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Survivor Rankdown 2.0 (Winner Reveal Page 225)


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Survivor Logos


Season Winners:





Top 20:

1.  Courtney Yates

2.  Sandra Diaz-Twine

3.  Parvati Shallow

4. Sophie Clarke

5. Abi-Maria Gomes

6. Natalie White

7. Kassandra "Kass" McQuillen

8. Jerri Manthey

9. Jenna Morasca

10.  Teresa "T-Bird" Cooper

11.  Rob Cesternino

12.  Kim Spradlin

13.  Peih-Gee Law

14.  Michaela Bradshaw

15.  Crystal Cox

16.  Heidi Strobel

17.  Susan Hawk

18.  Yul Kwon

19.  Sean Rector

20.  Ian Rosenberger



Rankdown 1.0 Winner



The Rules:

-We will have a predetermined amount of rankers that will embark on a mission to collectively rank every reality star.

-At the beginning of the round random.org will determine the order the rankers will nominate.

-Whoever is chosen to nominate first will nominate a predetermined amount contestants and the other rankers will have 24 hours to save one contestant and eliminate one. To eliminate and save once the nominations have been revealed, it's first come first serve so get to it fast!

-Since this is a ranking you should have a writeup prepared for whoever you're cutting to explain your reasoning (they don't have to be too long, I expect just a minimum of 100 words).

-After decisions have been made on those contestants, the next ranker on random.org will do the same thing, nominate a predetermined number of contestants (you can not nominate anyone who was just saved in the last set of cuts though) and the other rankers will save one and eliminate one.

-We will cycle through all the rankers until they have nominated and then the round will end.

-At the beginning of each new round I will reveal a pre-planned twist to the round, and we will also create a new nominating order from random.org

-Once the nominations are posted you will have 24 hours to make your cut and save. If you do not make your cut in time (unless you tell me you're going to be away) you will get a strike and whoever made the nominations can make the cut and save. Three strikes and you're out and I get to name a new ranker in your place.  These rules will be strictly followed.

-If you wanto to get your cut in right when you see the nominations and wanna take time for your write-up, you can post who you're cutting and saving and then you'll have half an hour to make a new post with your write-up. However, the contestants is back up for grabs if you take too long to edit. When I say half an hour, I mean 30 minutes. If you make your cut and save at 12:15, you have until 12:45 to post your write up. Another ranker cannot swoop in and take your cut and save until 12:46! AS HOST I WILL ONLY ACCEPT 2 REFRESHES.

-Make sure all your nominees are within the confines of the twists and the rules of the game (i.e. no one who has already been eliminated or was saved last round are among your nominees). If this rule is broken, I'm afraid the round resets and you will have to completely renominate.


- In this addition of the Survivor Rankdown there will be challenges in between each cycle that could influence the game.  Rankers are encouraged to take part in these side games!

- If you agree to the the rules, when applying put a thumbs up emoji as your answer to the last question.



To Play:

-You don't have to have seen every season of the show, but I am expecting a broad knowledge of the show to participate. 

-Every time I have seen this game get played people will inevitably go for the big dogs and it WILL get cutthroat. If this does not sound like your kind of game don't sign up. DEALS ARE ENCOURAGED.

-I expect you to be active enough that you can write about 100 words about 1 contestant every 24 hours. If you don't think you can log on once a day to do at least that, don't sign up. If you plan on going on vacation or being away for a while, just let me know and I can get a substitution for you while you're away.

-There will be an application you have to fill out so I can make sure every ranker doesn't have the same preference. However, I do plan on choosing rankers who have seen the most seasons to participate or first come, first serve.

-You don't have to even be super active on the boards to play! If you're a more mysterious poster, that might make it easier for you to hide your faves and help them sneak through the cracks.



Disclaimer: These rules were borrowed from Alex, and modified by me to suit the rankdown I want to run.




