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  1. I'm so excited! I'm going to get a handwritten lyric sheet from Louis, I'm going to ask for one of my favorite songs of his
  2. I pre-ordered a signed copy of her album! I'm so excited!!
  3. We need new judges and we don't need Bobby Bones. Keep Ryan of course! Also please less auditions!! Hollywood Week is good, and I love more live shows. Also please don't bring the show back until this pandemic is over because I won't sit through another at home mess
  4. New rule should be that if you can't keep the threads updated, don't make them! Add me! Same people make threads for literally EVERYONE every season, but then aren't even real fans. Annoying.
  5. I'm really sad I love Louis! I'm rooting for a Just Sam and Francisco Top 2 and I'd be happy with either one winning, but think a Francisco win would be cool.
  6. Come through, Louis, Francisco and Sam, please!
  7. I find it really rude that you put his real name on this thread? He clearly wants to go by Arthur Gunn for his career, you should respect that.
  8. I voted every way possible, and also used my moms phone to get in votes!
  9. SHE DID AMAZING!! I hope everyones voting!
  10. She was INCREDIBLE! Hands down my favorite girl!!
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