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  1. Who are contestants who were cut before the live shows/voting rounds that ended up being successful? Here are some I can think of Tori Kelly (Season 9): Cut at the green mile. Has done well in pop music. Lauren Daigle (Seasons 9 and 11): Cut at the green mile in Season 9 and Vegas rounds in Season 11. Is a huge Christian music star and has won Grammy awards. Was even an idol mentor and sang with the recent Idol winner "Just Sam" for the finale. Jimmie Allen (Season 10): Cut in the green mile in Season 10. Both of his singles so far have reached #
  2. 10 was my favorite, but 11 is probably the strongest overall. But it’s telling that most of the top 11 from Season 10 got signed to a label. I think Out of the top 11 just Jacob, Thia, and Paul didn’t get signed. There was a lot of star power from that season. In 11 I feel like the only real weak link was HeeJun and even he had his moments. Everybody else in the top 10, you could think of an argument of why they should win. I wish we had more people get signed from this season.
  3. You bring up a good point. I think as far as final 2’s go, these two are the most successful in terms of still being relevant today. Some will argue Ruben and Clay were more successful, but those two really aren’t doing much these days, and haven’t been relevant for at least the last 10 or so years (besides Clay running for Congress and losing). But really, I can’t think of another final 2 where both of them are still relevant today like these two. I guess it helped that they were young on the show and are only in their 20s now- the age where most music careers barely begin to take off, at lea
  4. The country kids! Unpopular opinion but they were my favorite final 2- not necessarily the best compared to other final 2’s but I as a country fan it was fun to have a country finale. Does anybody else think they had something going on? Watch this video and judge for yourself:
  5. https://musicrow.com/2020/09/laci-kaye-booth-signs-with-bmlg-records-and-19-recordings/ It was mentioned during the finale in May but now it’s official! Nice to see some ABC idols getting signed.
  6. I'm a little late in the seasons ranking responses, but here we go: Honorable Mention: Season 18- I too felt bad for the contestants who were looking forward to performing on the big stage. Regardless, the show made the best of the situation. It wouldn't have benefited anyone to wait until next year or outright cancel the season, screwing the contestants over. Still, its sad these contestants didn't get a proper season. I think a lot of them would had shined on the big stage. 017. Season 12- The way the show was run this season was atrocious, its no wonder Nigel got fir
  7. I'm late to the party, but I figured I would respond. I have read these and find myself wanting to say what's on my mind, so here we go! 014. Nicki Minaj- I thought she had some critiques that were spot on, and sometimes she made me laugh, but I agree that she was very unprofessional. 013. Ellen DeGeneres- I liked her fine at the time, but looking back and watching videos, she was totally out of her element. She never gave any good feedback besides "You have a great voice" or "I thought you were great." It was also bizarre when she told Andrew Garcia his "Gimme Shelter"
  8. Oh yeah, I forgot about Effie. She was definitely robbed also. And Lauren from this year was good.
  9. Who were the most robbed semi-finalists from each season? Those who you felt should had been in the top 12/13/etc. I'm going to do mine by season Season 1: None Season 2: None Season 3: Lisa Leuschner Season 4: None Season 5: Ayla Brown Season 6: Sabrina Sloan Season 7: Alexandrea Lushington, Alaina Whitaker Season 8: Mishavonna Henson, Ricky Braddy, Felicia Barton Season 9: Lilly Scott, Alex Lambert Season 10: Lauren Turner Season 11: None Season 12: None Season 13: Brandy Neely (Not even getting to sing was BS)
  10. I’m not a stan or anything, but Candice Glover should be bigger than she is. She really has an incredible voice.
  11. If each "epoch" of American Idol were a single season, which finalists would be in your cast? Try to make it a top 12 or 13, but 10 is okay too. And try to make it diverse and not just necessarily your favorites. There are people I'm not too wild about that I will include for the sake of diversity. And try to make it as realistic as possible (i.e. don't make your whole top 12 all female. There can be some gender imbalance if it makes sense). Epoch 1 (Seasons 1, 2, 3)- Big Voice/Diva Era Epoch 2 (Seasons 4, 5, 6)- Peak Years Epoch 3 (Seasons 7, 8, 9)- WGWG/"Artistry" Era
  12. I was just watching back some Season 8 clips and saw Tatiana Del Toro. Was she for real? Was she really bats**t crazy or was it an act? She almost strikes me as being an actress. That would be something if she was actually just trolling the whole time and is actually somewhat normal. I saw that in her semi finals performance she was somewhat normal, then for her wildcard song went back to being cray cray. You would think the contestants have to pass some kind of psychiatric test to be on the show? What do you think? Was it all an act, or is that what she is really like?
  13. Just ignore him/her, she/he has been trashing the show the whole season. While praising The Voice. Saying Idol had bad ratings while the Voice's were amazing (Even though Idol beat the Voice last week). Verging on a troll TBH.
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