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  1. this is a full version of the song he did this week.
  2. Daniel Craig is my favorite to play bond after Sean Connery. my top 5 bond themes: 1. you know my name - chris cornell (casino royale) 2. goldeneye - tina turner (goldeneye) 3. live and let die - paul mccartney (live and let die) 4. skyfall - adelle (skyfall) 5. goldfinger - shirley bassey (goldfinger) honorary mention to the instrumental main title theme..
  3. Good Omens is really good. with a wonderful double act of Michael Sheen and David Tennant as the main characters. based on the book by Terry Prachet and Neil Gaiman who also wrote and produced it.
  4. The new movie and the 25th in the longtime series is going to be Daniel Craig's last as Bond. Coming out on April 9th!!
  5. glad my favorite discussion thread is back and alive! :) still trying to get used for the changes and the format. and still checking on Dalton once in a while.. it does seem he is writing/recording something according to his recent instagram posts. there are a lot of videos on you tube of trent performing live from the last few months though. his band sounds really good!!
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