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  1. Good lists...I have a few more that I left out (that hasn't been listed here yet): Megan Joy - Turn Your Lights Down Low Jasmine Trias - Its Raining Men Lacey Brown - Landslide
  2. I didn’t think it was even the worst of the night - David Archuleta’s ‘We Can Work It Out’ was worse.
  3. I might be miscounting, but Caleb never played guitar.
  4. I feel like if we included semi finalists that would be too easy. What would you say were the worst idol performances ever? Mine: Paige Miles - Against All Odds Tim Urban - Apologize Lazaro Arbos - (They Long To Be) Close To You Camile Velasco - Goodbye Yellowbrick Road Sanjaya Malakar - Bathwater John Stevens - Crocodile Rock Daniel Seavey - Breakaway
  5. Who did you hate/dislike on the show, but ended up liking afterwards? For me, I wouldn't say I hated Phillip Phillips, but I remember not wanting him to win. But I enjoyed his music after the show and he put out some catchy music. In hindsight now I think he deserved his win-something I didn't think at the time (but to be fair you can think of an argument for win for any of the top 7 that year). I don't "stan" him or anything, but I would attend his concert if given the opportunity.
  6. Lauren Alaina and Jessica Sanchez were also 16.
  7. I wonder if this could mean Chris Young is rescheduling his tour that was cancelled last year and that is why there is a scheduling conflict. With all the tours/concerts with various artists being announced over the past few weeks, I hope Scotty is on some kind of full tour this summer.
  8. This may not age well after tonight, but if Grace wins, the first 4 season winners would be comparable to the first 4 of Fox Idol. Here is why: Season 1: Kelly/Maddie: The girl next door, consistent throughout the competition, not as pimped in the early rounds but becomes the obvious frontrunner later. Both 20 when they won. Season 2: Ruben/Laine: Yeah this one is probably stretching it because these two could not be more different. I guess the big similarities is they were the first male winners of their respective networks and the first all male F2s. Their respective runner-ups (Clay/Alejandro) had hardcore fans, and were seen as “robbed.” Season 3: Fantasia/Just Sam: “Rags to riches” type R&B singer. Both had the inspiring story with the big ol’ voice. Season 4: Carrie/Grace????: Remains to be seen, but if she wins I think she could be somewhat compared to Carrie. Different genres, but both blonde girls with powerful voices. Also both with the “girl next door” vibe. What do you think? Don’t be too mean.
  9. I feel like the twist was planned around him. They knew since he was runner up that he would get a lot of votes.
  10. Do you think TPTB were hoping Arthur would be some kind of a “comeback story” where he returns and wins the whole thing? Would had been unfair to the current contestants. If that’s what they wanted, it’s fun to see their plan backfired.
  11. Maybe Hollie Cavanaugh would audition again.
  12. LOL who cares, its not the job of the judges to do things for the winners. And obviously the Voice judges aren't finding success with their alumni. Chevel who? And whatever happened to Maelyn? Who was the last winner to actually release an album?
  13. I personally don't count Tori Kelly or Lauren Daigle (Or Todrick Hall) as Idol success stories. None were famous because of Idol. Same with Morgan Wallen for The Voice. I would also say the same about Daniel Seavey.
  14. Morgan Wallen isn't even famous because of being on The Voice. The Voice had nothing to do with his success. He got signed years after appearing on that show. I bet the average Voice viewer wouldn't even remember him from that show.
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