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Cast Ranking:


Eh, it was a decent episode. I enjoyed the runway challenge because it was so ridiculous with the fire (again) :haha:. I also always enjoyed when the girls are overseas and they get to take in the culture and stuff. Not the greatest episode of all time, but it wasn't bad by any means.


1. Alexandria - It's nice to see after that big blowup she finally seems to be enjoying herself on the show. I'm glad she got to have that experience. I'm not gonna lie, I wasn't a huge Alexandria stan before this rewatch but I've seen the light.

2. Molly - Molly was blunt as hell, but she told no lies. F*ck the challenges! Just deliver with your photos, and that's exactly what my girl did.

3. Hannah - Hannah on the verge of having a mental breakdown because she can't develop a personality...me freshman year of highschool.

4. Brittani - Wow she ate a goat brain and got sick but did the photoshoot!!! I'm so inspired!!!!


Photo Ranking:


Simple and to the point. This is why we go overseas. Not to pose in a greek salad. But to appreciate the culture!


1. Brittani - Y'all know I'm not biased with these because it wasn't easy to give her a third FCO. I don't even care about the missing arm, this is fashion. The mystery, the pose, the outfit. Obsessed with this picture!

2. Molly - A little stiff, but still dramatic and dynamic. Love this!

3. Alexandria - It's a little boring and I don't love the face, but it's not bad.

4. Hannah - Unimaginative, stiff, and basic. Hannah had one of the strongest portfolios, but I have no idea what happened here.

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 16 - Episode 11)
On 3/15/2022 at 6:44 PM, Gonzalo said:

I think the same!! 

Production we needed a Alex in top 3 🤯, i wanted Alex Vs Brittani Vs Molly 


Yeah I think Alex could've added more value to the penultimate episode than Hannah ever could have.

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Cycle 16 - Episode 12 - Ivan Bart


Brittani is feeling herself now that Alexandria got eliminated.


Hannah feels she should win because she's dynamic and can do high-fashion and commercial.


Molly feels she's more experienced than Hannah & Brittani and can handle the fashion world better than them.


The girls have to go on Insider and be spokeswomen


Brittani struggles to find someone who speaks English to interview.


And she has the absolute worst questions ever.


"That was horrible 🙂" Molly while she's still live ❤️


Hannah getting cut off mid-sentence cause she ran out of time :dead:


Molly sucked the least and won the challenge!


Tyra is hear for one-on-ones (aka fill time)


And now they're doing some weird bonus shoot with Tyra that I forgot ever existed.


Why does Hannah sound on the verge of tears in every confessional?


We've got Noted Fashion Photographer Nigel Barker shooting the girls today.


Molly decides she's gonna use the male model as her prop and hopes he doesn't move around too much :haha:


Brittani starts crying after getting criticized by Jay which saves her shoot :haha:


Hannah opens up at panel that she thought All Her Emotions was a weakness, but it's a strength!


The judges were turned off by Hannah and felt it was ironic that she was bragging about being in control of her emotions :haha:


Molly's domination continues as she gets her third straight FCO!


Hannah is very confused with her elimination because she knows she's strong inside.


And then there were 2...

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Cast Ranking:


When I said I wanted the final four double elimination gone, this is not what I had in mind. They had a good thing going the first 12 cycles! Why did they ruin it?!


1. Molly - Molly trucked her way to the final two, mowing down everyone in her path and not changing a bit. Love that for her :wub:.

2. Hannah - I think I get the appeal of Hannah. She's still very boring, but she's secretly a hot mess trying to hide all her Emotions. It's kinda fascinating I guess.

3. Brittani - I almost want her to be awful again because then I at least had something to talk about.


Photo Ranking:


Another lovely shoot from Nigel, who would've guessed? Idk why we had to have two pictures at judging besides to confuse me, but they were beautiful so I suppose I don't mind lol. One shot they were kinda together with the male model and the other one they were more spread out so that's what my words mean :haha:


Apart from male model shots:

1. Molly With - Obsessed with everything about this shot. The pointing of her toe, the arch of her back, the longing in her eyes. Easily my favorite of the shoot.

2. Molly Without - I love the shot composition here. Molly looks ten feet tall and she is selling that dress. I almost forgot the male model was there, so she's doing her job.

3. Brittani With - Gorgeous, so romantic. Brittani completely steals the shot from her partner here.

4. Hannah Without - I love the pose and like Molly, I think she looks ten feet tall. I wish she tilted her head down or something though.

5. Brittani Without - It's a little too fake dramatic for me, but it's good.

6. Hannah With - The only shot this week I don't like. The pose is awkward and her face looks mad, which I think is the wrong emotion to go for here.

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 16 - Episode 12)

Cycle 16 - Episode 13 - Season Finale


Molly & Brittani can't contain their joy of being the final two.


Molly is worried about CoverGirl and how well she can do the pep.


The way that old white guys are the head of like every agency...


Of course Brittani is crying while practicing her CoverGirl commercial.


Molly's down because she feels she didn't do well at her commercial.


And now she's casually yawning during her Vogue Italia shoot lol


Oop no family visits for the ANTM 16 girls, just some video chats lol


Hannah is rooting for Brittani because she feels she ~deserves~ it coming from a trailer park.


Alexandria is rooting for Molly because she got best photo more times.


Kasia doesn't make a decision and is split down the middle :rolleyes:


Oh lol jk about before, Molly's parents are here


"I was an assh*le growing up 😭"


Brittani starts giggling during her pose.


And the judges aren't amused lol



And then she trips on rose pedals and goes flying oof


And now she's gotta do the finale with a twisted ankle.


For some bonus torture, Tyra gives the girls one final makeover before final panel.


Tyra calls Molly a mean girl after her CG commercial oop


However, ALT does want to frame and hang Molly's CG pic in his salon.


Brittani wins!


"The first thing I'm gonna do when I get home is I'm gonna take a nap and I'm gonna eat a pork roll sandwich"


Why is Tyra smelling Brittani? :giggle:

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Cast Ranking:


I fast forward through most of the finale oop.


