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  1. Landed a ticket for last battle taping....most likely won't see any saves or steals.
  2. I think a lot of people on Team Gwen would've been on Adam's team since they're style and taste in artists are similar. Possible Candidates Jake Haldenvang would've 100% been his team. James Violet seemed like a good fit for him too Possibly Rose since it seemed like she had a strategy going in with choosing someone unexpected Royce Alex Guthrie Mathew Mcqueen Shane Q Max Boyle wouldn't rule out Ricky Duran. He also would've 100% have Katie if this were like Season 5
  3. Thought alot of Kristen Merlins performances were so underrated...being double montaged battle/knockouts..but then she showed everyone why she deserved to be there Loved her blind so much, just so heart felt and puts a smile on my face https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Izb59e-5R-g
  4. Feel like this may have been a discussion before but its always cool to see peoples opinions.... There were always those teams that you saw after blinds that were just stacked beyond compared to other team. Couple Teams that stick out to me. Team Miley Season 13 (Chloe, Addison, Brooke, Janice, Moriah, Ashland, Karly...This team was insane Team Kelly Season 15 (Sandy, Kimberly, Chevel, Sarah Grace, just remember it being stacked) Team Blake Season 18 (Todd, Toniesha carried that team alone, Joanna made it a huge threat when she joined, loved the other To
  5. This show literally eliminates a round every year lol
  6. Yes I feel like we might be sleeping on him. Kinda like how everyone felt with Payge at first.
  7. I feel like he was always popular with big female voices....after Season 11 with the addition of two female coaches..he seemed to lose them
  8. Pia Renee I’m starting to like on team legend https://youtu.be/oMADPGD2zxk This was her idol audition In 2008 and it’s pretty good havimg seen Christine Kane’s blind, I think her and Pia would be likely paring for battles...
  9. Yes hope she does well everyone agreed she had a cool tone
  10. her blind was good...and since there arent alot of female country/singer songwriter girls she has her own lane..... Shes also very Kacey too....
  11. These might not be popular opinions but morepersonal taste Really liking Pia Renee on team John too. Actually remember her audition on Idol and it was really good....then she disappeared in Hollywood Week like that. Like Raine and Lindsay alot tooo Emma Caroline may seem like fodder but did see her audition and loved it. (check out her insta too, her bf is very cute...) Pia and Raine give me Payge vibes...
  12. What are our opinions on Raine Stern..... She's 3 chair turn on Team Nick and kinda reminds of Payge in terms of style, so does Pia Renee
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