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Survivor Rankdown 2.0 (Winner Reveal Page 225)


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Leann Slaby

Leann Slaby | Survivor Wiki | Fandom


I have to give Sola credit, I actually am finding myself kinda liking Tammy after watching a "best of" video from her. From who's left, I feel the least amount of attachment to Leann, so sorry, girl! From what I remember hearing about Leann, she was the glue that held the girls' alliance of Vanuatu together. Leann received votes during her first tribal council, but was spared. Afterwards, Leann's spot in the game was pretty secure until it was down to just six of girls and Chris. Wanting to dethrone Ami, Chris, along with Eliza, Twila, and Scout voted for Leann, sending her home. I'm sure I'd have liked Leann fine had I seen the season live, but she seems like someone who was more of a supporting character in the grand scheme of the game so I feel most comfortable cutting Leann here.


Saving Jenn Brown

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Bruce Kanegai


Bruce placed 7th during Survivor: Panama. He may have placed even higher, if not for his iconic medical evacuation where he told his tribe mates he was unable to “pass a deuce”. Prior to that, he was quite well liked by everyone and only received votes in Week 5 from Aras and Bobby. I doubt he would have won if he made it to the end, since he seemed more of a likeable goat than a strategic mastermind, but he brought comic relief to the episodes, for example, when he showed off his martial arts skills for the locals and when he tried to get Cirie to eat raw fish like sushi. Despite his medical evacuation, he returned as part of the jury and voted for Danielle in the end, but she lost to Aras. I like Bruce and honestly think this is a good placement for someone who made it 7th and hasn’t returned since.


Save: Bradley K. because otherwise Kellyn wins Ghost Island

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Tammy Leithner




I am being fair since I am saving Erik, one of Elliott's saves, I'm going to leave Zoey's saves alone. Tammy was on Marquesas, woah blast from the past, and I remember her not at all. That means she played with Boston Rob, and looks like she was part of the Rotu Four and was always considered second in command to John Carroll who I do not remember either other than the fact that he's pretty yummy and has delicious abs. Apparently someone from their alliance betrayed them which ended in their alliance getting backstabbed and screwed. Tammy was pushed to the minority and ultimately led to the demise in her game at 7th place. At least she made jury, good job girl!


save Erik

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Monica Padilla



Look, I like Monica. I think her going down in flames because she threatened to expose Russell is amazing because I don't like Russell. Jason is dumb, but him being dumb led to some truly hilarious moments on Micronesia and I think that makes him a bigger character than Monica. Monica on Samoa was okay up until her last few days where she became great with the whole Russell thing. Prior to that, she was a member of the Galu tribe who watched her allies be picked off one by one by the Foa Foa Four + Shambo. She was extremely excited to win a roasted chicken in the Survivor Auction (RIP the Auction. That gave us so many funny moments over the season. I'm sad it was done away in favor of the "LET'S SEE HOW MANY ADVANTAGES WE CAN INTRODUCE INTO THE GAME!!!!" mantra that the show loves now). She was voted out after coming for Russell when she was on the outs with the majority alliance. She returned for Cambodia, where she was placed on the Bayon tribe that managed to win immunity up until her elimination episode. Once again, I don't really remember doing much until her elimination episode where she went down in flames. I mean, I liked her idea to vote out Spencer to keep the girls' numbers up further down the line. I like that she was thinking about the future of the game. Unfortunately, this was a season where voting blocks and alliances were formed and changed based on what was happening at the moment and not what would happen down the road. So when Kimmi found out about the plan, she ratted Monica out to Jeremy and Spencer and the three of them would vote her out at tribal council because they couldn't trust her.  Monica is nice, but I don't think her contributions to her two seasons were as great as Jason's contributions to Micronesia, so I'm cutting her.


SAVING: Jason Siska


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