CoverGirl Ranking:




1. Molly - Very classically beautiful. I don't love how her neck looks, but otherwise it's great.

2. Brittani - Love the closeup, hate the positioning of her hands.



1. Brittani - Good.

2. Molly - I hate to agree with the judges, but she was a bit rough here.

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Cycle 16 - Overall Ranking


Much improved over last cycle! They successfully combined serious high-fashion modeling competition with bitchy girl drama. Exactly the reason we all fell in love with ANTM in the first place :wub:. The photoshoots were legit stunning. Like I know I don't watch ANTM mainly for the modeling, but I'm obsessed with some of these shoots. They were really fun to watch, and I bet they were really fun to participate in. In the meantime, they also attempted to light the girls on fire at various points throughout the competition because this is still a show designed to torture the girls :wub:. The cast was carried by three girls in particular, I'm sure you know exactly who they are. So that's not always great when we've got 11 girls I don't give a shit about. At least it's an improvement from last cycle which just had one :dead:. I didn't love this cycle the entire time, but I was pretty consistently entertained and I suppose that's all I can ask for in these more modern cycles.



1. Cycle 3

2. Cycle 6

3. Cycle 2

4. Cycle 5

5. Cycle 1

6. Cycle 14

7. Cycle 8

8. Cycle 4

9. Cycle 12

10. Cycle 16

11. Cycle 13

12. Cycle 10

13. Cycle 9

14. Cycle 11

15. Cycle 7

16. Cycle 15


Cast Ranking:



1. Alexandria - I am a new convert to the Church of Alexandria. I remember her being well-meaning, but a bit of a tryhard when it came to the drama and more of a manufactured villain. I think she was only really like that during the chicken drama. Otherwise, Alexandria was a pretty righteous figure. Annoying and controlling, but that's definitely who she really is and not a persona for the camera. There's two sides to Alexandria. There's Alexandria the victim who was brutally harassed by the other girls. And there's Alexandria the control freak who pined at the girls, and the professionals, sides while she tried to take control of every situation. All that is wrapped around a sad backstory that she didn't hit us over the head talking about. All those pieces together make for a compelling character.

2. Molly - Molly has some of the most self-awareness of any villain on this show. And that's why she works. There's a lot to dislike about Alexandria. She whines a lot, she's possibly Alexandria's biggest hater, and she's very cocky. But she knows all this. She makes fun of herself for all this. And that's how she remains likable. Molly's storyline wasn't about becoming a better person, it was "how can I hide my bitchy side from Tyra so I can still win". That's amazing. Throw on a never-ending battle with the world's ugliest weave and we've got an all-time great character.

3. Monique - Unapologetically bitchy. In a classic season I think she'd be rightfully remembered as one of the all-time greats. While reading the diary was a step too far, I don't think Monique is Monique if she doesn't take it a step too far. That's how she stands out from the other bitchy mid-cycle boots of this show. Monique is truly one of the best. Genuinely witty and never afraid to speak her mind. An archetype like Monique's is a difficult one to root for. If you're gonna go that route, you gotta be the best, and that's what Monique did.

4. Jaclyn - Slightly put on, but I was won over. That voice just warms my heart. She's got a big personality and was shockingly not out of place in this high-fashion cycle. A breath of fresh air at times amongst all the drama.

5. Dominique - Started the cycle off with a bang with a huge presence. Unfortunately faded into the background after that, but I still enjoyed her.

6. Ondrei - Poor Ondrei :(. She had a lot of potential, but she had so much going on my heart breaks for her when I think about her :broken:

7. Dalya - Not a big character at all, but for some reason I was kind of drawn to her. In a weeks time I'm sure I'll forget her name, but at this moment I do like her.

8. Hannah - So like I mentioned in her final episode, I finally ~got~ Hannah by the end. I think there's an interesting character hidden there that the editors didn't know what to do with. I kinda love the girls who make bad tv and the judges know it too and they just can't get out of their own way. Hannah tried, she really did!

9. Kasia - I don't know much about her except she's older, experienced, and "fiercely real". She was fine I guess, but boring.

10. Mikaela - Lol @ how I thought she would be the narrator of the cycle in the first episode.

11. Rune - Knowing their gender journey does make them more interesting on the show. They weren't sure if they wanted to be seen as masculine, feminine, or a little bit of both and I think that's a pretty interesting moral dilemma we don't see every day on reality television. Not really a storyline that played out in any complete way though.

12. Nicole - She was found on tyra.com and I think she might've had a meltdown if she lasted longer. That's all I got.

13. Angelia - I genuinely have no idea what her voice sounds like.

14. Brittani - For the first few episodes she's boring. Then she decides she hates Alexandria and she's vaguely annoying. Then she #drags Alexandria to filth for winning a car and shows her ass, has a panic attack, and doesn't get sent home. So she's infuriating, but at least good tv for an episode. Then she becomes boring again and wins. Awful.


Top 10:


This was damn near impossible. So I got my top seven pretty immediately but the last three pictures I kept changing around. So I wanna give a shoutout to Molly's Bees, Alexandria, Hannah, & Jaclyn's Wonderland, Brittani's Mud, Hannah's landfill, and Molly's camel. Literally all of them were under consideration for top 10 but I just couldn't make space.


1. Brittani's Landfill Couture

2. Molly's Moroccan Wedding (pose w/ male model)

3. Jaclyn's Crazy for Fashion

4. Brittani's Moroccan Women

5. Molly's Crazy for Fashion

6. Hannah's Jaguar

7. Monique's Bee Beauty

8. Molly's Moroccan Wedding (pose separate from male model)

9. Molly's Backstage

10. Alexandria's Backstage

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Cycle 17 - Episode 1 - Nicki Minaj


We should've known this cycle was gonna be a mess when it opened like this.


Tyra is telling me all my old favorites are back, yet no one from C3 or C6 is on the cast 🤔


Angelea being the first one to enter the house, iktr!


Laura is now a signed model with an agency y'all ^_^


The champ is here!


Lisa is searching for a diaper to pee in.


