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ANTM Photos Mini-Rankdown (Cycle 22 - Round 4 Battles)


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10 minutes ago, FrogLenzen said:

Me to Imgur support: "hey, sorry to bother, but for some reason my account keeps asking me to be verified?? I don't know why it's acting up all of a sudden"


Imgur support: "It's because you uploaded these nude model pictures, moron"


Me: 👁️👄👁️

me Imgur account is 98% Pokemon Pictures 

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1 hour ago, FrogLenzen said:

hahahaha yeah, I thought Imgur would be best to use for an image rankdown so there's no issue of photos being deleted later


Also,  http://www.all-antm.net/index.php doesn't let you hotlink anything and I don't want to do any work to find another database

How about you use the link used in the ANTM redo? 

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1 hour ago, *Chris said:

How about you use the link used in the ANTM redo? 

I can't make my Imgur gallery public, but all the photos are still visible on IDF so I guess it works for now. We'll see if I get banned hahahaha

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Group 1

Group 2




Casting - Adrianne

Casting - Ebony

Casting - Elyse

Casting - Giselle

Casting - Katie

Casting - Kesse

Casting - Nicole

Casting - Robin

Casting - Shannon

Casting - Tessa




JLO Swimwear - Adrianne

JLO Swimwear - Ebony

JLO Swimwear - Elyse

JLO Swimwear - Giselle

JLO Swimwear - Katie

JLO Swimwear - Kesse

JLO Swimwear - Nicole

JLO Swimwear - Robin

JLO Swimwear - Shannon

JLO Swimwear - Tessa




Stuff Magazine - Adrianne

Stuff Magazine - Ebony

Stuff Magazine - Elyse

Stuff Magazine - Giselle

Stuff Magazine - Katie

Stuff Magazine - Kesse

Stuff Magazine - Nicole

Stuff Magazine - Robin

Stuff Magazine - Shannon




Snakes - Adrianne

Snakes - Ebony

Snakes - Elyse

Snakes - Giselle

Snakes - Kesse

Snakes - Nicole

Snakes - Robin

Snakes - Shannon




Reebok Shoes - Adrianne

Reebok Shoes - Elyse

Reebok Shoes - Giselle

Reebok Shoes - Kesse

Reebok Shoes - Robin

Reebok Shoes - Shannon




Wonder Bra - Adrianne

Wonder Bra - Elyse

Wonder Bra - Kesse

Wonder Bra - Robin

Wonder Bra - Shannon




Tyra B&W - Adrianne 1

Tyra B&W - Adrianne 2

Tyra B&W - Elyse

Tyra B&W - Robin

Tyra B&W - Shannon




Merit Diamond Jewelry - Adrianne 1

Merit Diamond Jewelry - Adrianne 2

Merit Diamond Jewelry - Elyse



Cycle 1 Round 1 is starting! We're having 5 rounds total to make a Top 10 for Cycle 1. For Round 1, every ranker must pick one photo to be safe until Round 3. No cuts this time. Everyone will have 24 hours to make their save, since the decisions are being made individually and not in groups. After 24 hours, I'll use a randomizer.


I'll leave sign-ups open for Cycle 1 until Round 1 is complete!















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  • FrogLenzen changed the title to ANTM Photos Mini-Rankdown (Cycle 1 - Round 1)
  • FrogLenzen changed the title to ANTM Photos Mini-Rankdown (Cycle 22 - Round 4 Battles)

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