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Survivor Rankdown 2.0 (Winner Reveal Page 225)

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Ashley Massaro

Survivor Rank: Everyone - Page 7 - City Of Angels


First of all, I hope Ashley rests in peace. 😢❤️ Ashley competed during Survivor China and ultimately placed 15th, being voted out on day 6. Unfortunately, Ashley became sick really early on and became targeted by Chicken and Dave as a result of this. Her tribe ultimately spared her at their first tribal council. Despite originally viewing Dave as the leader of their tribe, Ashley lost faith in him and got into many arguments with him over the course of the next episode. Despite her best attempts, Ashley was voted out unanimously after this. One thing that was cool about Ashley was her status as a WWE professional wrestler. Overall, I wish Ashley would've been able to last longer in the game, but for a second boot, I think that this is a good spot for her to finish.


Saving Edna

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Wow why does JC hate men, he ranked Sean so low???

Remove my vote out of sheer disgust that Natalie has been eliminated.   You can all say goodbye to any remotely hot guy from now on. Those are now my targets and will be until further notice

Natalie Anderson deserves better than this. 🙂 

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Immune for Andrew's Round:

Chrissy Hofbeck

Rupert Boneham

Twila Tanner

Aubry Bracco

Kim Spradlin

Victoria Baamonde

Noura Salmon

Natalie Bolton

Eliza Orlins

Natalie White

Brenda Lowe

Lauren O'Connell

Chelsea Townsend

Chris Noble

Jan Gentry

Bruce Kanegai

Edna Ma

Tasha Fox

Bradley Kleihege


@sublymonal may now nominate!

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Time to clear out some fodder:

Amy O’Hara (Guatemala, 11th)

Christine Shields Markoski (South Pacific, 13th)

Kelly Czarnecki (Gabon, 13th)

Laura Boneham (BvW, 12th)

Lindsey Richter (Africa, 11th)

Michelle Yi (Fiji, 10th)

Natalie Cole (DvG, 15th)

Osten Taylor (Pearl Islands, 11th)

Ramona Gray (Borneo, 13th)

Randy Bailey (Gabon, 8th/HvV, 18th)

Sherea Lloyd (China, 11th)

Stacey Powell (South Pacific, 16th)

Tyrone Davis (Nicaragua, 16th)

Wendy Diaz (EoE, 15th)

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RANDY BAILEY (Gabon, Heroes Vs Villains)






A great list of noms 😮 There was no one I was rushing to save tbh. But I guess I'll make a #bigmove and cut the biggest character out of this list. I actually sort of enjoy Randy at times and think from a pure entertainment standpoint, he's got it going on. I also think it's super sweet that he invited a group of random friends to attend the Gabon finale as his "family members." I've just honestly never been a huge fan of his and think his brand of entertainment got a little tiresome by the end of the season. Randy started out on the much weaker Fang tribe and you could tell he hated literally everyone on his tribe...I don't blame him because this season was full of messssssy people (even if Randy is one of those lmao). Randy is featured in many iconic moments in this pre-merge, especially known for his generally being over with GC as the tribe "leader." He found some luck and switched to the new Kota tribe, where he was integrated into his long-term alliance with Corinne, Charlie, Marcus, etc. The ~~~~onions~~~~. After a SECOND tribe swap, he switched back to Fang where they won immunity so he survived. Then the merge hits, you can look up the rest, Randy's alliance which was supposed to run the game ended up in the minority, and they were picked off. Randy made it to 8th place. Poor crumudgeony Randy.


In HvV, he didn't fare as well. He was on the Villains tribe, who won the first two immunities. Once the Villians did go to Tribal Council, it was clear he was on the outs and he was voted out in an easy unanimous 9-1 vote. It seemed the players had something against Gabon survivors as Sugar was voted out first over on the Heroes side. Can you blame them, that cast is crazy :haha: Anyway out he goes from the rankdown!