Bianca hopes Lisa goes home first because she doesn't want to be associated with someone who peed in a diaper :giggle:


Legend :wub:



"Don't touch me :kissbye:"


Bianca & Bre are bffs, but Bre didn't tell her she was doing the show to surprise her and now Bianca's pissed :giggle:


"All I wanted to do was surprise you but you can't make scenes like that for no reason :kissbye:"


"Bre is my sister, this is nothing" :giggle:


Obviously the party girl from C4 is here!


"You know my cycle they called me a tr*nny" Glad this is how we're starting the show on a cycle Isis is literally in (not that it would be okay if she wasn't)


I forgot how gorgeous Sheena is :wub:


Isis is back, and with her gender reassignment surgery done!



Did Bianca lie :dead:


What would an All-Stars cycle be without the quirky high fashion white girl?



Everyone cowering in fear as Camille enters :wub:


"Camille and I have such a long history. She hugs everyone and she looks at me and I thought 'you better not hug me :kissbye:'"


I guess we needed someone from the OG cycle lol


Alexandria is hoping to set the record straight this cycle.


Mr. Jay is here and they're doing their first photoshoot right now in their backyard...cause y'know All-Stars


Bianca is immediately pissed about her styling ❤️


Allison has been behind the camera and is getting used to being in front of the camera again.


"I have a little bit of diva in me and at times I guess I can be extremely fierce 🙂"


Brittany's looking for a cocktail for her photoshoot :giggle:


Isis looking confident and hot af in her bikini now :wub:


Shannon lets them know she'll pose in a bikini and not underwear


"Mr. Jay's always trying to get me to do something I'm not comfortable doing...it's kinda frustrating"


"I have a great career and my agents in Chicago respect me for what I will and won't do 😭"


The girls are doing a live judging with all their biggest fans y'all!!!!!


The way they wasted their budget on this instead of decent photoshoots...


Nigel's hair...fix it Tyra!


Of course Lisa's gonna put on a show.


Angelea doing her hammer dance down the runway :wub:


Dominique just had a baby two months ago 😮


Not Alexandria getting heckled... (talk about short term as if Camille and Bianca weren't like 100x more villaionous lmao)


The photoshop...help!




The gay losing his mind over Isis ❤️


Laura's rocking her Wanda Sue original of course!


Isis once again gets the first FCO of the cycle (it would be a shame if she was an early boot :rolleyes:)


Brittany gets sent home first for being unmemorable :wacko:


And then there were 13... (this is the ugliest thing I've ever seen in my life)

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Cast Ranking:


Y'know what, the first 20 minutes were actually fun and probably the highlight of the cycle. It was great to see all these familiar faces back again! The interactions between them were fun and that's what an All-Star season is all about. Then we get to one of the worst photoshoots ever, the live judging which was a complete mistake, and an elimination that still makes zero sense.


1. Bianca - One of the few things I've been looking forward to about All-Stars is Bianca's return! The less problematic version of an already amazing character. Between the little argument with Bre and her reactions to Kayla & Camille, I'm already in love.

2. Bre - One of my all-time faves, of course I'm gonna stan. Her relationship with Bianca is so cute ❤️.

3. Isis - She acted like she owned this show when she walked out onto that runway. I love seeing this confident version of Isis, she is such a queen :wub:

4. Angelea - Queen of confessionals continuing to slay!

5. Shannon - It's so odd how the show wants us to find Shannon in the wrong. She has the right to set her own morals and her own boundaries and who is Mr. Jay and Nicki Minaj to judge? I am very much #TeamShannon here.

6. Brittany - Unmemorable? Say what you want about Brittany, but she is not unmemorable. Such a bullshit elimination, why bring this legend back if they're gonna do her dirty like that?

7. Camille - Star power for days. A few big names here, but Camille is the biggest legend in the cast and the show knows it.

8. Allison - Mr. Jay glaring at her because he knows she's a better art director than him ❤️

9. Laura - Wanda Sue is always a welcome presence on my ANTM.

10. Alexandria - Poor Alexandria, she really put up with so much abuse on this show...

11. Lisa - Still loling about her winning.

12. Dominique - A lowkey premiere.

13. Sheena - Also a lowkey premiere.

14. Kayla - As Bianca said, "Who?". I do like Kayla on C15, but she is the clear weak link as a character on this cast.


Photo Ranking:


Hideous. Completely and utterly hideous. From the styling, the photoshop, the concept, the background. Everything about it disgusts me.


1. Bianca - Get rid of the horrifically photoshopped purse, plop her into a decent backdrop and this could be a decent ad.

2. Shannon - I don't love how she crossed her legs but this is actually good.

3. Kayla - Good.

4. Sheena - It tells no story at all, but as a model it's good.

5. Allison - Very Allison.

6. Isis - I love it from the torso down, not crazy about the top half.

7. Camille - Ok.

8. Angelea - Full of personality, not so much modeling.

9. Bre - Model 101, but not terrible.

10. Dominique - Forgettable.

11. Brittany - A little too much, but not forgettable and fit the concept well.

12. Alexandria - Mediocre.

13. Laura - Lol.

14. Lisa - Lol.

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 17 - Episode 1)

Cycle 17 - Episode 2 - Ashlee Simpson


"Brittany just left I was like..........oh well :giggle:"


Alexandria calls herself a ~misunderstood star~


Sheena is hoping she can represent Asian models in this competition.


Tyra brings her personal brand strategist to teach the girls about branding.


"Kayla what's the one thing that's different about you than all the other girls here?"

"LGBT 😄"

"No :kissbye:. The stuff about being a lesbian was hip five or six years ago :kissbye:"


Instead Kayla gets the worst "free" and says she has to "sleep on it" :haha:


Shannon is told she's boring, but she disagrees lol


"What do you expect? You're boring bitch :kissbye:"


Angelea is told the fans said "cheap shoes" to describe her...?


