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  1. I liked both but Paula was better. I think I prefer Katy.
  2. I will be voting for Beane and Casey also!
  3. Probably Alana because she got zero airtime, which sucks because I like her. I voted for her. Also Cecil, DeShawn, Andrea
  4. It's sad Kelly didn't say anything, but I've been around toxic people in my life as well and can understand. RIP to Nikki!
  5. I'm sure Kelly has a social media manager as well, but I do know she does also post on her socials herself especially Twitter.
  6. Beane is so cute, I love him!
  7. He has a nice voice and I like him. He needs more star quality because something is missing, but I look forward to what he does.
  8. Dalton had star quality, I don't see it with Benson but maybe over time I will.
  9. I didn't watch Season 1. I actually saw of Nikki from Idol sites (and IDF) and watched her on Celebrity Rehab and really liked her. She had a good personality and she had a lot of talent. It's so sad she is gone, RIP Nikki.
  10. It's always good to watch this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uBAGI7zJHaI&ab_channel=LettingGo
  11. I'm so sad how they are handling his career. I hope he releases his album soon and they do it better than they did Maddie's release since country fans buy records. Maddie's only got a digital release other than at her shows I heard.
  12. I love the new look! I can see my signature and others.
  13. What store is that?? Anyone have a link? I kinda want a Ryan shirt! haha.
  14. Unfortunately he's not going anywhere near me. I'll have to wait until he is able to do a real tour after COVID!
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