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Best top 12/13 closer


Top 12 closer  

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  1. 1. Who was the best closer of the top 12/13

    • Terry McDermott - More Than a Feeling
    • Amber Carrington - I'm Gonna Love You Through It
    • Will Champlin - Demons
    • Josh Kaufman - Stay With Me
    • Anita Antoinette - Redemption Song
    • Kimberly Nichole - House of The Rising Sun
    • Zach Seabaugh - My Love
    • Shalyah Fearing - Up to the Mountain
    • Brendan Fletcher - Whipping Post
    • Vanessa Ferguson - A Song For You
    • Janice Freeman - The Story
    • Maelyn Jarmon - The Scientist
    • Rose Short - I Turn To You

Recommended Posts

1. Kimberly

2. Janice

3. Maelyn

4. Rose

5. Shalyah

6. Zach

7. Anita

8. Brendan

9. Amber

10. Josh

11. Vanessa

12. Will

13. Terry


Also realized kyla is missing and i’d put her between Maelyn and rose. I’d then put Reagan between Anita and Brendan or Zach and Anita.

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Maelyn at the top for sure.


Vanessa/Janice/Kymberly/Rose/Amber all killing it as well. 




Actually I'm sorry, Zach Seabaugh is the best here. Never underestimate the dancing/country young king!(He danced right? I remember because Jordan crushed the night right before Zach went lol)

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6 hours ago, AliXRose said:

That’s so hard ! Maelyn, Kimberly and Janice were all great, but I voted Rose (just pretend to be shocked lmao) cause it’s one of her most underrated performances, that was fantastic !

I am having the same difficulty, I'm going to rewatch later.


BTW, did Kyla get removed on purpose?

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