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"Freedom" vs "Stand Up"

Hamza Tufail

"Freedom" vs "Stand up"  

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  1. 1. Pick one?

    • Stand up(Cam Anthony)
    • Freedom(Victor Solomon)

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Freedom is basically Rhythm Nation 2.0. I enjoyed it in the moment first time I watched it, and I think it was the most memorable performance of the night, but I'm not sure if it's something that I'd keep replaying in the years to come.

I feel like Cam was trying to achieve something similar to Freedom with Stand Up, and while I think he did a great job and was much better vocally than Victor, I wished he'd let loose just a bit more, like Victor did. 

I vote for Freedom, just because I was waiting for Victor to come alive all season and it was satisfying to watch him let it all out.

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Freedom showed incredible improvement for Victor, he’s someone I didn’t care for at all the whole season (though I liked his KO) and he really woke up here.  But Cam really brought it and delivered the best performance of the night so I’d have to go with him

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Freedom was a really good reality show performance. Messy vocally. And the problem is it just doesn’t match up to the original. (Which..obviously is a high order). Easily best of the night without Cam..but not great. 


Stand Up looked like a professional guest spot. 

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18 minutes ago, *Wallace said:

Can I vote for both? Both were  truly amazing performances! :omg: 

Sorry! You can choose only one. 😂


Both of these performances were incredible and probably my top 2 of the night. No wonder why they both won the polls for their category.


But with said, if I have to pick one I'd go with "Stand Up".

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