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  1. Damn Strait on The Kelly Clarkson Show https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OS5bArmDwf8
  2. Over the years, I've had talk shows that were supposed to have guests a certain day & it was the next day. It's possible that's happening with your city. Her talk show usually posts performances from artists.
  3. Damn Strait is currently #41 on the iTunes Country chart due to The Kelly Clarkson show performance. It was at #77 this morning.
  4. Deb: Hint, updates usually every 15 min.
  5. I would like to add even though Chris Stapleton & Kelly are A-listers I'm skeptical a Christmas song would do well on radio this early. In recent years, Christmas songs don't get played often until Dec. & I could see the song take off then.
  6. Depending on the station, usually stations have 2-4 adds a week. It's rare to have stations add more than that. They would just wait until the next week to add another song.
  7. LA on the NBC Universal lot same place where The Voice films.
  8. Here are the early adds currently: Rank Artist / Album Label TW Adds 1 MIRANDA LAMBERT If I Was A Cowboy RCA Nashville 3 2 SCOTTY MCCREERY Damn Strait Triple Tigers 2 3 MORGAN WADE Wilder Days Arista Nashville 1 4 LUKE BRYAN Up Capitol Nashville 1 5 JUSTIN MOORE With A Woman You Love Valory 1 6 DYLAN SCOTT New Truck Curb 1 7 CONNER SMITH Learn From It Valory 1 8 CHRIS JANSON Bye Mom Warner/WAR 1 9 CHASE RICE If I Were Rock & Roll Dack Janiels/Broken Bow 1 FYI: Besides Scotty, on Mon. new singles from Justin Moore, Chase Rice, Cody Johnson, & now Miranda Lambert (just announced) will be going for adds.
  9. On All Access, there is a write-up of the single. Here's what is written: Scotty McCreery "Damn Strait" A straight-up homage to King George comes cleverly packaged as a breakup song in Scotty McCreery’s new single, “Damn Strait.” The very first line is a George Strait song title, “Nobody In His Right Mind Would’ve Left Her,” and the lyrics go on to weave four more Strait songs into the narrative (“Marina del Rey,” “Baby Blue,” “Blue Clear Sky” and “Give It Away”). The song’s narrator details all the ways Strait’s music was integral to a now failed romance, then gently lashes out at his musical hero in the chorus, singing, “Damn Strait, I used to love your songs / But now every time that one comes on / My heart gets broke in half / But do I wish I could get her back? / Damn Strait.” Written by Trent Tomlinson and Jim Collins, the song comes on the heels of McCreery’s fourth consecutive #1 hit, and has all the makings of a fifth. “Every now and then you hear a song that sounds so much like you,” said McCreery, who recalls a show with Strait, Reba McEntire and Lee Ann Womack as not only the first Country concert he ever attended, but the one that inspired him to pursue a Country music career. “I grew up as a huge George Strait fan, and when I heard this song, I raised my hand to say, ‘I want this one.’ Every Country fan has a George Strait story, and everyone has a memory attached to their favorite songs.” Damn Strait they do! Impacting: Monday, October, 18th By: Phyllis Stark
  10. Also, I wouldn't necessarily worry about Scotty having the most adds on the 1st week of add date. Of course, that would be great if he is the most added! But I don't think any of his #1 single's were most added on the 1st week. Deb, can tell me if I'm wrong. Of course, there needs to be a significant #. I think Scotty's usually had 20+ adds on add day & usually Top 3 most added. Like Deb has said, it's not how you start, but how you finish.
  11. Keep in mind that Cody's single has already charted on Billboard Country Airplay at #59 despite it not officially going for adds until next week. Radio had the song several weeks ago & already started playing it. Also, he just released an album last week that's still #1 on iTunes country & all-genre. The current single is Top 10 on iTunes country. All those factors likely only help the single, adds next week, & him as an artist so I'm not surprised he's already received a significant # of adds.
  12. Not necessarily. For example, Jimmie Allen's current single "Freedom Was A Highway" is credited as Jimmie & Brad. The song fits Jimmie's style & he's credited first. Brad brings his own sound to the song. IMO a reason the song works is because both of them brought their own sound to it & didn't try to change their style to fit the other. That's what I think Chris & Scotty both did.
  13. In general, when there is a collaboration the first artist named usually has a bigger part than the others. Since Chris is named first, it didn't surprise me that the song is more his style. However, IMO this blended both of their own styles more than I thought it would. I assume that they wanted 2 different style artists to mesh their different sounds & I think the song succeeded in doing that. FYI: This is currently #23 on iTunes Country & #78 on iTunes all-genre.
  14. The first Hixtape he asked the featured artists. I don't think it's known if he or someone else arranged the collaborations.
  15. I don't know how the collaborations were chosen. I assume since HARDY is the artist he chose who he collaborated with & also who was put with who. It might not have anything to do with Scotty is friends with Chris because he's also friends with Chase Rice, Jimmie Allen, etc. who are also featured artists on the album. If it was HARDY's choice, I would assume a factor is he fits with the other artists such as with sound, subject, etc. I think based on the title the song is about small town living which is a subject Chris Lane does & so does Scotty.
  16. I know Scotty's friends with Chris Lane, but I don't really like his voice. I was hoping for a collaboration with someone else. Possibly Lee Brice, David Lee Murphy, or even new artist Lainey Wilson who are all known artists collaborating with HARDY on the album. I could have seen these artists fit with Scotty.
  17. HDD final estimates on Fri. had Daughtry at 13,293 total consumption.
  18. Walker Hayes has been around awhile. "You Broke Up With Me" was a Top 10 hit on country radio back in 2017. His current single "Fancy Like" blew up from TikTok where he was singing & dancing with his family. It has consistently been in the Top 10 on iTunes all-genre charts for many months. His sales/streaming has been very good for the song & it's been consistent which IMO has led to a fast climb up the charts. It also led to a sponsorship & nationwide commercial featuring the song from Applebee's (the song mentions the company). Also, it led to a collaboration with pop artist Ke$ha who's most famous song is named "Tik Tok" so it makes sense to use an artist who's most famous song is named after the main reason why Walker's song blew up. IMO he's always been country pop/rap similar to Sam Hunt. Several songs currently in the Top 25 have blown up due to TikTok such as singles from Walker Hayes, Elvie Shane, Priscilla Block, etc. Priscilla actually got a record deal due to her song blowing up on TikTok & it's actually a more frequent occurrence to get a record deal from TikTok. It makes sense. If a song is getting buzz, streams, & sales a record label will usually take notice. TikTok is a good way to get more buzz & the main audience for it usually does lead to more buzz, streams, etc. for artists. You don't have to dance (popular misconception) either to gain a lot of followers & buzz. George Strait has a million+ followers & many times he just interacts with fans such as singing, asking questions to fans, etc. George is one of about 5 country artists who consistently are on all-genre streaming charts. The other 4 artists are current country pop such as Luke Bryan, Kane Brown, etc.
  19. All Access lists the impact or add date for "Damn Strait" on 10/18.
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