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  1. There was a season 7? I thought they just went from Bianca's season to Bob's season...
  2. Chris has time to educate us on Kandy Something but I’m still missing a Mariah write-up...
  3. The way I had to look at the OP in this to make sure I included Kandy Who.
  4. I’m literally drawing a blank.
  5. *Me trying to figure out a way to change the restrictions so someone in this group can bring back Morgan and/or Sonique*
  6. Keep Holding On as my penultimate pick. Lemme figure out my other few.
  7. I can’t wait to see everyone’s novels while my write-ups all essentially consist of “Natalie Maines is a bad ass and here’s why.”
  8. Yeah, and I thought KHO was considered a group performance.
  9. Would you mind switching because I wanted to make this my penultimate pick?
  10. How’s your Scarlet write-up coming?
  11. Gia coming back over Naomi would’ve been the (second) best Drag Race moment ever tbh.
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