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    My name is Kara I'm 39 years
    old I Was Born In Muskogee Oklahoma I Graduated From High School In 2002!!! I Was Born Dead I Was Born With A Weak Muscle In My Throat I Used To Has Asma But Jesus Healed Me Of It I Was Born Wtih Turner Syndrome It's A Genetic Disorder My Nickname Is CareBear I've Seen Carrie Underwood In Concert 7 Times!!! I've Never Met Her Though. I like Carrie Underwood I like Kelly Clarkson I like Danny Gokey I like Colton Dixon I like Alisan Porter Mary Sarah I like Brennley Brown Ilike Lauren Duski I like Mandy Harvey I like Darci Lynne I I Like Chevel Shepherd I Like Maelyn Jarmon I like Marybeth Byrd I like Laine Hardy I like Laci Kaye Booth I Like Lauren Mascitti I Like Grace Leer I like Maddie Poppe I like Caleb Lee Hutchinson I like Gabby Barrett I like Grace Kinstler I like Madison Watkins
    I like Adele I like Ariana Grande I like The Swon Brothers <br />I like Michael Jackson I Like Country Music I Like Some Pop Rock Music I Like Some Pop Music I Like Some Christan Music I Like Alott Of Favorite Singes And Bands I Like Bethany Hamilton I Like Anna Sophia Robb I Like Soul Surfer I Like Watching Allot Of My Favorite Movies And TV Shows I Love Reading All Different Kinds Of Books And Magazines

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