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  1. They should’ve either made it a two part film (like ZSJL had it been split in two) or done it as a Disney+ series before making a movie.
  2. The lyric: "And I'm happy for you" Lemon: *holds up four fingers* The lyric: "It was a slap in the face" Lemon: *slaps herself* The song: *gets to the chorus* Lemon: *does a split* Me:
  3. Ilona and BOA should've just been a double ELIM.
  4. With the exception of Lemon doing... whatever that was... in You Oughta Know, I think most CDR lip syncs were strong from both queens.
  5. Yeah, but I think she still lost both lip syncs no matter how good she was in them.
  6. Does everyone forget about the Edward Norton Hulk movie???
  7. Iron Man 3 was good. Iron Man 2 was the bad one.
  8. Yet again the case of "It's this queen's third time in the bottom so as long as the other queen does the minimum, we can save her without issue."
  9. JOEY VAN DER SLOT Joey Van Der Slot is a dancer from the sixth season of the Benelux version of the franchise. He’s the only one left from that season whose name doesn’t have a star on the front page. Most notably, when I googled his name, Google asked if I, instead, meant “Joran Van Der Sloot,” the suspect in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway. That’s morbid. At any rate, Joran placed at the Top 8 in his season on his third time in the bottom. I am told he was initially partnered with Anneke through the semi-finals, so I’m going to assume IDF thinks she carried him into the finals because that’s just how this place works. SAVE: Nick Young
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