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  1. My picks are Daniel Shaw, Alex Weybury and Drew Walker (TVAU) and Jimmy Balito (TVUK)
  2. 1. David 2. Katie 3. Ryleigh 4. Raquel 5. Jim & Sasha 6. Bella 7. Katherine 8. Manny
  3. 1. GNT 2. Gymani 3. Holly 4. Hailey 5. Jeremy 6. Xavier 7. TCS 8. Kinsey
  4. 1. Paris 2. Samuel 3. Joshua 4. Shadale 5. Jershika 6. Samara 7. Sabrina 8. Brittany Honestly felt like the entire top 5 was interchangeable
  5. 1. Wendy 2. LiBianca 3. Lana 4. Hailey 5. Jonathan 6. Peedy 7. Carson 8. Berritt
  6. Knockout pairings where both artists made the finale: Sundance Head vs Josh Gallagher (S11) Jershika Maple vs Paris Winningham (S21) Correct me if I'm missing any
  7. Shadale and Ryleigh standing together at the instant save lowkey remind me of Gamora and Nebula lol...
  8. Pretty ironic cuz I remember back in the Blinds The Voice's IG page had contestants' short videos answering questions and Samuel was asked what song he remembers all the lyrics to and he said Before You Go by Lewis Capaldi. He killed that instant save tho
  9. Jack vs Sabrina (S21) Rachel vs Bradley, Awari vs Jose (S20) Jake vs Steve (S17) Andrew vs Patrick, Selkii vs Cecily, Presley vs Rizzi (S16) Jake vs Natalie, Franc vs Matt (S15)
  10. DeAndre Nico killing the Instant Save and getting a shoe thrown at by JHud, we all know what happened a week later. robegate.mp4
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