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  1. You don’t think they often do this and it’s just not shown? Seems like they’d all talk about both if they are both solid performances.
  2. I cannot wait to see Manny’s reaction when Ariana steals him. He is going to lose his mind.
  3. Pretty sure it dropped at midnight UK time so we got it earlier.
  4. Haha I have watched the show on and off since the beginning but honestly haven’t paid that much attention to those kind of details. I guess I don’t understand how a steal is epic if you know it’s coming.
  5. Just out of curiosity because I don’t always pay that close attention, doesn’t it take away any suspense about a steal if there is still one available on the last battle aired?
  6. Do we know anything about Kinsey Rose’s KO? Curious if her picking to stay with Kelly had anything to do with no one stealing her or whether her performance just wasn’t as good.
  7. She calls her new music y’alternative which I think the fans came up with
  8. https://twitter.com/libianca3/status/1447654946191646729?s=21 I thought this was sweet
  9. Blake’s? No. It’s one of his signature songs but I think George Jones did it originally.
  10. I see TJR doing better with Joy to the World than I see Peedy doing with this one.
  11. Am I the only one that can totally imagine TJR singing this and doing well?
  12. How early do they usually head back to LA before the live shows start? LiBianca mentioned having to leave her dog in her story.
  13. No it’s on the what is currently their 4th story. The one announcing new shows.
  14. Seems like TJR v Peedy will be on Monday since TJR specified in their story to watch that night.
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