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Rank the Playoffs (Blake/Chance)


Rank the Playoffs (Blake/Chance)  

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  1. 1. Favorite Blake Playoff

    • NOIVAS
    • Rachel Christine
    • Grace West
    • Kylee Dayne
    • Mary Kate Connor
  2. 2. Favorite Chance Playoff

    • Kala Banham
    • Jamar Langley
    • Manasseh Samone
    • Ray Uriel
    • Sorelle

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Team Blake


2. Grace West

3. Rachel Christine

4. Mary Kate Connor

5. Kylee Dayne


Team Chance

1. Kala Banham

2. Jamar Langley

3. Sorelle

4. Ray Uriel

5. Manasseh Samone

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1. Grace: she nailed every single second of her performance and did justice to that song. As i said in her fan thread, 'm sure Naomi Judd was smiling at heaven watching her performance 

2. NOIVAS: It took me awhile to get used to the fierceness of his voice on this performance but i ended enjoying it after a while. It was powerful and he clearly gave it all. Excellent job 

3. Rachel: it's hard to even match the original but she overall did a nice job. I particulary enjoyed the high part of the song better, she has some real power there, she just needs to learn how to displayed it. 

4. Mary Kate: Nice performance,.pretty tone, but it was just there for me. It didn't move me, especially when comparing to past performances of that song. She clearly needs more time. 

5. Kylee: sorry, but can't lie, this was pretty terrible, all over the place, and not enjoyable at all, and i really wanted to like it but no. 




1. Kala: every second of that performance, every note, every run, everything was on point. Just perfection. 

2. Jamar: wow, solid performance, not bad at all. He left on a high note, for sure 

3. Sorelle: Most interesting act left in the competition. Loved their energy and their harmonies were good. Great. performance 

4. Ray: solid performance, nothing technically wrong with it, but it didn't move me at all. He is just not for me, sorry. 

5. Manasseh: she picked a very difficult song, and unfortunately the risk didn't pay off. That performance was all over theq place. 

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Blake: Honestly, his team kinda flopped.

  1. NOIVAS: No explanation needed. He was the only one to step it up from the previous rounds.
  2. Rachel: It seemed pretty obvious that Blake was never going to choose Rachel, but she did a really good job given the slightly odd song choice. Her entire run on the show was really impressive and this was a neat swan song for her.
  3. Grace: Love her, but Kelly was right; the song wasn't that interesting. I think that she and Rachel were pretty even this round.
  4. Mary Kate: Probably too big of a song for her. It's also been done better by way too many people on this show. Pitchy and messy. 
  5. Kylee: Sad, because I liked her, but this was a really bad performance.

Chance: Extremely even between them. His team really stepped it up! The top 4 on his team were honestly pretty much even IMO.

  1. Jamar: I'm so sad he got eliminated. Every single one of his performances was so cool.
  2. Sorelle: Solid, unique performance. Chance clearly "gets" them. Excited for them going forward!
  3. Kala: Wasn't my favorite cover of that song, but she did a great job. Really sad she was eliminated, but it wasn't surprising.
  4. Ray: I kinda tuned out this one, but the coaches clearly enjoyed this performance. He's clearly improved since the Blinds.
  5. Manessah: I was really rooting for her! She did good, but unfortunately, I think the rest of Team Chance edged her out.
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I don't get the results. Kala just gave by far the best performance of the season, and she didn't get picked. RIDICULOUS AS DUCK!


Kala and Ray look very promising, the trio sisters are getting boring.

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Team Chance:
1. Kala Banham - My Funny Valentine
2. Sorelle - Something´s Gotta Hold on Me
3. Manasseh Samone - Speak Thy Name
4. Ray Uriel - Essence
5. Jamar Langley - The Thrill is Gone

(Really enjoyed all of them though.)

Team Blake:
1. NOIVAS - Come Together
2. Mary Kate Connor - If I Die Young
3. Rachel Christine - The Only Exception
4. Grace West - Love is Alive
5. Kylee Dayne - Flowers

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