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  1. Nope. Nick hasn't acted in years, he actually left because of a family issue and couldn't travel.
  2. These are so beautiful! I'm going to be using the Nick one
  3. I don't know. I didn't think he had a bad attitude, if they had not said anything I wouldn't have thought he was cocky or anything. He seemed fun and I like him a lot. So I vote no! He has always been known to be a nice guy.
  4. Yeah, Lionel is not a good judge. I liked J.Lo as a judge, though.
  5. It seemed really staged to me, knowing how Nick usually is. I wonder if they told him to act a certain way. You can never trust show producers. Literally watch his old audition and this one and it couldn't be more different.
  6. I worry now that he won't get votes because he will be the hated one this season
  7. OK, so I didn't think he was very "cocky"? But he definitely was acting way different than he did during his audition last year. I've followed Nick's career for years and how he acted at his last audition was how he's always been and super down to earth. Weird. But he sounded great.
  8. That was so nasty. Nick has always been such a nice guy, I don't get this.
  9. Go ask his management team But you're just a hater, so keep being pressed lmao. Meanwhile Alejandro's album tanked..
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