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Would Kyla Jade Have Won Season 14 If She Was Not Bussed In The Finale


Would Kyla Have Won If She Was Not Bussed?  

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5 minutes ago, rp3598 said:

I think she could’ve passed Britton possibly but since Britton had such a great night, I don’t think she would’ve been able to pass Brynn or Britton even if she had better songs.

Yeah, had she not been bussed, I think she would have gotten runner up and Britton 3rd. But nobody was surpassing Brynn in terms of support, although I do believe that Kyla and Britton would have been the deserving Top 2.


 Also, you have to consider that overall things just didn´t line up for her that night. Not only was she bussed, but she was sick as well, I´m pretty sure she posted a photo at the doctor that morning if I´m correct, and IDF was worried from that point on.

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Brynn was absolutely the TCO of the season, I am not paying attention to IDF that much before, but solely based on the social media numbers, she's got it.


She solidified her frontrunner status on the prelives, especially on her KO performance (although her battle was also FIRE).



Also, (purely based on my observation) not to compare or what but Addison from the previous season had somehow the same authenticity and tone-ish, or maybe the vibes. And Addison got also huge support from that season, so I think that might've been a factor imo.


Another thing, if you can remember, Brynn was like the Alisan of that season finale. She had been given a BIG finale song, then her competitors had been given not-so finale songs. I knew when the song spoilers for the finale was revealed that Brynn would win it all.


Kelly was also a new coach that time, and they tend to pimp new coaches. That worked it for me.


New Coach Status + First Artist on the Team + Minivan Bait + Spot on Song Choices = Winner

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No.  As has been said, Brynn had probably already had the lead for weeks.  She'd gotten the streaming bonus for the Top 11 and Top 10 weeks, and probably the bonuses for the semifinals and the finale, too.  No way did Kyla have a chance in hell of winning.


She might've passed Britton with a better night, but I doubt that, as well.


Kyla didn't even want to win, anyway, so the question seems moot.

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