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Best KO Pairings (Performances from Both Artists)


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I agree with all of yours! 
Cami Clune vs. John Holiday 

Alex Guthrie vs. Hello Sunday 

Joanna Serenko vs. Zan Fiskum


There have been lots of knockouts where I enjoyed both artists, but these are ones where I was genuinely impressed and/or emotionally moved by BOTH. 

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3 hours ago, Someone648 said:

The only back to back 10/10 for me:



And what's so cool is that they're two really unique artists, and neither of them had to be loud to grab everyone's attention - they commanded attention just through their voices. I preferred Madi's tone here, but Amy was amazing too. It's sad that neither of them made it to the finale, but at least they got to the Semifinals!

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Neither of these were their best performances, but this was a great KO pairing. Koryn offered her super cool tone with the rasp and great vocals, while Kimberly put forth her equally super cool tone with good vocals and super great stage presence.




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