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Best Episode 2 Auditioner

Best One  

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  1. 1. Best

    • Abi Carter - What Was I Made For
    • Colescott Rubin - My Peanut Butter Baby
    • Dawson Slade - I Hope You Dance and Somebody Else Will
    • Emmy Russell - Skinny
    • Hailey Mia - Rise
    • Jon Lindsley - Shout Pt 1 and 2
    • Justice Murphy - Summertime
    • KB Richins - Something In the Orange
    • Noah Peters - I Won't Let Go
    • Nya - Wait a Minute
    • Roman Collins - Living for the City
    • Kayko - Time of Your Life
    • Ziggy - Million Reasons

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Hailey was easily the best for me tonight.

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1. Abi Carter - Her tone is everything and everything the judges said about her is spot on and I agree with it. She is going to be a superstar and has what it takes to win the show. My favorite of the night. Her tone is so beautiful and emotional that I was tearing up. I think she's going to be the biggest thing for sure.


2. Hailey Mia - I'm glad to see Hailey again and auditioning for Idol. She is going to have a growth arc and I see her making the finale like she did on The Voice. Such a perfect song choice for her. I am going to be rooting for her all the way. She killed that! Flawless.


3. Nya - I love Nya's voice! She is a superstar with lots of personality that I love. She reminds me of Nutsa, and she is very likable as well. Perfect song choice for her voice and she is a pro. I can see myself voting for her as I want to enjoy her as much as possible. I loved everything about what she did with the song. Her dancing, her pitch, her runs, power, the control and the emotions. Flawless audition. I had to give her a big standing O. 


4. KB Richins - She has a wonderful and beautiful tone. Excellent intonation and phrasing. I loved the rawness in her emotional tone. I loved that she was really passionate without trying to be. Really sweet and she's a beautiful girl too.


5. Roman Collins - His tone is powerful, and he's got a churchy vibe that I love. I loved his song choice and felt like he was taking me to church. His runs were fantastic, and I would love to see him go far. I would love for him to bring more runs even though he was still flawless all the way through. I also loved his pitch. Lots of energy as well and I was dancing along. 


6. Kayko - He has a unique sound that is really beautiful and emotional. His original song is really great and I could see him going far. 


7. Ziggy - Ziggy has a great tone and he showed a great amount of range and emotions into the song. He was putting his whole body into it. He made it his own and his tone is really unique. 


8. Justice Murphy - Justice has a gorgeous voice and she blew the roof off with her audition. Lots of jazzy influences. The only constructive criticism I would give her is that I would like her to add more runs. She didn't add as many runs as Kim Cruse did with the song. 


9. Emmy Russell - She has a really pretty voice and I see a lot of potential. Great songwriter as well and it wasn't perfect. I could see her growing as she progresses. 


10. Noah Peters - He has a solid voice but I wasn't crazy about it and it felt too gimmicky. He's better than Colin at least but I don't see Noah going very far. 


11. Dawson Slade - He has potential but he is not ready yet as he needs to work on his pitch and phrasing. 


12. Colescott Rubin - This was pretty entertaining, but his singing was not good. 


13. Jon Lindsley - This was honestly really bad and it felt like he was screaming in our ears. I would love to see Minivan's reaction to this though. 

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1. Hailey - I knew of her improvement since The Voice 2+ years ago, but this exceeded my expectations. Going forward, I’m expecting consistency from her, and she’ll probably fly under the radar for a while. 

2. Abi - She’s good, but I don’t know how I feel about the heavy pimping. She’s going to be under extra pressure to deliver every round. Also, I need to hear her upper register on a different song. I’m not sure how I feel about it yet. 

3. KB - She has a unique tone. Good song choice. 

For the others, I either wasn’t impressed, or their genre just isn’t my cup of tea. 

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1. Abi Carter


Jeezus, what an audition! Best combination of emotive and skillfully singing so far. Really liked the break in her upper register, head voice is gorgeous, the slight riff variations were nasty. She was doing a lot yet none of it felt rehearsed or overdone.


