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  1. Just ignore him/her, she/he has been trashing the show the whole season. While praising The Voice. Saying Idol had bad ratings while the Voice's were amazing (Even though Idol beat the Voice last week). Verging on a troll TBH.
  2. Meh, I don't think you would be a big loss. And you are bitter that Idol beat The Voice last week, after you trashed the ratings earlier in the season.
  3. I think this season would had been better managed if it weren't for the pandemic.
  4. Scotty McCreery Carrie Underwood Laine Hardy Kelly Clarkson Jordin Sparks Maddie Poppe Kris Allen Phillip Phillips Just Sam Trent Harmon David Cook Candice Glover Fantasia Barrino Nick Fradiani Lee Dewyze Ruben Studdard Caleb Johnson Taylor Hicks
  5. AI premiered last week with a 1.5. The Voice premiered this week with a 1.5. The 1.4 is NOT AI’s premiere rating. This week was not AI’s premiere but their premieres tied. It’s not rocket science.
  6. You are starting to look like a troll by spamming every idol thread and saying “the voice is better so there!” And you are doing the same thing in the voice threads. Nobody is forcing you to watch. And The Voice and Idol both premiered to the same ratings. Whose laughing now?
  7. Read MJ's for more details... https://www.mjsbigblog.com/american-idol-maddie-poppe-angry-at-cade-foehner-gabby-barrett-brag.htm TLDR: Cade said his wife Gabby will be the most successful Idol ever due to her quick climbing single. Maddie got upset about it saying its a diss to his fellow S16 contestants. Gabby's Dad chimes in and calls Maddie and her fans "Snowflakes." All hell breaks loose...
  8. This is for the streaming service.
  9. Surprised there hasn't been a thread for it yet (Unless I am blind and didn't see it). What have you been watching? Any old school movies/tv shows that you are getting hooked on all over again? I watched The Madalorion and 10/10 would recommend. Baby Yoda
  10. So excited for this! I'm excited to see Romber, Wendel, Parvati, Sandra, Ethan, Sarah, and practically everybody.
  11. Some of the older contestants struggled after the show too. I also think David Archuleta held himself together better than say, Brooke White, who was often on the verge of a nervous breakdown.
  12. Plus Scotty McCreery, Jessica Sanchez, Jena Irene, and Gabby Barrett- all made the finales for their seasons.
  13. They've been lacking on the black churchy divas since the reboot started. Hopefully they get more of those this season. People like La'Porsha, Candice, Melinda, Fantasia, etc. People who are almost guaranteed to kill it every week with their big vocals.
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