"Cheap shoes? No, no, no. Angelea is not cheap :kissbye:"


Bianca is given candid and Bre's very excited about it :haha:


Bianca immediately makes use of her word to rant to Bre & Isis about overhearing Camille & Dominique talking shit about her lol


"Put the caution around my bed because I'm about to go off!"


Camille is amused by Bianca's antics.


It's time for........."ty-overs"


"I've seen girls get their hair cut on this show...I will leave. Or flip a table, whichever one!"


Miss J telling Sheena she's gonna get her hair chopped to the extreme :haha:


"Gurl you know I'm as full as shit as a Christmas turkey!"


Lisa quickly informs them keeping her hair long is daring and let's them know she's getting married in two months :haha:


"Alexandria was just overdramatic :rolleyes: 'AHHHH I LOVE IT' :rolleyes:"


Bre storms off to the bathroom immediately after her haircut ❤️



If there's one thing that Bre's gonna do, it's deliver an iconic soundbite!


Bre decides to stay in the competition so she can own her brand and "be a girlfriend to herself" :dead:



At the photoshoot, Nigel makes Laura step in to teach Camille how to eat a hotdog :dead:


"Laura, if you walk on set during my shoot, we not gonna be roommates anymore :giggle:"


"If you were Kim Kardashian how would you be eating that hotdog right now?" How is this a real shoot???




Bre's still talking shit about her makeover :wub:


"I think Kayla's having a little trouble with her brand because how do you make a hotdog gay and lesbian and free 👁️👄👁️" :dead: Well Laura I know I can make a hotdog gay :giggle:


Lisa names her hotdog "skinny little bitch" :haha:


"Did your grandma make that dress?"

"She did ;)"


Meanwhile, Isis made her own dress :wub:




Tyra tells Bre she's being reserved and Bre explains last time she was on the show she was a teenager and now she's more mature and reserved "I can't gave you 19 anymore, but I can give you a great 25!"


Bless you Tyra!


Even Lisa seems confused she got FCO :dead:


Sheena may be going home, but she assures us she's always gonna be remembered as an All-Star iktr!


And then there were 12...

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Cast Ranking:


I'm actually enjoying this more than I expected! Maybe because this time I know going in it's gonna be a hot mess as opposed to watching it live being shocked at the budget. Look, I'm getting commentary from Bre, Angelea, Isis, and Camille in a single episode of Top Model. If that's not the dream, I don't know what is.


1. Bre - I looooooove Bre's refusal to play the game always. Bre is gonna be Bre and you can take it or leave it. While I would love to see her steal a granola bar, I am still overjoyed to see her have a classy meltdown over a haircut and then get her shit together. It's a more mature Bre, but not a different Bre at all.

2. Bianca - Letting loose the second she got "candid" ❤️. Unlike Bre, Bianca is shameless about playing the game. A little tryhard? Yes. But I'm not mad about it. She's f*cking funny and that's all I can ask.

3. Laura - A Wanda Sue shoutout and a hilarious confessional about lesbian hotdogs. Top-tier Laura content here.

4. Angelea - She is still a whiz in that confessional booth, it's like she's never left.

5. Camille - Camille is acting like she's above this entire experience, and frankly that's hilarious. She ddid not have the energy at all to deal with Bianca's drama ❤️. Ad her just standing there watching Laura teach her how to model hotdogs was great physical comedy.

6. Kayla - Kayla finding out she can't make her entire storyline about being gay this cycle :dead:. Kayla having no clue how the hell to model free :dead:

7. Lisa - Lisa was working hard at makeovers trying to get out of another short haircut :wub:. As if "I'm getting married in two months" was ever gonna work :dead:.

8. Isis - Queen.

9. Alexandria - Alexandria is so weird this cycle. She's walking on eggshells trying not to become the most hated woman in America again. She's not herself at all, but from a psychological standpoint I'm very intrigued.

10. Sheena - It's a shame Sheena got eliminated for not making a hotdog unexpected because I would've loved to see more from her. Also sucks to see our Asian representation cut so soon.

11. Dominique - I still can't get over how stunning she is this cycle.

12. Allison - She's still here!

13. Shannon - As is she!


Photo Ranking:


Modeling hotdogs is okay. Embodying a brand is okay. Wearing Oscar gowns is okay. All that together is a mess. I'm okay with all the brand business, but it doesn't belong at the photoshoots, especially when it involves eating hotdogs.


1. Bianca - Poor Pink's getting stuck with Lisa's pic on their website when they could've had this. This is an ad. The symmetry of the picture! Her smile! I can't believe how well Bianca is dominating so far!

2. Shannon - She did the open mouth pose without being disgusting so yay for her! I love that dress on her and I think this is once again a great picture from her.

3. Angelea - Another A+ smile. Very relatable and fun, this is the most gorgeous Angelea has ever looked in a picture possibly.

4. Allison - Quirky and interactive, but not in a disgusting way.

5. Dominique - I love her body and I love her eyes, not crazy about her licking her fingers.

6. Sheena - Very pretty. A bit average, but not worthy of elimination.

7. Alexandria - I adore her pose and I think she looks like a celebrity here. I hate her smile though.

8. Bre - I don't think she's feeling confident enough, but I love her legs!

9. Kayla - It's okay, don't love it at all.

10. Laura - Disgusting, but not as disgusting as...

11. Lisa - If I saw this on an ad I would stay the hell away from that hotdog stand. But I suppose she fit her ~brand~ so good for her.

12. Camille - Lmao so cheesy.

13. Isis - Ugh what is this?

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 17 - Episode 2)

Cycle 17 - Episode 3 - Kristin Cavallari


Allison is finding it difficult getting comfortable in the competition so far this cycle.


After about a minute of hype, Kristin Cavallari enters the house as if she's some A-lister lol.


The girls are doing an interview challenge with Mario Lopez and the winning team is immune.



Bianca is not amused by Lisa's extra ass lmao


Bianca is impressed by Allison who is chill but also speaks her mind and doesn't let anyone walk over her.


Team 2 wins the challenge with Allison, Bianca, Bre, Camille, Shannon, and Kayla!


And Allison wins the ultimate challenge getting her first challenge win in two cycles!