Saving: Sherea

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Osten Taylor



Oh boy I saw these noms like an hour ago but I was too busy following the BB22 pre-season drama to actually make a cut :dead:. I guess I’ll do it now. I love Pearl Islands so I try to avoid cutting from them as much as possible, but this is a good spot for Osten. I used to hate him when I first got into the show because I was such a purist and I was like “How dare anyone quit!!!!!111!!!!1”. Now I’m like whocurr. If they want to quit let them quit! (-Cirie -Me). Allegedly he didn’t really quit and he was actually really sick so we should give him a break! But I won’t because him quitting is what makes him funny :giggle:. I love when the overly muscled macho men or actually pathetic at challenges and camplife :wub:. Him flopping at the hold your weight challenge and holding less than Christa :wub:. His rivalry and fear of Pete the Pelican :wub:. He stuck with his alliance and took out the outsiders, but then quit when Tijuana likely would’ve left next so THANKS! And Lill returned anyways so he didn’t outlast anyone I actually care about.


Save Natalie

Edited by Alex95
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16 minutes ago, Alex95 said:

There’s no way @Elliott signed off on the Lindsey nom :dead:

I didn't hear him properly when he was telling me the nominations so naturally I've done a dramatic leave and am upstairs.

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Amy O'Hara

SURVIVOR Guatemala - Amy: Final Words - YouTube


I hope no one's too upset about me choosing to eliminate Amy, but funnily enough, I kinda like all these fodder people and Amy happened to be the singular person that I didn't really have an opinion on. Amy competed on Survivor Guatemala and placed 11th, which was unfortunately one vote shy of the merge. Despite this, Amy was well liked by her tribemates and was really only cut due to her sustaining repeated injuries on her ankle. One interesting factoid about Amy is that she was a last minute replacement for Tina Scheer, who participated during the following season. Again, sorry if anyone's particularly fond of Amy, but she was the clear choice for me to eliminate.


Saving Ramona (ugh, I wish I could also save Christine and Stacey, but Ramona's top priority to me right now lol)

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Kelly competed on Survivor: Gabon, and she was originally placed on the Kota tribe. She and Paloma formed a bond early on, but this alliance was short-lived after Paloma was the first one voted out of the Kota tribe. Kelly was on the outs, but she benefited from a tribe swap the following day. Although she was deemed the least valuable member of the tribe, she was still selected by Kenny to join the new Fang tribe. Kelly was joined by her former Kota tribe members Ace and Jacquie, but she flipped on them and teamed up with original Fang tribe members Kenny, Crystal, and GC. This new alliance stuck together and voted out Jacquie. Sugar joined the tribe after Jacquie's elimination, and Matty was on the tribe too. However, Kelly's new alliance lost two members the following two tribal councils, including Kelly. First GC asked to be voted out, and then Kelly butted heads with Crystal; Kelly called her weak for crying after losing the challenge. Due to irritating the tribe, Kelly was voted out in a 5-1 vote. Kelly lasted 18 days and finished in 13th place overall. Kelly was pretty much a background character, so it's kind of surprising she lasted this long in the rankdown. I think the popularity of Survivor: Gabon might've helped her last this long in the game, but out she goes from the rankdown now.


And I'm saving Wendy.


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Laura Boneham

Laura goes here for two reasons. I don’t remember her and I can’t stand her husband. Laura was selected to play in Survivor Blood vs Water. She’s married to Rupert, who seems to return far too much so it was only a matter of time before they came up with another twist to force another Boneham down our throats. I suppose this season was decent and introduced us to some Survivor greats. Unfortunately Laura wasn’t one of those and didn’t even make it to the halfway mark after her tribe viewed her as unpredictable. She can leave here now.


Saving Michelle.


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Tyrone Davis



Considering he was a part of my last two nominations, me cutting him shouldn't be surprising. Sure, he's a fun character, but at this point where we're starting to get to the end game, I think this is a very fair spot for a 16th placer to go out in. Tyrone was on Nicaragua, which was kin of a "meh" season to me, as I only cared for a handful of castaways. This was one of those seasons where the tribes were divided by age and Tyrone was placed on a tribe with the other older people. He didn't receive any votes before the swap, but he was voted out at the swap tribal council because he rubbed the younger tribe members the wrong way. I was fine with that though, because that meant Na'Onka was spared and could continue to bring the entertainment that the season needed. I'm definitely forgetting the specifics when it comes to him, but I'm just trying to get this write-up in on time. This is a great placement for him in this rankdown, though.


SAVING: Christine Shields Markosi

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