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  1. It's always good to watch this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uBAGI7zJHaI&ab_channel=LettingGo
  2. I'm so sad how they are handling his career. I hope he releases his album soon and they do it better than they did Maddie's release since country fans buy records. Maddie's only got a digital release other than at her shows I heard.
  3. I love the new look! I can see my signature and others.
  4. What store is that?? Anyone have a link? I kinda want a Ryan shirt! haha.
  5. Unfortunately he's not going anywhere near me. I'll have to wait until he is able to do a real tour after COVID!
  6. Louis is going on a tour! Dates subject to change.Oct 13th – Harrisburg, PAOct 13th – Washington, PAOct 14th – Columbus, OHOct 14th – Fort Wayne, INOct 15th – Rochester, INOct 15th – Indianapolis, INOct 15th – Effingham, ILOct 16th – St. Louis, MOOct 16th – Jefferson City, MOOct 17th – Kansas City, KSOct 17th – Topeka, KSOct 17th – Hays, KSOct 18th – Denver, COOct 18th – Vail, COOct 18th – Grand Junction, COOct 19th – Provo, UTOct 19th – Salt Lake City, UTOct 20th – Reno/Tahoe, NVOct 21st – Sacramento, CAOct 22nd – San Francisco, CAOct 24th – Phoenix, AZOct 25th – Albuquerque
  7. As usual, he has nothing else to do but live off Gabby's career
  8. Congrats to Gabby, but we'll see how this changes her career. She is still a new artist starting out and already pregnant.
  9. Kady Malloy no longer does music anymore Sarah Burgess has completely stopped music. She did release 2 albums and had a Top 40 single with "Dangerouz" in 2008. She had a kid and stopped doing music. I think she's a stay at home mom now. Carly Smithson also appears to have completely ditched the industry
  10. Aaron Kelly appears to have stopped doing music which is unfortunate because he really seemed like he was going to go places. His album never got released and he never got a label. He performs once in a while but not much at all, and he literally never intreacts with fans or posts youtube videos or anything. He's basically vanished.
  11. Tim Urban has a normal job obviously because he's not a big star, but he still does music on YouTube and on Instagram. He's not completely stopped like some of them.
  12. I actually LOVE the new name! The Chicks is so good. Also the fact they dropped Dixie is good because it doesn't sound AS country anymore and I know Natalie is over the country genre and crowd these days after all that happened to them. Not much longer for the album! I hope they actually don't have to push the album back now because of the name change, though. I pre-ordered on Amazon.
  13. I have been asking for a Carrie Underwood Christmas album for YEARS! I love her voice so much, and Do You Hear What I Hear? is one of my favorites. Her voice is just beautiful. I'm so excited.
  14. I really hope the virus is gone and everything by the time filming starts because I will NOT sit through another boring "at home" season.
  15. I'm so excited! I'm going to get a handwritten lyric sheet from Louis, I'm going to ask for one of my favorite songs of his
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