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  1. COuld anyone hear that?? Its annoying that is was focused on the coachs
  2. Can we add Bailey Rae and Lauren Frihauf? like how the hell was lauren eliminated aftet that?????
  3. i still wanna hold some belief that Chavon was a four chair turn. Someone a youtube made a comment that no one believed…but ended up on Aris team so it was half true. He could be the shock four chair boot over david the underdog
  4. Now is this "Barrett" dude a middle aged dad singing a corny country song on stage?
  5. Does anyone have info on Joshua, On Johns team? as in what type of genre he is?
  6. I feel like Sabrina or David is gonna be the unexpected breakout contestants this round.
  7. Who is singing Somewhere only we know? His voice is stunning!
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