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  1. John Lindahl Fan Thread
  2. I need to get Carrie's signed book! Sold out online, hopefully I can get a signed one in stores. I was lucky to get a signed Jessica Simpson book.
  3. Creepy? More like the forum is just updated and has what every other forum has now.
  4. Gabby doing incredible Another Idol that should have won but will be bigger than the winner
  5. omg I love them! I love Margie Both are so good!
  6. This episode didn't make me *love* anyone, but I was impressed with quite a few voices.
  7. They were so nasty to Nick (well mostly Lionel tbh) and not to the ones who actually have attitude
  8. Nope. Nick hasn't acted in years, he actually left because of a family issue and couldn't travel.
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