Angelea is upset with her feedback at the challenge because she felt she was being professional, not boring (which she was)


Kayla calls Angelea mean...you better watch yourself girl :kissbye:


"I know how to conduct myself, bitch I worked at a bank!"


"I'm gonna speak my mind at panel, you want a hood bitch watch :kissbye:"


The girls get Tyra Mail!


"The first thing I'm thinking is spiders and I'm not gonna do it...I'm not gonna do it :kissbye:"


Instead they find out they're posing on stilts!


#TBT to Bianca's fear of heights and not doing the flying challenge in C9!


"I need to go up there and deliver because how is it that somebody who's transgender gonna do a better job than the actual 'real' woman" aaaaaaaand way to kill your iconic legacy in one swoop.



It's Bianca & Lisa's turn and off to the bathroom Bianca goes :haha:


Lisa tries to motivate Bianca to perform despite being immune.


"We need to have a good shoot! This fear shit needs to go out the window!"



"I'm looking at Allison like 'this bitch' she's gonna outshine me in this shoot! :haha:"


"I have no muscle like...I'm a strong bitch but I'm a weak bitch"


"MY ANKLE!!!!!" Alexandria goes for the jugular at the photoshoot :dead:


"Oh my God, I'm gonna look like Black Swan 😮"


At judging Angelea addresses Nigel that he confused her with his critique at the Extra challenge.


And the booty tooch is born and none of us are better for it (especially not AzMarie :giggle:)


ALT is gonna hang this in his salon (but with Kayla airbrushed out :haha:)


Allison gets FCO, but only gets her picture after Tyra forces her to say "tooch"


Isis promises us her 15 minutes of fame aren't over, and she's right!


And then there were 11...

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Cast Ranking:


The novelty of All-Stars is starting to wear off. The episode wasn't great, the half safe twist was a terrible idea that should never be done again. And Isis getting eliminated the same episode we get MORE transphobia puts such a damper on the episode.


1. Angelea - Queen of working at a bank :wub:. I think the two sides of Angelea has always been something really intersting about her character. She's a strong and intelligent woman, but she's also a fighter and she's been through some shit so she has an edge. She can't figure out how to walk that balance.

2. Bianca - Bianca conquering her fear of heights ❤️. I love a full circle moment!

3. Allison - One thing you can't take away from Allison is she knows who she is, love it or hate it. She worked for me this episode definitely.

4. Bre - Lol @ her deciding in advance she just wasn't gonna do the spider photoshoot :wub:

5. Lisa - She was waaaaay too much at the challenge, but I suppose that's why we love her.

6. Isis - She got so screwed by that safe/unsafe twist (and most of the unsafe people delivering amazing photos). What a disappointment to see such a trailblazing character get booted early again.

7. Alexandria - Lowkey unhinged but trying to keep it all together ❤️.

8. Laura - Like her!

9. Dominique - Like her!

10. Shannon - Who?

11. Kayla - Honestly she's been a bit of a hater this cycle and I'm not here for it :kissbye:.

12. Camille - Watching a living legend come back just to torch her legacy is another reason why All-Stars should not have happened.


Photo Ranking:


Yay, a good shoot! Simple yet dynamic. The safe/unsafe twist once again should not have been a thing.


1. Alexandria - My favorite photo of hers in two cycles. Just wow! Such a daring and dynamic pose and she maintained a strong face as well. Amazing!

2. Dominique - I understand why this photo was polarizing with the panel, but I absolutely love it. It's very weird and out there, but I think that's the point. It draws me, I want to see more. I too want to hang this in my salon with out Kayla.

3. Allison - The arm in the air, the butt, the lips. One of Allison's more dynamic and daring shots, and also one of my favorites from her.

4. Laura - This photo has really grown on me throughout the years and I think it's because it's so different from the rest. She went small instead of huge like everyone else, and it makes her photo stand out. It's also one of her strongest closeups she's ever taken.

5. Lisa - I don't love the face, but I don't hate it and the pose is bomb.

6. Kayla - I find this picture to be kinda sexy. I'm not blown away, but I still think it's very good.

7. Bre - The symmetry! Her skin! Ugh I wish her face wasn't dead because it would've been first or second!

8. Bianca - I do love her pose, but her face doesn't work at all.

9. Angelea - Average. Unfortunately it looks worst in comparison standing right next to Allison.

10. Shannon - Also average and looks worse in comparison right next to Alexandria.

11. Isis - Just very boring and safe, she held back too much.

12. Camille - Bad.

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 17 - Episode 3)

Cycle 17 - Episode 4 - Anthony Zuiker


Lisa talks about how she drank a lot in C5 but she went to Celebrity Rehab and now she chooses not to drink.


The girls got their letters from home & mail and Camille's was just a box of bills :haha:


Kayla's feeling ill after panel and took lots of medication.


Bianca tries to give her water while Allison stares in fear lol


They decide they must take her to the hospital.


She's home now though and she's okay!


"Now I'm gonna be eliminated because I'm a liability :giggle:" I mean I wouldn't put it past Tyra :dead:


The girls find out they're auditioning for a role on CSI


"It's a really big prize, you can probably stretch it out to being a permanent character on the show" Lmao no they can't


"They found all kinds of stuff 😮"


"I got the most talent up in this bitch let me tell you. I sing, I act, I model, the fans love me, everybody love me, I look good!" I want an ounce of Angelea's confidence.


Lisa forgets all her lines and complains about being the last one to go :haha:


The challenge comes down to Bre & Angelea and it's Bre who wins the challenge!


The girls are doing a photoshoot for Express and are excited to be shooting with some male models.


"My story is I'm a socialite from the 716 who was humble at first, but then she moved down to New York and became a real rich bitch 😘"


"I really didn't think of my word during this shoot only because when you go into the real world of modeling they don't give you a word 🙂"


"I've done similar shoots to this, like, out of all the girls here I'm the model 🙂"


Lmao Bianca has Mr. Jay fuming :wub:


Mr. Jay directing Alexandria into this...the sabotage!