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Survivor: Borneo (Season 1)

Susan Hawk

Colleen Haskell

Greg Buis

Ramona Gray

Jenna Lewis

Sean Kenniff

Richard Hatch

Kelly Wiglesworth

Gretchen Cordy

Gervase Peterson

Rudy Boesch

Stacey Stillman

Bill Byron "B.B." Anderson

Joel Klug

Sonja Christopher

Dirk Been


Survivor: The Australian Outback (Season 2)

Jerri Manthey

Colby Donaldson

Tina Wesson

Kimmi Kappenberg

Keith Famie

Alicia Calaway

Elizabeth Filarski

Rodger Bingham

Nick Brown

Amber Brkich

Maralyn "Mad Dog" Hereshey

Kel Gleason

Mitchell Olson

Debb Eaton

Jeff Varner

Michael Skupin


Survivor: Africa (Season 3)

Teresa "T-Bird" Cooper

Ethan Zohn

Lindsey Richter

Kelly Goldsmith

Clarence Black

Kim Powers

Kim Johnson

Frank Garrison

Lex van den Berge

Brandon Quinton

Tom Buchman

Jessie Camacho

Linda Spencer

Diane Ogden

Carl Bilancione

Silas Gaither


Survivor: Marquesas (Season 4)

Sean Rector

Vecepia Towery

Neleh Dennis

John Carroll

Tammy Leithner

Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien

Zoe Zanidakis

Gabriel Cade

Gina Crews

Robert "Rob" Mariano

Robert DeCanio

Sarah Jones

Peter Harkey

Hunter Ellis

Patricia Jackson

Paschal English


Survivor: Thailand (Season 5)

Shii Ann Huang

Jan Gentry

Robert "Robb" Zbacnik

Helen Glover

Ghandia Johnson

Ken Stafford

Jake Billingsley

Penny Ramsey

Clay Jordan

Tanya Vance

Erin Collins

Ted Rogers, Jr.

Jed Hildebrand

Stephanie Dill

Brian Heidik

John Raymond


Survivor: Amazon (Season 6)

Jenna Morasca

Rob Cesternino

Heidi Strobel

Deena Bennett

Matthew von Ertfelda

Christy Smith

Shawna Mitchell

Butch Lockley

Alex Bell

Jeanne Hebert

Dave Johnson

JoAnna Ward

Daniel Lue

Ryan Aiken

Janet Koth

Roger Sexton


Survivor: Pearl Islands (Season 7)

Sandra Diaz-Twine

Lillian Morris

Rupert Boneham

Burton Roberts

Jon "Jonny Fairplay" Dalton

Christa Hastie

Osten Taylor

Tijuana Bradley

Ryan Opray

Darrah Johnson

Shawn Cohen

Andrew Savage

Trish Dunn

Michelle Tesauro

Ryan Shoulders

Nicole Delma


Survivor: Vanuatu (Season 9)

Ami Cusack

Twila Tanner

Eliza Orlins

Scout Cloud Lee

Julie Berry

Leann Slaby

Chris Daughtery

Rory Freeman

Lea "Sarge" Masters

Brady Finta

Mia Galeotalanza

John Kenney

James "Chad" Crittenden

Lisa Keiffer

Travis "Bubba" Sampson

Dolly Neely

John "J.P.: Palyok

Brook Geraghty


Survivor: Palau (Season 10)

Ian Rosenberger

Stephenie LaGrossa

Bobby Jon Drinkard

Tom Westman

Caryn Groedel

Janu Tornell

Jennifer "Jenn" Lyon

Gregg Carey

Angie Jakusz

Ibrehem Rahman

James Miller

Coby Archa

Katie Gallagher

Jeff Wilson

Wanda Shirk

Jolanda Jones

Ashlee Ashby

Jonathan Libby

Kimberly "Kim" Mullen

Willard Smith


Survivor: Guatemala (Season 11)

Lydia Morales

Danni Boatwright

Jamie Newton

Gary Hogeboom

Cindy Hall

Judd Sergeant

Amy O'Hara

Margaret Bobonich

Brandon Bellinger

Brian Corridan

Blake Towsley

Brooke Struck

Rafe Judkins

Brianna Varela

Morgan McDevitt

Jim Lynch


Survivor: Panama (Season 12)

Aras Baskauskas

Danielle DiLorenzo

Cirie Fields

Shane Powers

Courtney Merit

Bruce Kanegai

Tina Scheer

Sally Schumann

Bobby Mason

Ruth Marie Milliman

Misty Giles

Dan Barry

Nick Stanbury

Melinda Hyder

Austin Carty

Terry Deitz


Survivor: Cook Islands (Season 13)

Parvati Shallow

Yul Kwon

Candice Woodcock

Jonathan Penner

Stephannie Favor

Sundra Oakley

Oscar "Ozzy" Lusth

Cristina Coria

Cecilia Mansilla

Jenny Guzon-Bae

John "J.P." Calderon

Rebecca Borman

Rebekah "Becky" Lee

Adam Gentry

Brad Virata

Virgilio "Billy" Garcia

Nathan "Nate" Gonzalez

Ahn-Tuan "Cao Boi" Bui

Sekoe Bunch

Jessica "Flicka" Smith


Survivor: Fiji (Season 14)

