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  1. 090. Kristy Lee Cook - "One gifted with more than ordinary spiritual and moral insight": i think it has to do with the KLC prophecy.. damn one of the funniest threads on idolforums. and it all started with a horse.. still i was mad at her that she lasted one week more than michael johns. 089. Sonika Vaid - This finalist's run went into the grave not too long after being born: i think you wrote it perfectly. she had 1 good performance before sliding back. i would have rated her lower. definitely not the top 100. 088. Melissa McGhee - No plane tickets needed to be booked for at least a week 087. Jessica Sierra - The other country blonde: jessica and carrie were both blond country singers on the same season. that was when simon mentioned the likeability factor.. still jessica was edgier. and was sad when i heard about her. 086. Blake Lewis - Buff Love, Doug E. Fresh... never cared much for season 6. beats me how this season had the highest ratings.
  2. 095. Chikezie - Tangerine suit : i think he actually wore one during a performance... his fashion sense was more discussed than his singing.. no arguments from me. 094. Nikki McKibbin - Had an offspring audition for Idol : her son auditioned during one of the last seasons on fox. i don't think he went far. still nikki is one of my favs from season 1 along with tamyra and kelly. they should have made the top 3. it is sad neither she nor tamyra had a successful music career. 093. Tyanna Jones - "You don't know a thing about her..." : just by default of what is left.. i guess the hint has to do with one of her songs.. don't remember much of her or cared to look. 092. James Durbin - Burning piano: for some reason i don't remember a burning piano except for the fire screens during one of his songs.. he was my second fav after paul left and loved his song choices but he never seemed genuine as a rocker for me. all the hard rock attitude always seemed like he was trying too hard. i liked his first solo album which showed his melodic side and i agree that some of his best performances were when he went soft and didn't try too hard to compete with adam. still he was always ridiculed as fake in the metal community. they never took him seriously as a metalhead. i stopped following him when he joined that awful "metal" band. 091. Jessica Sanchez - An IDF darling...: wasn't a fan of her during idol. good singer but very boring on stage. yet not as boring as pia toscano boring..
  3. thank you for answering that. pretty much my thoughts exactly.
  4. finally I have managed to get one hint correct! yey!! no complains about the set. pretty much agree about most of it. still i would have rated some contestants higher like casey james and dalton rapattoni. and even gabby barrett. they should be in the top 100. here is a small poll for you: which season was screwed more, season 15 or season 18?
  5. I actually agree with you about alejandro. he wasn't as good as the show was trying to make him nor he is that special or revolutionary outside the idol bubble. his audition was hyped so much that it left very underwhelmed. his voice is weak and poor diction and i found it hard on many occasions to understand what he was singing. i did tried to listen to his originals and didn't find anything revolutionary or special in it. i would have rate him even lower. "The wind is howling like this swirling storm inside, couldn't keep it in, heaven knows I've tried..." - lyrics of let it go.. sonika vaid .. she had a wind machine during that performance.. Here's to a speedy recovery! Team Adam, though this finalist wasn't around long - Bagpipes - lee dewyze had bagpipes on during beatles week and was so bad they made fun of it. one of my least fav contestants. should be even lower than this. "I sang what I was supposed to sang!"
  6. why are you targeting all my fav contestants!? what have I done to you? dalton doesn't deserve to be that low. loved all his performances and the way he rearranged his songs. he's also a very good songwriter which was never mentioned on the show. just go find some of his originals like hercules, somewhere in america, open book, clockwork, holy man, stop.. Nuts of Wonder Sang the same song as the winner and runner up on different nights A swan song that sadly described the situation perfectly - if it is allison and cry baby I am coming to get you!!! Rick Ankiel It's time...
  7. Album Release Livestream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4VTTBf5KlIg&feature=emb_title
  8. I kind of knew the hint about casey but was afraid to say it as he is still one of my fav contestants. and i don't think he should be that low. loved his performances minus a few like both his top 3 and lowdy miss clowdy. still he is one of the best guitar players on the show who actually PLAYED the guitar unlike many others who faked it and just strum half a chord. and if you ask me he still managed to get a (sort of) successful music career after idol. at least he manages to make a living from playing music. his second album is pretty good! now for the clues: Those darn stairs! - someone who fell down the stairs.. could be number of them. lauren alaina, is the most memorable as that fall was classic. and her reaction was the best. No second chance for you! - either caleb or candice or laine who came and won the second time around.. unless the hint is something completely different.. Lois Lane The OC, The Vampire Diaries, Zoey 101 - lisa tucker (season 5) who appeared on all 3 shows Member of a boyband prior to Idol - I have a bad feeling this is dalton rapattoni who was a member of IM5 before idol..
  9. Paul Mcdonald was one of my fav contestants and love his original music. but during idol he seemed that he doesn't really belong there and just "accidently" ended himself there.. he always looked like a fish outside the water on the idol stage. I can understand that his stage antics and vocals is an acquired taste. love or hate thing. it didn't seem he took the competition that seriously and coasted along until he was voted off. but at least he lasted longer than pia..
  10. Is it just me or that the song “got me” sounds suspiciously similar to this song? Here is gabby’s song: Please listen to both songs before you answer.
  11. I will try again even if my guesses were very off the last time.. but I am glad it wasn't hollie the last set as she was my fav that season.. Was in a Nickelodeon show - I know todrick hall had a show on that channel but can't remember much of him from idol. i think he was only semi finalist so probably NOT him. Ballads are boring! - please let it be true and put pia toscano here. Remember her as a dreamer - there was a girl who did two songs with those title that jennifer lopez was obsessed with in one of the last seasons on fox.. Oh Candy and Ronnie, have you seen them yet - agree with the other guesses someone who did benny and the jets.. Some advantage that was... -
  12. I actually agree with those rankings. so far season 7 has the least lowest placed. not a surprise. let me try again with your clues: Wanted to be the male Taylor Swift - Was the recipient of one of Simon's most memorable critiques - is it the ginger kid in season 3 that made simon give the analogy of ice cream and onion? damn it was the funniest comment of simon. Family man - the big black dude in season 9. michael lynch something. Big voice in a tiny body - holly cavanagh.. May have been the inspiration behind the creation of a certain website -
  13. here it is the full video. Dillon's set start at 1:05:32 approximately. he did 3 songs: Gunsmoke, Tierra Dulce and full version of times they are a changin'.
  14. Dillon posted the short acoustic set on his instagram. apparently it was part of a virtual event some local business had that he was part of. still he sounded really good. and the video answered a long time question idol fans been asking about the equipment they received. at least he's putting it for good use!!
  15. if you all stay on alert at Dillon's social media, he hinted on a live acoustic show. he posted a snippet of gunsmoke.
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