But it can't be any worse than whatever the hell Lisa was trying to do :dead:


"I was in the hospital three days ago and I still did a photoshoot and a CSI challenge all after having a mini heart attack!"


Lisa complains that the guys were too low energy for her at the photoshoot



Another original from the legend herself Wanda Sue!


Lisa walks up to the judges like this.


But after that joyous entrance she spends the entire panel arguing with the judges lmao


Angelea bounces from bottom two to FCO!


Why did they cut to this for no reason when Lisa survived and Camille got eliminated :dead:


Camille is still proud of herself and gave herself a pat on the back!


And then there were 10...

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Cast Ranking:


Another blah episode for me. The people I love I continued to love. The people I'm bored with continued to bore me. That's it.


1. Bianca - Bianca has perfected her art from C9 this cycle. She is a fantastic villain without falling into problematic territory. Her strutting around declaring that she's a "real model" unlike these other losers is such queen shit :wub:

2. Angelea - The 716 is back on top! In a cast of some great confessionalists, Angelea is wiping the floor with everyone else. Impressive!

3. Bre - I know that ANTM Chocolate commercial prepared her well for this acting challenge!

4. Dominique - Shades of "BRASILIA!" were breaking through in that acting challenge ❤️.

5. Kayla - Glad Kayla was okay, but lol @ her instantly realizing she'd be a liability to Tyra.

6. Laura - It looks like she joined Kayla at the hospital, she's so sweet ❤️.

7. Allison - Allison's good.

8. Camille - Camille was sooooo clearly just here for the easy paycheck and didn't even try a little ❤️. Was being transphobic and tanking your legacy worth it though?

9. Alexandria - Alexandria may have been the star of C16 but I fear she's simply a background character in this stacked cast.

10. Lisa - Idk, something was just off about her this episode. I appreciate her bringing the drama, but this just wasn't the Lisa I know and love. It felt weird and I didn't really enjoy it that much. But I didn't wanna rank her last because I do appreciate her bringing It.

11. Shannon - Still a who?


Photo Ranking:


Pretty easily the shoot of the cycle with the stilts shoot. It's obviously relevant to their prizes and was just a simple test of their modeling skills (yet most of them kinda flopped lmao)


1. Dominique - Duh. Absolutely stunning. The curves in her body, the glamour of her face, she is SELLING that dress I wanna buy it right now.

2. Angelea - She's giving attitude and style. Completely robbed Dom of FCO though.

3. Laura - I hate the awkward right arm placement, but I love everything else.

4. Allison - Oops on second look I probably should've swapped Laura & Allison, but too late now. I think her eyes are a little wonky, but it's still a cute and romantic shot.

5. Bre - It's not an amazing modeling shot, but it feels very natural and like a moment in time caught. So for that reason I'll take it over some of the other shots.

6. Bianca - She's doing everything on paper right but it doesn't 100% work. Just like last shot, she's missing the passion in her eyes.

7. Kayla - I've never liked this shot for some reason, maybe I just hate the styling. I just don't think everyone looking pissed off is the right ~vibe~

8. Lisa - A little too Out There (like most of her shots so far lol)

9. Shannon - Her smile just looks so forced and completely ruins the shot.

10. Camille - Lol she didn't even try ❤️.

11. Alexandria - Stiff as a board and she looks at least 40 years old.

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 17 - Episode 4)

Cycle 17 - Episode 5 - LaToya Jackson


Bre is disappointed she hasn't been a frontrunner since she's been a working model for the past six years.


Angelea feels like she's in the game now that she got FCO and really wants to win the competition :broken:


The girls are getting phone time and Shannon's allotting 20 minutes to everyone in random order.


"Shannon came up with the brilliant system, but what she failed to do was calculate the time measurement correctly"


Bianca gently asks Shannon if she did the math correctly.




Bianca's in shock :dead:


"So now the Crying Christian's having a meltdown and I'm standing there like this...I didn't do it!"


"I wanted to tell Shannon you can't cry when I'm talking to you because I'm already the villain on television" :dead:


Lisa decides to jump in for no reason to jump down Bianca's throat.


"There you go again :rolleyes: I just feel like you need to mind your business all the time!"




Allison decides to nope the f*ck out of there lol


"You're about 30 years old and you don't even know how to mind your business :kissbye:"


"It wasn't even her fight! Celebrity Rehab 4, 5, and 6 is calling her name. I'm done!"



"Who dressed Miss J today? Because I feel like she's missing panties, a jacket...a lotta things!"


The girls are getting ready for their runway challenge and Bianca's still bothered over the morning's events.


Lisa prefers Bre without Bianca and feels like Bre with Bianca is like having a toddler in Disney Land on a leash.


Oh yeah the Kardashians are here for some reason.


The runway show involves jumping off a moving carousel cause of course it does






The OG queen of runway is here!


"I was really nervous when I saw Bianca but I'm like do unto others as you would have them do unto you" What does she think Bianca's gonna punch her in the middle of a runway show???


The Kardashians couldn't decide one winner so both Bre & Lisa won the challenge!


Miss J decides to have a word with Bianca after the challenge because she knew that wasn't her up there.



"I'm taking shit from the Christian, I'm taking shit from the crazy ass, and what that make me look like when they start crying cause I started talking to them in a regular tone?!"


"I deserve this! None of these girls work as hard as I do!"


Bre does damage control behind Bianca's back as she goes off to Miss J :haha:


"I know what my dream is but do you have to go through all this hurt and pain just to get a little bit closer to your dream?!"


Lisa & Shannon continue to victimize themselves to anyone that will listen.









Bianca feels she's not a person who breaks easily, but today has broken her.


Shannon, Alexandria, Dominique, Lisa, and Angelea discuss how Bianca should leave since she can't handle the competition.


"Bianca may be candid, but what I won't stand for is people who try to make it seem like they're Christians or they're good people or their survivors when really, they're intentions is to get her out so that they have less competition"



Bre sprints to Bianca to go tattle to her on what she overheard ❤️


"They're all downstairs in that kitchen right now forming a coalition against you asking you to leave! Now let's play! I'm ready to play!"


