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Alright, two theater kids with a pretty similar style.


Alright, two theater kids with a pretty similar style.  

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  1. 1. Both by T8, whose run has IDF enjoyed the most?

    • Joshua Vacanti
    • Omar Jose Cardona

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I sensed similarities since the start, but they´ve become way more apparent as S22 went on. Between style of singing, big ranges, and even song choices, these guys definitely have more than a few things in common. One is more pop focused, the other leans rock. Both big and theatrical.


With both at least having reached the Top 8, whose run have you enjoyed more?

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Imo Omar can clearly do the more impressive vocals.


He belts higher, sustains longer, and has better agility which he can utilize even while belting (radioactive for instance). 


However, I do think Joshua is more tasteful, has a better, more fuller lower register, better falsetto and generally has a wider sound palette. Meaning he has a wider variety of tones he's used. Omar sounds more the same throughout his range.


I thought I would prefer Omar (especially since I have a bias towards rock and against broadway - ish singers) but rewatching Joshua's performances I forgot how much he grew on me.


Ughh.. idk.


I'll put it this way. If I want to be amazed and hyped up, I'll take Omar.


If I want to listen to a more understated, nuanced, softer vocal, I'll take Joshua.





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I picked Joshua just because I actually enjoyed his song choices and he is likeable.


I really think Omar is good. I respect him as an artist, it's just that I am not really a fan of him. I gave him high scores in IDF ratings though because he delivered good performances. This is also what I felt about Jordan Smith and Katie Kadan, which were also really good but they're just not my thing.

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I´ve liked Omar better than Joshua on 2 of the songs they´ve shared (Into the Unknown and My Heart Will Go On). I did like Joshua´s take on "You and I" better since I feel he did it with more gusto though.


I´ll go for Omar since I feel he has reached higher highs for me, and he´s more my style, but lots of love for Joshua too.

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