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S21: Rank the battles and pick your winners (Ep 3)


S21: Favorite Battle (Ep 3)  

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  1. 1. Choose:

    • Joshua vs Keilah - good 4 u
    • Carson vs Clint - Don't Let Our Love Start Slippin' Away
    • Raquel vs Hailey - Car Wash
    • Gymani vs Aaron - working
    • Sabrina vs Jack - cardigan
    • Wendy vs Manny - If I Ever Lose My Faith in You

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  • Misirlou changed the title to S21: Rank the battles and pick your winners (Ep 3)

Weak night.


1. Sabrina vs Jack: Very evenly matched. Might lean a bit towards Jack because of his tone, but they were both a fantastic surprise. The Bradley/Rachel battle of the season.


2. Wendy vs Manny: Wendy's last 30 seconds made her the strongest individual perfomer of the night, and Manny was good too, but the arrangement and song choice lost me. Too many empty spaces and weird pacing.


3. Gymani vs Aaron - Bad song choice number-I don't even know. Gymani took this easily but nothing to write home about. They did sound good together which is why I bumped them a bit higher.


4. Raquel vs Hailey - Expected way more from this battle. They got bandzilla'd a bit and overall the energy and groove was misisng. Good vocals though, but that's it. Raquel won it for me.


5. Carson vs Clint - I liked Carson's tone. That's about it.


6. Joshua vs Keilah - What in the actual hell was this song choice for them?



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What a strange night :haha:



1. Wendy Moten (9) vs. Manny Keith (9) - Wendy delivered but she’s still holding back. Those last 30 seconds were some of the most magical moments I’ve heard on the show, and I understand her waiting til the end to fully blow us all away, but she needed just a bit more sparkle throughout the performance. The true surprise here was Manny nailing his part though and meeting Wendy at her level! Absolutely one of the most justified steals I’ve seen. The only thing that held me back from scoring it higher was pretty much John's criticism, they were both individually great but it felt a bit disjointed. Also, "when Wendy came to this show, she couldn't sing" had me cackling :haha:


2. Sabrina Dias (8.5) vs. Jack Rogan (8) - Not a strong song choice but they did pretty well with it. Sabrina was the clear standout and her confidence alone just won the battle off of experience. Jack was pleasant as well but as stated, he’s just starting out and needs to grow more first. Sabrina was the right pick.


3. Raquel Trinidad (8) vs. Hailey Mia (8) - Hailey definitely improved but it was definitely more suited to Raquel, who met the expectations. But I think that’s my only problem with the battle. They could’ve done so much more vocally but it felt pretty safe for the most part. For her growth, I’d say the steal was warranted, but there were so many other more deserving performers. Raquel got Hailey by a hair in my book.


4. Gymani (8) vs. Aaron Hines (7.5) - Never heard this song and maybe it’s bc it was a bones day, but it kinda slaps lol. That being said, it didn’t feel like the right fit for them.  The song could’ve gone to almost any of the other younger pop vocalists on the show. Gymani was definitely superior here though.


5. Joshua Vacanti (8) vs. Keilah Grace (6.5) - So bizarre but hear me out - I didn’t hate it entirely. Joshua gave the right energy and he owned it. And vocally, I felt that he made it work. Keilah on the other hand - vocally she did okay but I can’t stand her tone I’m sorry…


6. Carson Peters (7) vs. Clint Sherman (7) - This did nothing for me and I have no preference.

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Great job!

1. Wendy vs Manny - Zero chemistry between them but sonically it's a phenomenal battle.

2. Sabrina vs Jack - The surprise of the night. Lowkey pissed they montaged Sabrina's blind, she was so good here.



3. Gymani vs Aaron - While I enjoyed this from beginning to end, I wasn't in love with it. Gymani continues to surprise me though.

4. Raquel vs Hailey - It might not be the ideal song choice, but I think they could have done more with it. Raquel clearly won this (love her tone), and I'm not sure I would have stolen Hailey (tbf the song choice didn't do her any favors)

5. Carson vs Clint - Not bad but I have no desire to come back to it, sorry.


Hot mess

6. Joshua vs Keilah - What a disaster, lmao.

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1. Wendy vs Wendy - Thrilling battle! The end of the performance showed how Wendy is one of the best vocalists to ever come on the show.

2. Sabrina vs Jack - Beautiful and relaxing in a way. Wasn’t a fan of the song choice at first but they really surprised me!

3. Raquel vs Hailey - Fun battle. Meh song choice that definitely favored Raquel. Loved Raquel’s tone and the little breaks in Hailey’s voice.

4. Joshua vs Keilah - Joshua KILLED it, Keilah not so much. One of the worst song choices EVER lmao.
5. Gymani vs Aaron - No matter how many times I rewatch this battle, I always seem to forget it.
6. Carson vs Clint - As Someone648 said, this did nothing for me and I have no preference.

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1. Sabrina vs Jack - Pleasantly surprised by this

2. Wendy vs Manny - Superb vocals from Wendy but yeah there didn't seem to be a connection or chemistry between them, the last 30 seconds were glorious though

3. Gymani vs Aaron - Wasn't a fan of Gymani's blind but she did well here, not super memorable though

4. Carson vs Clint - Maybe unpopular but I enjoyed this even though it's so short, I like Carson but Clint's tone fits the song better imo

5. Joshua vs Keilah - This was... chaotic. The fast vocals they did were impressive, but at some point it began to sound more like a screaming match to me

6. Raquel vs Hailey - If Joshua and Keilah had too much energy, this didn't have nearly enough, and the song went nowhere fast

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