"That just fueled my fire. I'm not going to be going home any time soon. I'm not gonna sit down and take a beating. I'm gonna get up and fight because that's what I know what to do"


The girls are embodying Michael Jackson at the photoshoot with help from LaToya (and yes we are getting more blackface cause ANTM never learns)


Bianca doesn't give Lisa a highfive after the photoshoot cause duh, why would she?




"Did that just come from Shannon the Christian who does no wrong?!"


"I just said it to be funny and I didn't know it was gonna come off mean?! 😮"


"...and then Shannon goes 'rejected!' her soul is ugly!"


Shannon cries that she's getting picked on because she's a Christian :rolleyes:



ALT is in pain over Lisa's outfit choices.


Tyra confronts Bianca on whether or not she wants to be here "I may bend sometimes, but I'm not gonna break"


Tyra reveals that LaToya did the entire COO.


LaToya?! What were you thinking?!


Not LaToya putting both the winners in the B2 :giggle:


But LaToya reveals Michael Jackson is all about ~love~ and ~compassion~ so no one's eliminated!


"I feel like somebody saved me whether it was LaToya or Michael or Jesus!"


And then there were still 10...

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Cast Ranking:


The most compelling episode of the cycle? Definitely. But also frustrating. The drama was great television and I'll take it over a boring episode I suppose, but I was also angry the entire time at these girls lol (specifically two of them).


1. Bianca - There's only one reason I'm glad C17 happened and that's Bianca (and Dominique's portfolio I guess lol). Bianca got the chance to redeem herself this cycle and I feel she did. Bianca is such a compelling main character and it's so fun to root for her when she's not being problematic. Bianca was on fire this episode. Shannon & Lisa were out of line and I was with Bianca every step of the way. She was calm, cool and collected about the phone situation until Shannon brought out the white girl tears and Lisa stuck her nose where it didn't belong. But of course when Bianca got dramatic (which she had every right to be) she was hilarious and righteous.

2. Bre - Nice to see Bre get in the mix this episode. Even though this is a much more mature version of Bre, she'll still do what she feels is right. I'm just glad Bianca has a friend in the house. Bre is a great friend to Bianca and a great PR agent for her lol.

3. Kayla - Based on the snippets of Kayla I've picked up, she seems to be close to Bianca so that's good enough to get her top three.

4. Laura - She stayed out of all the drama, fine by me.

5. Angelea - She chose the wrong alliance I fear :kissbye: but she's still fun and rootable this episode!

6. Allison - Who?

7. Dominique - Chose the wrong alliance :kissbye:.

8. Alexandria - I'm a little disappointed in Alexandria joining the Lisa/Shannon clique since she knows what it's like to be ganged up on. I expected her to have a little more sympathy for Bianca.

9. Shannon - I struggled with my bottom two because both women were trash. I gave the edge to Shannon just because it was her conflict and I understand she's sensitive. But she went full Karen this episode and it was ugly.

10. Lisa - Comparing Bianca to a child on a leash and a mean dog was suuuuuuper ugly and racist. She had no business getting involved in this fight and just showed her ass all over. Ugly.


Photo Ranking:


There's the blackface of it all. And of course there's also a conversation to be had about honoring Michael Jackson who definitely has a checkered past to say the least. This shoot was a mistake.


1. Bre - Amazing. How she managed to maintain such a cool face while standing on her tippy toes is beyond impressive to me.

2. Shannon - Obviously the styling is horrific, but she delivered. I can't believe I've put Shannon in the top two three times now!

3. Dominique - A very strong shot!

4. Alexandria - It kiiiinda feels like a bad imitation, but technically she's doing everything right.

5. Kayla - She definitely went for it, just not sure if I love it.

6. Bianca - Love the pose, once again no energy in the face from her though.

7. Angelea - I think the styling and set design is the worst thing about this picture.

8. Allison - The open mouth is not working at all and the styling is horrible.

9. Laura - Dead. The face is dead. How did this get FCO?!

10. Lisa - Not a model in the slightest here.

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 17 - Episode 5)
18 hours ago, Gonzalo said:

Spying Latoya Jackson GIF

I hope in one alternate universe Latoya kick the ass of lisa that week, i think all the nexts episodes Lisa has a very negative energy that make the season a little disgunting 

That gif :dead:


Yeah at the time I remember being relieved that Angelea & Lisa got saved, but in hindsight it would've been for the best to lose Lisa that week.

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Cycle 17 - Episode 6 - Coco Rocha


"I was in the bottom two again...damn"


Lisa is frustrated with how Bianca addressed the judges as panel and calls her a bully.


Bre is always gonna be there for her sister Bianca, but she can fight her own battles and she has to think of herself to get out of the bottom three/four every week.


For today's challenge, the girls are playing a charity flag football game :haha:


And the four eliminated girls are back as well to play!


"I have to win this one, especially because I'm a lesbian and we all have to win at sports!"



Some NFL players are joining them to and Angelea is very excited :giggle:


They got Edelman?! I don't remember this :dead:


They also have to pose for a photographer in between playing football :haha:



Angelea & Bre do not hold back and turn it into tackle football :dead:


And of course Bianca is after Lisa the entire time lmao


"Bam! That was for getting in my business. Bam! That was for talking out of turn! Bam! That was for just because :kissbye:"


Dominique even slaying fake photoshoots :wub:


Angelea decides to grab two men for her picture :haha:


The far superior team with Angelea, Bre, Bianca, Laura, and Allison wins!


But it's Kayla who wins the photo challenge!


Just what we've always needed, Tyra commentating a bonus photoshoot.


Based on the Tyra Mail, Alexandria's hoping the photoshoot has to do with animals.


But instead they're getting in catfights with Coco Rocha :haha:



Mr. Jay gets annoyed that Allison can't convincingly scream :haha:


Angelea is terrified about posing with Coco


And she runs off set crying after a rough start.


Angelea opens up about how she still struggles with her self esteem because of where she's come from despite the tough exterior she puts up.


