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Great Blinds and Battles but then…


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Ashland Craft is practically the poster child for this.  Excellent Blind and good Battle.  But then, her Knockout came, and every performance after that was either subpar or just plain bad until she was finally, thankfully put out of her misery at the Top 10.

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Jake Wells and Katrina Cain Season 15


Jake Wells gorgeous tone in the blinds, buzzworthy battle, then just bad song choice even though he fits Coldplay type. 


Katrina Cains knockout was just the wrong song, but I also think she had this idea of electropop, but she was so much better at indie.

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5 hours ago, Rodney said:

Marisa, yes.  Kelsie, no.  That Alanis song was not for her.

Kelsie definitely could’ve had a better song choice, but her stage presence conveyed the meaning of the song well and she sang well, at least to my preference. i do think though she lacked the raspiness that Kat brought to the song. 

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