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Which coach is likely to miss the S19 Finale?


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John, definitely. Holiday is a vocal beast and casuals seem to like him but I don´t think it will be enough to take him to the finale if the format isn´t the same as last season. The rest is DOA as well.


From a strategic standpoint, he messed up big time by letting Cami and Sid go.

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I think Kelly and Blake are locks to be in the finale. Kelly can go with either Desz, Ryan or Cami and Blake with Jim or Sid. And I do think Carter MIGHT make it, but hopefully his voice doesn’t change or crack due to him being only 14. John’s missing it for sure...I think both Ryan and Desz will be in the finale.

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My pick is John


I think John H can sing.. and well, but that tone is gonna get old


Chloe was one chair turn, montaged battle, she really need to have a big night imho, and I don't see her getting bused


Tamera is in competition with Desz .. Idk both are good but they are gonna take vote from each other


I don't know about Bailey it depends on if he can coach her with country and song choices..




Gwen is iffy.. If Ben grabs that PV it will kill her team imho.. Payge or Carter will lose out and those are her best bets


Other then Sid ( to a point) and WTW Blake's team might steal votes within its self not very diverse.  






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Likelihood of missing the finale:

  1. John - John Holiday's a beast, but his tone is polarizing (especially in the highest parts of his register), Tamara's likable but has control issues and flirts with "screamer" territory, Bailey's not bad but is too inexperienced, and Chloe's got a good underdog arc but is facing an uphill battle as a steal.
  2. Kelly - I wanted to put Blake here but he's only missed a finale once, and while Kelly's in that same boat she's also yet to have multiple artists represent her team in the finale (which Blake has done repeatedly). Also, I think her team's post-playoffs lineup is the one that depends most on the 4-way KO results.
  3. Gwen - She's missed the finale before, has yet to place someone higher than fourth, and is hit-or-miss with Minivan. However, she's got two different flavors of Minivan bait in her back pocket + a more unique act that's been very consistent, so I think she can pull it off.
  4. Blake - Minivan loves him, and he's only missed one finale over 18 seasons (so far). I'd be surprised to see him miss it again, but I don't know who on his team will make the finale (unlike Gwen, whose likeliest finale contender I'm more sure of).
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