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Which was the worst change ever in this show?


The worst change in TV was...  

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  1. 1. Choose the worst decision from TPTB

    • Returning team quotas for finale
    • Cross Battles
    • Blocking button in Blinds
    • Bloodbath
    • Comeback stage
    • Saves instead of steals
    • Short seasons
    • Instant save instead of regular votes
    • Dreadful montages
    • Keeping playoffs in only one night
    • Other that I forgot (specify)

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Short seasons for sure I would say. While X-battles were awful, I feel having only 6 performances of the whole season is unfair for the artists. Compared to the past of a finalist performing like 20 times competition/non-competition performances, its really awful how TPTB toned it down to have a bloodbath drama every season since Season 9.

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Short seasons, especially two per year, hurt the most. As a result of that, you get bloodbaths and montages.


The way they blow through contestants is disappointing. And now they don't even get to make early-round studio recordings.

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It's a tie between the Cross Battles and the shorter seasons for me.


If they were to ever try and bring the Cross Battles back, there needs to be some sort of agreement between coaches so that they know which artists go when rather than making on-the-spot decisions and keeping the team in the loop so they're mentally prepared for their opponent (if Kelly's singer ABC is on, then Blake's singer XYZ goes against them, but not necessarily knowing when in the show or which week that might happen so there's an element of surprise for the audience). 


Shorter seasons are also bad, since we don't get the same number of performances/times for results to change/room to see who thrives vs. cracks under the pressure, and the artists don't get the opportunity to show off their skills. For example, from blinds to the finale, here's how many performances S3-S5's winners got vs. S15-S17's (including duets/teams/group performances).

  • Cassadee: 26
  • Danielle: 26
  • Tessanne: 26
  • Chevel: 13
  • Maelyn: 10
  • Jake: 14

Cutting the opportunities for performances from essentially two full albums to barely one is ridiculous - the more opportunities we get to see what a singer can do, the easier it is to determine the types of voice we like and how versatile the artist is as a singer (even if the artists don't explore genres, duets and group performances allow for us to see how well they can work with other types of voices and how well they can harmonize since collaboration is a big part of the music industry). 


I'm not saying 20+ performances is what we need, but at least cutting from 20 -> 12 -> 10 -> 8 -> 6 -> 4 gives us six live solos. Add in the three pre-taped rounds, a team performance, a duet at the top 6, and three songs in the top four + a finale results performance; we'd get 15 songs, which isn't as many as previous seasons but still definitely fills an album and can show plenty of sides of someone's voice. Give the artists the chance to shine, and they'll take it.

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The Audition Comeback challenge.  It isn't because the no-chair turns aren't good, tbh some are great, but It completely defeats the purpose of the blind auditions, and the winner of the comeback challenge doesn't last long in the show anyways. 

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I like the idea of cross battles, but the execution it was terrible.


IMO, the block was the worst thing they came up with. It makes it even more of a gameshow between the coaches, and just hampers contestants who could benefit from the coach that they no longer can pick.

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I heavily dislike shorter seasons, but I think the Cross Battles were the biggest dumpster fire that ever happened to The Voice. 


Shorter seasons feel more "disappointing" rather than upsetting. Cross Battles were just dreadful in every way. 


- Removes the Knockouts, where many artists have the opportunity to shine the most.


- Adds an extra live round, so the producers cut away some of the later live rounds to fit them into the budhet.


- Unbalanced teams with more popular coaches gaining unfair advantage.


- The unpredictability of it all (at least from the contestant's POV) makes it easier for many to crack under the pressure.


- The rigged order of reveals makes it so blatantly obvious who TPTB wants to go through.


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The Cross Battles were objectively the worst addition, but the Bloodbath changed the show's format for the worse, and at the same time it scrapped some features that only could be done with a better format. I found the show more exciting with the format of S3-S8, because the trash contestants didn't last as long as they do now, there were more performances overall and they usually had time to do extra duets and performances from the cast, which helped me get invested with the contestants and made the Tuesday's episodes more fun to watch.


The Bloodbath is also the reason why I tend to rank the older seasons higher than the new ones.

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47 minutes ago, QueenMae16 said:

With its declining budget, they would!


"The winner of The Voice will receive a $100,000 cash prize and a contract with Universal Republic.... to record the four songs he or she performed this season on The Voice to sell on iTunes for $1.29 each."

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If they have to do all this cutting to save on cost because the show's not as profitable anymore for them, why not just cut it back to one longer season per year instead of two short ones? You pay the coaches a little more, but you don't have to pay them twice. That's probably the biggest expense.

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