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Raine Stern Fan Thread

Dalton Eduardo

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From a very young age, Raine has a sense of awareness that beckoned her to inspire change. As a child, she would recite detailed speeches to her family on issues that were important to her. She soon realized the powerful response that music can evoke and picked up the electric guitar, beginning her lifelong journey in songwriting. After moving to Madison from her small hometown, she was quickly picked up as a lead guitarist and singer for several local bands. Through music, she also met her girlfriend, with whom she writes and produces songs. Music has acted as a glue in Raine's life, bringing her closer to her loved ones, helping her understand her traumas and allowing her activism to reach the ears of many.











1. Dalton Eduardo

2. FloorWax

3. TheVoiceFan2

4. David68

5. Hamza Tufail

6. Angeles

7. VoiceTakeover890

8. VintageVoice

9. Bonga

10. You?





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