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The Voice 21 ● The Knockouts Part 3 ● Discussion


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Finally caught up with everyone:


- I thought I wouldn’t be a fan of J&S’s KO due to the song choice, but I surprisingly loved it! 

- Jershika and Paris both slayed. He could be dangerous if he gets good songs :ph34rwave:


- Shadale is still my favorite of the night.


- The rest were disappointing/bad.

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16 minutes ago, ikwonic said:

Did the YouTube post more of Peedy and Berritt's performances than what was aired on TV? I thought they skipped the beginning of Peedy's performance on TV, but maybe I'm just going insane.

Yep. They posted the full performances. 


Well, not even that lol, Berritt lasted only 1:40. KOs are usually 2 min long.

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39 minutes ago, Jc101 said:

Unpopular opinion: I don’t really get the hype about Katie’s knockout ? It was decent but just generic to me I’m just trying to see what y’all are seeing about it. I did like her blind audition and battle though.


Agreed. Her blind audition has grown on me a lot. The arrangement wasn't the most dynamic but she executed it well.

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On 11/1/2021 at 8:58 PM, David68 said:

john picks jershika

This would mark the first time that John has ever kept a Battle steal over an original member.  (Jimmy Mowery doesn't count since that was America's choice, not his.)

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