Yau-Man Chan

Stacey Kimball

Michelle Yi

Sylvia Kwan

Cassandra Franklin

Earl Cole

Kenward "Boo" Bernis

Edgardo Rivera

Andria "Dreamz" Herd

Alex Angarita

Anthony Robinson

Lisette "Lisi" Linares

Rita Verreos

Mookie Lee

Erica Durousseau

Gary Stritesky

Liliana Gomez

James "Rocky" Reid

Jessica deBen


Survivor: China (Season 15)

Courtney Yates

Peih-Gee Law

Todd Herzog

Jaime Dugan

Sherea Lloyd

Amanda Kimmel

Ashley Massaro

Michael "Frosti" Zernow

James Clement

Erik Huffman

Leslie Nease

Jean-Robert Bellande

Aaron Reisberger

Denise Martin

Dave Cruser

Steve "Chicken" Morris


Survivor: Micronesia (Season 16)

Natalie Bolton

Erik Reichenbach

Jason Siska

Tracy Hughes-Wolf

Alexis Jones

Chet Welch

Michael "Mikey" Bortone

Joel Anderson

Mary Sartain

Kathleen "Kathy" Sleckman


Survivor: Gabon (Season 17)

Crystal Cox

Jessica "Sugar" Kiper

Susie Smith

Ken Hoang

Dan Kay

Kelly Czarnecki

Randy Bailey

Paloma Soto-Castillo

Gillian Larson

Matty Whitmore

Jacquie Berg

Danny "GC" Brown

Marcus Lehman

Ace Gordon

Charlie Herschel

Robert "Bob" Crowley

JPCorinne Kaplan

Michelle Chase


Survivor: Tocantins (Season 18)

Stephen Fishbach

Erinn Lobdell

Tamara "Taj" Johnson-George

Sierra Reed

Brendan Synnott

Benjamin "Coach" Wade

Debra "Debbie" Beebe

Tyson Apostol

James "J.T." Thomas

Sydney Wheeler

Spencer Duhm

Joe Dowdle

Sandy Burgin

Carolina Eastwood

Candace Smith

Jerry Sims


Survivor: Samoa (Season 19)

Natalie White

Laura Morett

Jaison Robinson

Monica Padilla

Yasmin Giles

Erik Cardona

Brett Clouser

Mick Trimming

John Fincher

Betsy Bolan

Shannon "Shambo" Waters

Kelly Sharbaugh

Elizabeth "Liz" Kim

Marisa Calihan

Ashley Trainer

Dave Ball

Russell Swan

Russell Hantz

Ben Browning

Mike Borassi


Survivor: Nicaragua (Season 21)

Brenda Lowe

Jane Bright

Holly Hoffman

Chase Rice

Tyrone Davis

Kelly Shinn

Jud "Fabio" Birza

Matthew "Sash" Lenahan

Jill Behm

Dan Lembo

Alina Wilson

Kelly Bruno

NaOnka Mixon

Ben "Benry" Henry

Wendy DeSmidt-Kohlhoff

Marty Piombo

Jimmy Johnson

Yve Rojas

James "Jimmy" Tarantino

Shannon Elkins


Survivor: Redemption Island (Season 22)

Andrea Boehlke

Francesca Hogi

Ashley Underwood

Julie Wolfe

Grant Matthos

Mike Chiesl

Kristina Kell

Steve Wright

Stephanie Valencia

Sarita White

Matt Elrod

Ralph Kiser

Krista Klumpp

David Murphy

Phillip Sheppard

Natalie Tenerelli


Survivor: South Pacific (Season 23)

Sophie Clarke

Edna Ma

Dawn Meehan

Albert Destrade

Christine Shields-Markoski

Stacey Powell

Whitney Duncan

Mikayla Wingle

Elyse Umemoto

John Cochran

Rick Nelson

Brandon Hantz

Keith Tollefson

Semhar Tadesse

Jim Rice

Mark "Papa Bear" Caruso


Survivor: One World (Season 24)

Kim Spradlin

Christina Cha

Monica Culpepper

Sabrina Thompson

Michael Jefferson

Jonas Otsuji

Bill Posley

Kat Edorsson

Matt Quinlan

Leif Manson

Greg "Tarzan" Smith

Kourtney Moon

Troy "troyzan" Robertson

Chelsea Meissner

Nina Acosta

Jay Byars

Colton Cumbie

Alicia Rosa


Survivor: Philippines (Season 25)