2. Hailey

I wasn't blown away when I first heard it but I like it the more I listen. Her belting has improved from her Voice days for sure. As Starwalker said (I think?) It's more resonant and full sounding. Just a very well done audition from start to finish. Can't wait to hear her sing ballads, which is her strong suit imo.


3. Kya

She's a powerful belter with some nice runs and a dynamic tone. Her sound seems a bit congested, particularly during the belts, hard to say if it's just her natural sound or not but the only time I didn't like it is when she was doing the talk singing bit.


4. Kb

Love the tone. I felt it, and she added just the right amount of grit. It would be higher, but as Audra said it dragged on too long because of how slow she sang it, more than a step behind. The song is already a ballad, there was no need for it if it was intentional on her part.

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I feel like Emmy is going to do well…she was the second highest number of likes on Facebook last night…but, I never thought she would come out so timid and mousy…I thought she would have acted more experienced…


Abi was obviously the best…Hailey was great too, but I’m not sure how well she do…unless her the Voice fans followed her here…her Facebook likes wasn’t too high last night…I really liked KB as well…



on the other hand, my biggest pet peeve is someone coming in trying to get into the industry and not knowing who the actual artists of songs are…”I’m going to sing Summertime” by Fantasia”…instant no if I was a judge…

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1.  Abi -- they saved the best for last!

2.  Hailey -- what a way to open the show!

3.  Emmy -- she knows how to pack a punch and hopefully she'll go far.

4.  Nya -- she knows how to put on a performance, but Minivan won't like her, sadly.

5. Justice -- while it takes guts to sing a song Fantasia killed, I still wouldn't recommend it.

6.  K.B. -- very good but the other girls were just better.

7.  Roman -- he's going to compete with Odell for the church vote, and Odell's better.

8.  Kayko -- he's pleasant enough but he's borderline fodder.

9.  Abby -- she was very good but the others above her were just better.

10.  Ziggy -- he certainly was interesting, and good enough for Hollywood.

11.  Noah -- good but not good enough for the Top 24.  Or maybe even the Top 57.

12.  Dawson -- I love "I Hope You Dance", but not on him.  His second song was better.

13.  Colescott -- he was also a joke with his unicycle, but he was still entertaining.

14.  Jon -- definite joke audition but at least he had fun.

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  1. Abi - DESTROYED
  2. Hailey - nice mix of tender vocals in the verses and bringing power when it was necessary, I think she sold the song
  3. KB - tone preference on Hailey but I think Hailey was better vocally. Want to hear her on something different or like some other people said a different arrangement
  4. Emmy - good indie girl voice, unpolished but I connected with the song and her style
  5. Justice - had the voice and the attitude, I felt like she threw everything at it though and it might've been more pleasant with not quite as many vocal tricks
  6. Nya - never heard of this song but she has a nice smooth voice, felt like a few runs might've gone off the rails though
  7. Roman - I generally like raspy voices like this but something wasn't working with his tone for me, he got a few nice runs in there
  8. Noah - decent voice but I felt nothing emotionally, I think I liked the Stapleton song better
  9. Kayko - eh? he's cute?
  10. Ziggy - big notes sounded unpleasant and wasn't convinced by the rest either
  11. Abby - hard to stand out with this song and didn't like how her voice sounded in the end
  12. Dawson - I Hope You Dance is an all time fave and he kinda ruined it imo. Lionel was right to vote no, second song was better for his voice but I'm not sure the vocals were really any better
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Ive watched Abi's audition like ten times already.  So freaking good. 


I also really enjoyed Emmy's and KB's audition. Liked Hailey's voice too!  Looks like there pushing for a female win 🙂

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8 hours ago, kenboy1 said:

on the other hand, my biggest pet peeve is someone coming in trying to get into the industry and not knowing who the actual artists of songs are…”I’m going to sing Summertime” by Fantasia”…instant no if I was a judge…


My thought was maybe she knew but wanted to say she was doing Fantasia's version of it? But yeah if not I think that's something you should know about your own audition song

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