more pop-oriented stuff to radio because that’s what gets played. Gabby Barrett recently got a #1 with I Hope, which sounds very Carrie-esque, and it even crossed over to pop. Danielle is first and foremost a country artist but she’s also always incorporated other genres like pop and R&B in her music. She’s not a traditional country artist.
  9. I think regardless of whether it ever gets sent to radio or not, that there’s a good chance it will still be part of the album. The only reason I think FZ wasn’t was because the direction of the album had changed so much, it wouldn’t have fit in.
  10. I seem to remember that when Shallow was released that it was dubbed the lead single from her next album, but that seems odd because it was a cover. I'd be surprised if it even ended up on the final cut of the album. I don't see why NHIE would not be the lead/official single. I do think regardless of what the situation is we will probably hear a few singles before the album comes out. In her most recent interviews she has said they only have 2 fully completed songs so far and now with the virus, it's unlikely she's been able to be in a studio at all to finish recording. Before the release of IDBWM, they released about 4 promo singles leading up to the album's release, they may do something similar again with this album.
  11. I really love the new song, I’ve loved it since I first heard the live version, and she sounds great! To me this is like a mixture of slow jam rock n roll with R&B/pop. I really like the sound and I think this is one of the strongest tracks she’s put out to date. It’s so unique and I’ve always loved how since IDBWM she’s been really trying to carve out her own unique sound, it’s like a blend of country, pop, and R&B that doesn’t sound quite like what anyone else is doing.
  12. As a Lauren fan, I'm just curious why you feel that way.
  13. Never Have I Ever to be released May 8th according to the bio on her website! I’m really excited to hear the studio version of this, I think it’s honestly the best song she’s put out yet. https://daniellebradbery.com
  14. He didn't delete it. IG live videos automatically expire in 24 hours unless the uploader chooses to save it.
  15. Dalton played a recording of a new song on IG live last night called “Pax Americana.” It’s pretty good, it’s different than the Nobody’s Home album but similar to the type of music he was doing before then. I wonder if he’s going to release it soon to purchase/stream.
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