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  1. LOL who cares, its not the job of the judges to do things for the winners. And obviously the Voice judges aren't finding success with their alumni. Chevel who? And whatever happened to Maelyn? Who was the last winner to actually release an album?
  2. I personally don't count Tori Kelly or Lauren Daigle (Or Todrick Hall) as Idol success stories. None were famous because of Idol. Same with Morgan Wallen for The Voice. I would also say the same about Daniel Seavey.
  3. Morgan Wallen isn't even famous because of being on The Voice. The Voice had nothing to do with his success. He got signed years after appearing on that show. I bet the average Voice viewer wouldn't even remember him from that show.
  4. Nobody cares about The Voice anymore. And who cares what the "coaches" do with them after the show, obviously they didn't make them into success stories. The Voice and ABC Idol have had very similar ratings, and the Idol finale had higher ratings than The Voice finale last year. And Idol has been beating them off and on. Ouch, The Voice had multiple episodes below 1.0 last season...and they premiered the same as Idol at a 1.2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Voice_(American_season_19)#Ratings
  5. Actually, the ratings between the two shows have been very similar the past few seasons. Idol beat The Voice a few times over the past few years, including a few of the finales. The Idol finale in 2020 got a 1.0 in the demo and the Voice got a 0.9. Like I said, very similar, but the Voice doesn't always beat it.
  6. I know her, we grew up in the same town. Its been at least 6 years since I have actually seen her though. She has a potential "sob story" so it will be interesting to see if they actually talk about this. Our families know each other very well. Kinda surreal to see her on here with a fan thread just because I know her. My sister used to be good friends with her so she was always over at our house.
  7. Samuel Larsen was on Season 9 and has been on a few shows and movies such as Glee, along with the "After" movies on Netflix. .https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samuel_Larsen
  8. Adam Lambert mentored in Season 9 after being off the show for not even a year. He hadn’t been established yet. So if anything Scotty can give the perspective of a former idol contestant and someone who has been in their shoes.
  9. One I missed: Brittany Kerr (Season 11): Married to Jason Aldean, now known as “Brittany Aldean.” She has a huge social media following.
  10. Who are contestants who were cut before the live shows/voting rounds that ended up being successful? Here are some I can think of Tori Kelly (Season 9): Cut at the green mile. Has done well in pop music. Lauren Daigle (Seasons 9 and 11): Cut at the green mile in Season 9 and Vegas rounds in Season 11. Is a huge Christian music star and has won Grammy awards. Was even an idol mentor and sang with the recent Idol winner "Just Sam" for the finale. Jimmie Allen (Season 10): Cut in the green mile in Season 10. Both of his singles so far have reached #
  11. 10 was my favorite, but 11 is probably the strongest overall. But it’s telling that most of the top 11 from Season 10 got signed to a label. I think Out of the top 11 just Jacob, Thia, and Paul didn’t get signed. There was a lot of star power from that season. In 11 I feel like the only real weak link was HeeJun and even he had his moments. Everybody else in the top 10, you could think of an argument of why they should win. I wish we had more people get signed from this season.
  12. You bring up a good point. I think as far as final 2’s go, these two are the most successful in terms of still being relevant today. Some will argue Ruben and Clay were more successful, but those two really aren’t doing much these days, and haven’t been relevant for at least the last 10 or so years (besides Clay running for Congress and losing). But really, I can’t think of another final 2 where both of them are still relevant today like these two. I guess it helped that they were young on the show and are only in their 20s now- the age where most music careers barely begin to take off, at lea
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