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S21 Top 13: Pre-Lives vs Lives Runs


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Compare these contestants's pre-lives run with their lives one. Which run do you prefer? Do you think some contestants were better on pre-lives? Or they broke out and have done better in the lives?


I'm doing the Top 13 contestants since they got 3 pre-live performances (BA, Battles, KO), and at least 3 live ones. (PO, T13, and in the case of the eliminated ones, IS. The others have gotten even more).


So choose, pre-lives or lives?



Girl Named Tom

Hailey Mia

Jeremy Rosado




Joshua Vacanti

Jershika Maple




Jim and Sasha Allen

Holly Forbes

Ryleigh Plank



Wendy Moten

Lana Scott

Paris Winningham

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Girl Named Tom: Pre-Lives (they never missed in the prelives, while imo they've had one or two off performances in the lives. still amazing whatsoever)

Hailey Mia: Lives (an obvious one. I found her very generic in pre lives ngl, but in the lives she has done very well, especially in POs and with Elastic Heart)

Jeremy Rosado: Pre-Lives (I loved his battle and found his knockout to be very good. I was disappointed in lives however. The only performance I truly enjoyd was When I Was Your Man. His song choices also affected this I think. Still a great run)

Gymani: Lives (HARD one considering the only underwhelming performance of hers in the lives was her second Instant Save, but also her battle, so it's kind of equal? I guess I'll go with Lives even though POV and Pillowtalk were amazing and deserve a shout out, but Say Something, Made a Way, Sweet Love and Diamonds were phenomenal)



Joshua Vacanti: Lives (easily, I did not enjoy him pre lives but some of his live performances speak for themselves. He a star)

Jershika Maple: Both (not a single bad performance so far, I ain't choosing)

Ariana Grande And What About It GIF

Shadale: Pre-Lives (Omg hard, considering both pre lives shown of her were really good, but her stage presence and vocals were really great in the lives. Imma go with pre lives just because her knockout was one of the best and the fact she slayed the bus song of the voice in her blind deserves recognition)



Jim and Sasha Allen: Pre-Lives (I enjoyed them so much in  both pre live performances. Been bored a couple of times when they're live so that's the only reason pre lives won here)

Holly Forbes: Pre-Lives (Rocket Man and Superstar are her better performances along with Alone, so I'm going with pre lives)

Ryleigh Plank: Pre-Lives (Genuinely found her amazing pre lives and thought she did amazing. She struggled a bit live unfortunately)



Wendy Moten: Both (She never misses tbh. In the lives I've fallen in love with her more, considering we've seen a more versatile artist coming from her with song choices like Jolene and Blue Bayou. Her pre lives are phenomenal as well, and she produced some of the best performances of the show there)

Lana Scott: Pre-lives (Genuinely having a hard time here as well! I think her only underwhelming performances for me have been her blind and her POs. I think she's done amazing in every other round. Imma go with prelives just because I loved her in her battle and her KO was one of the best this season imo)

Paris Winningham: Pre-lives (another one who has done amazing overall. Imma go pre lives just because I found myself enjoying him more then. But it's a very close call)

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3 hours ago, Misirlou said:



Jim and Sasha














Girl Named Tom

AGREE WITH EVERY SINGLE ONE! Also, Gymani for lives.


GNT is equally good in the lives as they were in prelives. 

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Girl Named Tom - Pre-lives

Hailey Mia - Lives

Jeremy Rosado - Pre-lives

Gymani - Lives



Joshua Vacanti - Lives

Jershika Maple - Both

Shadale - Pre-lives



Jim and Sasha Allen - Pre-lives

Holly Forbes - Pre-lives

Ryleigh Plank - Pre-lives



Wendy Moten - Pre-Lives

Lana Scott - Lives

Paris Winningham - Both

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Wendy: She is my number one favorite this season and she has never disappointed me so far. I loved all of her performances equally that I am not gonna favor one over the other. She is pitch perfect to me and flawless and I am loving all of her song choices and storytelling. I feel what she's singing to me. Every week she delivers her best. Her prelives were also amazing too!

Paris: He is one of my favorites and I loved his live performances the best. He could end up in the finale with no problem.

Lana: She keeps on improving every week and delivering honest performances. 

Jershika: Every performance she sings I am not disappointed at all and I love her song choices. I'd love more uptempo songs from her but maybe she shouldn't do it on the show.

Joshua: He is just fantastic every time he performs! He has a big range but he also tells a story and can make you smile. My favorite from him was The Show Must Go On. 

Jim and Sasha: They only disappointed me in the playoffs and top 11 but I am still enjoying their run on the show. My favorite from them was Stay. It got them back on track which is why they dodged the bottom 3. I loved their performance in the top 13 as well. They are not everyone's cup of tea. 

Holly: I loved Holly even more in the lives than I did prelives aka The Dance, Alone, and Last Dance were my favorites from her and Because Of You was also one of my favorites. I felt that. Someone great is gonna end up going home at some point because this season is very stacked and I am enjoying this season so far.

Gymani: Gymani is just amazing every time she gets up there. My favorite performance from her was Diamonds and that was one of the songs I wanted to hear her sing. Though I kinda wish she sang Diamonds in the instant save instead.

Girl Named Tom: They are selling to me week after week and are consistent. Though I guess I would say both but more lives. That song choice they got last week was the coolest thing I've seen from them especially the drums really got me up on my feet. Congrats on the win. 

Hailey: She is the most improved this season and keeps on impressing me week after week. Of course Peter Pan wasn't as good as Elastic Heart but Peter Pan is my favorite Kelsea song ever and whenever someone covers that song I always smile.



Jeremy: I loved Jeremy when he tackled divas type of songs cause that's where he shines. He is best when he's giving honest and emotional performances. Singing songs that everyone knows is what got him high numbers. People connect to that.

Ryleigh: Ryleigh is one of my favorites but the only time she disappointed me was her instant save and her top 13 performance was great but not as good as the others who were in the top 13. I prefer her prelives performances the best where she really shines.

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Girl Named Tom - Prelives: one of the strongest prelives runs in all 21 seasons. All 3 performances were near perfect. (But BOTH)

Hailey Mia - Lives: very underwhelming prelives

Jeremy Rosado - Prelives: He couldn't live up to the hype

Gymani - Prelives: I don't think she had a particularly bad performance in lives, but her prelives was stronger



Joshua Vacanti - Lives: Didn't build up any momentum til the past 2 weeks for me.

Jershika Maple - Lives: This is tough because she's clearly gotten better each time but in lives she's proving herself with each performance (BOTH)

Shadale - Prelives: Easy.



Jim and Sasha Allen - Prelives: Only saw 2/3 but both were fantastic, especially KO

Holly Forbes - Prelives: Victim of horrible song choices from battles onward, but that blind remains solid.

Ryleigh Plank - Prelives: Sadly choked in lives



Wendy Moten - Prelives: Not a fan of everything she's done in lives, regardless of how solid of a vocalist she is

Lana Scott - Lives: I don't think we've gotten a bad performance from her yet. Upward trajectory here.

Paris Winningham - Lives: Didn't care about his blind, the live performances have been much better (BOTH)

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Joshua and Hailey have been better live. Everyone else has been better prelives, Gymani about equal, though still leaning prelives due to not being vocally perfect in her instant saves. But that's nitpicking.


Honestly, most of the time contestants are better prelives, since all the vocal issues in those performances are likely corrected.

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