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  1. ahhh I just saw that I had tickets to taping five available and now its too late hAhahaha
  2. Chloe should come back and slay everyone........ We got Miley out here now trying to be Chloe
  3. I wont spoil contestants or anything rn... (dont wanna get in trouble lol) But 10 per team still 1 save, 1 steal 1 block.. same chair order
  4. blake nick john kelly from what I read on the chairs but could be wrong...
  5. I think I'd be most pleased right now with Kelly Gwen Usher Blake. I found Usher refreshing in his seasons and always found his teams interesting. Like how I feel with Gwen seasons alot.
  6. Attending the first taping today, are we atleast allowed to spoil the judges lololol???
  7. Fun fact about Marisa she was cut at the Top 70 vegas round in season 11 of Idol when they sang 50/60s songs...interestingly the same round Lauren Daigle was cut.
  8. I was not a Chris Kroeze fan.... mainly because we got rid of Michael Lee and Kameron Marlowe. But I really got on board with him months after it ended... but I still don't think he shoulve gotten second at all lol. His knockout performance really was his standout and think is sooo underrated. His voice was actually stunning in Burning House and enjoyed HYESTR, as well.
  9. I was randomly thinking of Reagan Strange and looked her up on google and this is the first picture...... I AM DEAD POOR GIRL
  10. It's not a song for the voters....but honestly I think it was the perfect song in terms of showing of who she is as an artist and she nailed it.
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