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Favorite Team Dan + Shay Artist?


Favorite Team Dan + Shay Artist?  

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  1. 1. Favorite Team Dan + Shay Artist?

    • Justin + Jeremy Garcia
    • Ryan Arghast
    • Karen Waldrup
    • Frank Garcia
    • Madison Curbelo
    • Anya True Moore
    • Ducote Talmage
    • Ryan Coleman
    • AJ Harvey
    • Kyle Schuesler

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1. Ryan Argast



2. A.J. Harvey


Mr. Garcia & Mr. Garcia & Mr. Garcia

3. Justin & Jeremy Garcia

4. Frank Garcia


Like (a lot)

5. Kyle Schuesler

6. Madison Curbelo

7. Anya True 

8. Karen Waldrup

9. Ryan Coleman

Support Your Local Firefighters

10. Ducote Talmage

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The irony is that Dan+Shay represent "country", but there's only 2 true country artists in this lineup (the perky Louisianian Karen Waldrup, and Ducote Talmage). Waldrup kinda reminds of Faith Hill, but her pop underpinnings might undercut frontrunner potential, barring heavy promotion. Talmage has that All-American bad boy look, and further reinforced that by covering Wallen, but again, doesn't scream frontrunner. Both are more pop/mainstream country, than trad country, so again, another thing that might work against them with voters.


Of course, Shay has a ton of churchy R&B underpinnings, Dan was in an emo "Fall Out Boy" band before he escaped to the country, and the duo's brand of "boyfriend country" filled the vacuum of 2000s pop as 2010s pop migrated to hip hop and EDM. So not surprising they have quite a bit of R&B and pop on their teams. That isn't to say that they might steer Kyle, Ryan and AJ towards their brand of pop country.


Pop: Justin+Jeremy, Frank Garcia, Madison Curbelo, Anya True, Kyle Schuesler, Ryan Coleman

Folk: AJ Harvey

Alt Rawk: Ryan Arghast

Mainstream country: Waldrup, Talmage


That's a lot of pop. By the way, between Schuesler (Emblem3's Huntington Beach) and True (Encinitas), that's a lot more SoCal than we're accustomed to on these shows. Did talent scouts really go hard in SoCal this year?


Frontrunners? This is a fairly musically diverse team.


Madison Curbelo has that whole "returnee to 4-chair thing" and she feels like someone Dan+Shay would be happy to promote/coach. I think she's a little too understated in style and doesn't have that arresting a voice/personality to ie, pull a Gina Miles, and there's a chance she'll box herself into Bob Marley/lighthearted reggae/70s pop songs,


AJ Harvey has the look, the style, James Dean meets Elvis meets indigenous. Mid-20s, Dan+Shay again would be happy to promote/coach. If he stays on the folksy, meaningful song path and doesn't throw in pop songs just because it's cool to do so, he seems like someone who might do reasonably well.


Justin+Jeremy are AZN Dan+Shay. Growth arc potential because of the unrefined aspects, bedroom youtube cover stuff. They sure love their British pop - 1D, Sheeran, James Arthur. We always talk about the Pinoy vote, but are they more style than substance? It feels that way.


If it's top four, I'll round this with Waldrup, because they need country, and she's likely Dan+Shay's real meal ticket for conventional votes (because Dan+Shay can't move albums in the states and we don't know their coach equity). 





Ryan Arghast reminds of some combination of Mike Shinoda and Shinsuke Nakamura. The dude really faked the judges with his initial audition, because his Marina City work goes pretty hard. Dude should do a bunch of ironic Bowling For Soup type covers on this show ("Almost", "1985", "Girl All The Bad Guys Want", "Stacy's Mom") and scare the audience. Dan from his emo upbringing should vouch for this dude. He's not really for the Voice, but he would have really fit the music scene in the early 2000s with his style. I'd really like to see him advance and be more true to his music, just to see how the audience would react. Ryan Coleman seems like that generic "country/R&B/pop dude" who does all those, but nothing particularly stands out. 


Anya True=Olivia Rodrigo, if you squint hard enough multiple times over? She seems a tad awkward, and might need more time. Surfland's Schuesler looks like Idol's Laine Hardy, chose a good song that everyone who sings expects to do extremely well in, and he was decent. He's got a Zach Bryan freewheeling style so hipster country pop might be in the cards here. Frank Garcia's mariachi-R&B is an interesting blend as well.


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1. Anya: ok, her audition is the one i have re-watched this the most. I love her tone and she had a very unique and interesting song choice. I'm a fan.  

2. AJ: This was beautiful. The way he connected with the song was magical. It's like the song was made for him. He nailed every second of it.

3. Madison: i liked this a lot too but yeah, Anya is more interesting as an artist so that makes me root more for her. Still, very pretty performance.  

4. Kyle: maybe i'm biased because i love the song but i think he did a great job. He delivered the message of the song really well.  

5. Frank:  Talented vocalist, a little unpolished but has lots of potential. Adele's songs are not an easy task and he still did a great job. 

6. Ryan A.: i liked the raspiness on his tone, even if there was lots of it on the performance.  

7. Karen: i usually love country females but i sure didn't love her. This was average. 

8. Ryan C.: He is very cute but his voice bores me to death. 

9. J&J: nothing special apart from the fact that they are a duo.  

10. Ducote: how this turned a chair?? I hated it.


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55 minutes ago, Gustavo527 said:

1. Anya: ok, her audition is the one i have re-watched this the most. I love her tone and she had a very unique and interesting song choice. I'm a fan.


You might be interested in checking out the studio version she recorded on Spotify. Usually I’m turned off by the vocal mixing of Voice contestant releases but she put out a very lovely recording.

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