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The Voice Year 2017(Poll)

Hamza Tufail


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  1. 1. Favorite Season

    • Season 12
    • Season 13
  2. 2. Favorite Winner

    • Chris Blue
    • Chloe Kohasnki
  3. 3. Favorite Runner-up

    • Lauren Duski
    • Addison Agen

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1. S13 wins for me. It started pretty slow, but when it got good, it got GOOD. Loved the live rounds, they were a lot of fun, and this was a great cast. S12 was good too, actually, but I had more trouble connecting to it.


2. Chloe for me. She did have some incosistencies but her highs were stratospheric. Chris really just peeked my interest with Rhythm Nation, although I will say he was pretty good as well.


3. Addison. Loved her run. Great storytelling ability. I liked Lauren as well.

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1. Season 13 has one of the best voice casts ever, easy pick.


2. This one's hard..I have to go with Chloe though, because I enjoy her tone more. I loved Chris prelives but he sounded noticeably less pleasant live to me. Even if his vocals were more impressive.


3. Addison. Lauren was a bit boring to me, even if she was pretty good. Might have to revisit both their runs though.

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