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  1. I don't think the Billboard Music Awards are on ABC - isn't that NBC?
  2. I was happy to see that we are getting a results show on Mondays this season. My question is how will they fill those shows? With Covid protocols, do you expect to see many "guest performers" and their bands and their dancers as usual. That is REALLY risky to have all of those people on the set each week unless Lionel, Luke and Katy will continue to perform week after week. I am hoping for Duets/Trios and an instant save (not a judges save) each week!
  3. Thank you! Do you know how they usually divide up the tapings. 6 at the first and 6 at the second? When do they usually do the 4-way?
  4. Oh I was wondering how you knew that the time for the Knockouts was moved earlier then. And how you know the songs so quickly usually.
  5. Anyone have a promo code or tips to get into the Virtual audience for The Voice?
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