And then she steps it up when she comes back!


Bre manages to overwhelm Coco and she calls her photoshoot shocking :haha:


Coco applauds Angelea and calls her professional for taking a moment to walk away, compose herself, and return and deliver a great photoshoot ❤️


Tyra tells Dominique she looks like she caught the witness and she's gonna come after them if they tell :haha:


And she finally gets her well-deserved FCO!


I say this as an Alexandria fan, completely wrong call Tyra.


Bianca losing her sister :broken:


Bre immediately leaving set upon getting eliminated :wub:


And then there were 9...

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Cast Ranking:


Not a great episode. I enjoyed Coco and the photoshoot, but the challenge was too chaotic to really pick out the fun moments and otherwise, nothing all that amazing happened.


1. Angelea - Angelea is such a fully committed ANTM character, she really gave her everything to this stupid show for three seasons. On a cycle full of stars, Angelea somehow manages to stand out the most.

2. Bre - I'm glad we didn't lose any of the old Bre's sense of humor this cycle. And she gave us another iconic exit, the job is over, time to go. Nowhere in the contract does it say you have to hug Tyra, I sure as hell wouldn't hug my boss if I got fired lmao. And of course she was hilarious shrieking at the photoshoot ❤️

3. Bianca - She went hard at the challenge :wub:. If there's one thing Bianca's gonna do, is be petty ❤️.

4. Allison - Gave us adorkable at the photoshoot.

5. Kayla - Okay Kayla, we know you're a lesbian :dead:

6. Dominique - Love to see her dominating the competition :wub:

7. Laura - A nice little UTR episode for her.

8. Alexandria - She is really having a tough time standing out amongst the stars.

9. Shannon - Is she still around just for nostalgic purposes?

10. Lisa - Lisa may have won the battle, but Bianca wins at life :kissbye:


Photo Ranking:


I loved the concept for this and Coco was genius in these photos, but the execution wasn't necessarily amazing. It had the potential to be the strongest shoot of the cycle though.


1. Dominique - Literally the only one that stands out in the real world. Modelesque and ferocious. It's stunning, as all her shots are ❤️

2. Bianca - This one probably stands out in the real world too. Bianca looks ten feet tall here and it's very ugly pretty.

3. Lisa - Lisa committed and I think she did a great job, though went a bit too overboard.

4. Angelea - This shot isn't forced at all and that's why it works.

5. Bre - I actually like her pose, but I think she needed to turn her face a little more towards the camera.

6. Kayla - I love the arch in her back, but she's not giving me enough in the face. She's holding back big time unfortunately.

7. Allison - The body positioning is all wrong, the arm coming out of her torso is weird, her worst pose ever. However, it's saved by her face and the hair blowing in the wind.

8. Shannon - Not believable at all, she's trying to remain pretty and it's just really boring.

9. Laura - Stiff and she just went waaaaay too far.

10. Alexandria - Bad acting. Tyra's critique was perfect that she looks like a reality star posing with a supermodel.

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 17 - Episode 6)

Cycle 17 - Episode 7 - Kathy Griffin



Lisa and Bianca are both feeling emotional about Bre leaving at the last panel.


For some reason, Shannon believes the judges telling her to bring more edge to her photos is them telling her to be raunchier which goes against her "brand"


"YOU NEED TO GROOOOW UP!" Alexandria & Bianca get in a fight over whose going in the shower first for some reason.


"Watching Alexandria's cycle, I genuinely liked her! I genuinely thought she was misunderstood! Getting to know Alexandria, I totally get why the girls treated her the way they did :giggle:"


"Call me when you become an All-Star :kissbye:"


Kayla: Your weakness is you may be potrayed as a bitch and bitches never win



For the challenge, the girls are making their own perfumes.


Allison goes with "blood" in her name of course.


Alexandria takes her time choosing her fragrance to the annoyance of everyone :haha:


The girls find out they're posing in a bathtub to sell their fragrance and the winner of the challenge gets immunity from elimination!


"Eva would never do this, Toccara would never do this, TYRA would never do this! Do you see how she conducts herself? She's a business woman! A LADY! And I'm gonna conduct myself as a lady and you're gonna respect me equally!"


Bianca wants to be taken seriously as a model and not a gimmick.


Queen Eva is here interviewing the girls at the challenge!


"I'm selling fun because that's what we need more of and LIFE IS TOO SHORT!"


Bianca is told Nigel's gonna make her go in the bath and she disagrees ❤️


Lisa wins the challenge!


"If I had to do it over again, I wouldn't change anything besides my shoes :kissbye:"


For the photoshoot the girls are posing as reality stars on a motorcycle :wacko:


"I was just told I look like a reality tv star so how the hell am I supposed to get my high-fashion back by portraying a reality tv star :rolleyes:"


Kayla is hoping to show off her personality with this photoshoot.


"Ooh she's calling me Tyra. HAAAAAAY"


Bianca teaches the other girls about NeNe since they don't know her :wacko: (but then stops because she remembers it's a competition lmao)


The motorcycle driver tires of Dominique's antics when she takes his bandana :haha:


Bianca requests a jar of pickles for her Snooki photoshoot but won't share with the other girls to their annoyance ❤️




"Sorry Alli cat, I have to be a bitch to you too!" Bianca takes her pickles back ❤️


"Bianca what the f*ck?! :dead: I'm mostly hungry :kissbye:"


Mr. Jay doesn't like how phallic the pickle choice is getting.


The girls are speculating there will be a double elimination since they had the non-elimination recently.


"As far as the challenge goes, I'm ready to argue my case like a good lawyer 🙂"


The girls walk into panel to Kathy Griffin allegedly being funny.


"I've never seen Beyonce in a bathtub, I've never seen Rhianna in a bathtub!" Bianca argues that getting into the bathtub wouldn't be authentic to her.


Tyra reveals she only has seven photos in her hands and two girls are going home.


And Bianca & Kayla get thrown out for allegedly not letting the girls starve to death on set :haha:


And then there were 7...

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatched ANTM

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