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  1. Ben Platt song was perfect for him....but he needs to sing more Crooner or older type songs like in Hollywood week, thats what really made people love him.
  2. lemme just state the fact that they autotuned the hell out of Raine, especially on those high notes.
  3. Man she sounded AWFUL in the battles, Felt bad because it wasn't her fault with the song choice. I can see how they tried making the arrangement work for her because it sounded like the same key as Electric Feel, but YIKES it was pretty horrendous. She def sounded better with the autotune, but still not great. Which is shame because I think shes awesome.
  4. Well then....Raine certainly sounded Better with the Autotune MY GOD.
  5. UGH I ALMOST THREW UP also A+ songchoice for Hunter!!!!!!
  6. Honestly happy with this group of 16. Suprised by 2 of the girls not making it....but wasnt sure if they've done enough for top 12.
  7. ill just tell ya he went OFF during the knockouts
  8. She needs to reaudition in a year or two....such raw potential.
  9. Hes really something special....hope he goes far but hopefully he's not too polarizing for America. But he's got the likeability factor going for him.
  10. I kinda agree...but from seeing her two tapings, it looked like Nick had no control whatsoever over that battle song and he and the other others seemed frustrated that she ranked especially with that song choice because they all raved about her blind, but damn she should have not won that, because it was yikes. Andrew should’ve and Blake I guess could’ve used the steal on her based on previous potential. her knockout IMO opinion was a redemption and cool song choice but nearly as strong as her blind. Was shocked she didn’t win becuse the judges kept talking about her artistry they
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