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  1. Eh, they could easily just get rid of him and bring in a replacement coach. Cancelling the season seems a bit too harsh of a reaction...
  2. Oh my god what a nightmare. Hopefully it's a quick it's a quick investigating and those that are guilty are quickly removed from the show.
  3. The Voice of Holland is back!! Coaches Waylon, Anouk and Ali B are joined by Glennis Grace as this Seasons coaches. Will post weekly updates!
  4. Cry Baby, Stonecold, Desperado. I have her entire season downloaded on Spotify.
  5. I feel like 2020 was just as tragic for The Voice as it was in real life lmao
  6. I mean I wouldn't judge anyone if they just took out 2020 all together to include Cam and GNT
  7. I'll start, I lean towards spring. My lineup would be as follows Season 1:Javier Colon (Default) Season 2: Cassadee Pope Season 3: Tessanne Chin Season 4: Josh Kaufman Season 5: Jordan Smith Season 6: Alisan Porter Season 7: Chloe Kohanski Season 8: Brynn Cartelli Season 9: Maelyn Jarmon Season 10:Carter Rubin Season 11: Cam Anthony
  8. Starting in Season 2: Batch 1 Spring: Jermaine Paul, Danielle Bradbury, Josh Kaufman, Sawyer Fredricks, Alisan Porter, Chris Blue, Brynn Cartelli, Maelyn Jarmon, Todd Tilghman, Cam Anthony Batch 2 Fall: Cassadee Pope, Tessanne Chin, Craig Wayne Boyd, Jordan Smith, Sundance Head, Chloe Kohanski, Chevel Shepherd, Jake Hoot, Carter Rubin, Girl Named Tom Next Question: If you were to choose only one winner per year from 2012 on; who would you choose?
  9. Easiest answer yet 3, Cassadee, Juliet Two of my original snowflakes
  10. 6, Josh Kaufman, Matt McAndrew ( Still pains me he didn't win)
  11. 10, Alisan ( My favourite winner by far), Billy ( one of my favourite auditions ever)
  12. 13, Chloe, Addison. S12 was a strong cast as well! Lauren was one of the few country singers I rooted for to win also.
  13. S17 by default because 16 was such a tragic mess. Maelyn is one of the best winners of all time so her obviously. Not a Gyth fan at all so I went with Ricky. I gotta say, I don't usually like country males but Hoot has proven to be one of the few exceptions.
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