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  1. Im so Happy Glennis Grace is a judge!!!!!!!
  2. If wendy is doing a christmas song she should sing the Whitney version of, “Do You Hear What I Hear,” she would absolutely slayyyyy that.
  3. when the show started, they initially wanted Reba as a coach.
  4. Did they show the percentage of who was leading before the voting was closed?
  5. Shes fantastic, but the reason i think she keeps ending in the bottom is that her tone can be polarizing.
  6. Sophia Urista had quite a little performance that is going around on instagram…lets just say it involved a fan.
  7. I want you all to look up Sophia Urista….
  8. Say she auditioned alone? I was always curious how far she would go... Tonight she sounded her best, alot like Maelyn, and Im thinking she can deep solo if she auditioned alone.
  9. She killed her Playoff, if she was on Ari she wouldve possibly gotten the public vote!
  10. Katies execution wasnt perfect, but great song choice for her showing off her bluesy voice!
  11. COuld anyone hear that?? Its annoying that is was focused on the coachs
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