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  1. Random thought.....are we sleeping on Brittany Bree (johns 4 chair turn) I went on her insta and she sounds like she could be fantastic....
  2. Julia Cooper and Lauren Frihauf hands down.
  3. So apparently Chavron Rodgers is Aris 4 chair according to a youtube spoiler....... His voice is Stunning btw
  4. Alex Lambert (AI9) Instagram | Ughhh just i got so excited (if he is confirmed)...was devastated when he didnt make it. My teenage soul signed an online petition to force him through to the top 12.
  5. Was at this taping...very strong group. Refreshing song choices for some contestants Christine Cain set the mood with her soulful spin on WS, and Slowburn is one of my favorite songs.
  6. So five days of filming- means 9-10 tapings. Are we getting 12/ per team again?
  7. S12 Team Adam PV: Jesse CS: Lilli WC: Mark Team Alicia PV: Chris CS: Vanessa SC: Steph Team Gwen PV: Hunter CS: Brenley WC: Jchosen/troy Team Blake PV: Lauren CS: Aliyah/Tsoul WC: Tsoul Have no idea who will win the WC
  8. s13 Team Adam PV: Addison CS: Jon Mero WC: Adam Team Blake PV: Chloe CS: Keisha/Red WC: Red Winner Team Miley PV: Brook CS: Janice/Ashland WC: ashland Team Jen PV: Noah CS: Devin WC: SHIANN
  9. Starting off with Season 17 Team Blake PV: Ricky CS: Kat WC: Cali Team Kelly PV: Jake CS: Max WC: Hello Sunday or Shane Team Gwen PV: Rose Save: Myracle WC: Joanna Team Legend PV: Katie save: MBB WC: Will (winner) or John would be strategic to save will and MBB get the country vote with WC Finale Jake Katie Rose Ricky WC: Max or Marybeth?
  10. Kristen Merlin comes to mind Her audition made me so happy....you can just see the joy in her.
  11. Ik both from different shows....but both their covers were fantastic.
  12. Her high kick during You Oughta Know was Iconic to me.....not to mentioned she killed that song vocally.
  13. Mari S16 her vibe was killer.
  14. Very true with the quarantine rule and probably wouldn’t be fair to Arthur given he most likely had more votes...but based on his final performance of River, be so nice for judges to have the save right now lol.
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