Abi-Maria Gomes

Lisa Whelchel

Peter "Pete" Yurkowski

Angelia "Angie" Layton

Katie Hanson

Malcolm Freberg

Artis Silvester

Roxanne "Roxy" Morris

Sarah Dawson

Roberta "RC" Saint-Amour

Denise Stapley

Dana Lambert

Carter Williams

Zane Knight

Jeff Kent


Survivor: Caramoan (Season 26)

Edward "Eddie" Fox

Sherri Biethman

Laura Alexander

Michael Snow

Reynold Toepfer

Julia Landauer

Shamar Thomas

Matt Bischoff

Alexandra "Allie" Pohevitz

Hope Driskill


Survivor: Blood vs. Water (Season 27)

Ciera Eastin

Katie Collins

Hayden Moss

John Cody

Laura Boneham

Brad Culpepper

Vytas Baskauskas

Caleb Bankston

Marissa Peterson

Rachel Foulger


Survivor: Cagayan (Season 28)

Kassandra "Kass" McQuillen

J'Tia Taylor

Trish Hegarty

Sarah Lacina

Morgan McLeod

Spencer Bledsoe

Tony Vlachos

Brice Johnston

Latasha "Tasha" Fox

Yung "Woo" Hwang

Jefra Bland

Cliff Robinson

Alexis Maxwell

Jeremiah Wood

David Samson

Lindsey Ogle

Garrett Adelstein

LJ McKanas


Survivor: San Juan del Sur (Season 29)

Kelley Wentworth

Jon Misch

Jaclyn Schultz

Natalie Anderson

Val Collins

Keith Nale

Missy Payne

Alec Christy

Baylor Wilson

Jeremy Collins

Nadiya Anderson

Wes Nale

Reed Kelly

Julie McGee

Drew Christy

Josh Canfield

Dale Wentworth

John Rocker

Survivor: Worlds Apart (Season 30)

Mike Holloway

Jenn Brown

Shirin Oskooi

Carolyn Rivera

Hali Ford

So Kim

Rodney Lavoie Jr.

Sierra Dawn Thomas

Lindsey Cascaddan

Joaquin Souberbielle

Tyler Fredrickson

Nina Poersch

Kelly Remington

Max Dawson

Joe Anglim

Vince Sly

Dan Foley

Will Sims II


Survivor: Kaoh Rong (Season 32)

Cydney Gillon

Michele Fitzgerald

Aubry Bracco

Tai Trang

Alecia Holden

Joseph "Joe" Del Campo

Julia Sokolowski

Nick Maiorano

Debbie Wanner

Jennifer Lanzetti

Darnell Hamilton

Caleb Reynolds

Peter Baggenstos

Elisabeth "Liz" Markham

Neal Gottlieb

Kyle Jason

Scot Pollard

Anna Khait


Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X (Season 33)

Michaela Bradshaw

Ken McNickle

Hannah Shapiro

Adam Klein

Jessica Lewis

Michelle Schuberty

Justin "Jay" Starrett

David Wright

Zeke Smith

Ciandre "CeCe" Taylor

Chris Hammons

Lucy Huang

Bret LaBelle

Mari Takahashi

Sunday Burquest

Will Wahl

Rachel Ako

Taylor Lee Stocker

Jessica "Figgy" Figueroa

Paul Wachter


Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers (Season 35)

Chrissy Hofbeck

Devon Pinto

Jessica Johnston

Alexandrea "Ali" Elliott

Ashley Nolan

John Paul "JP" Hilsabeck

Cole Medders

Desiree "Desi" Williams

Alan Ball

Simone Nguyen

Lauren Rimmer

Ben Driebergen

Patrick Bolton

Roark Luskin

Ryan Ulrich

Mike Zahalsky

Joe Mena

Katrina Radke


Survivor: Ghost Island (Season 36)

Chris Noble

Kellyn Bechtold

Bradley Kleihege

Chelsea Townsend

Stephanie Johnson

James Lim

Wendell Holland

Donathan Hurley

Brendan Shapiro

Desiree Afuye

Domenick Abbate

Michael Yerger

Angela Perkins

Stephanie Gonzalez

Laurel Johnson

Libby Vincek

Jenna Bowman

Sebastian Noel

Morgan Ricke

Jacob Derwin


Survivor: David vs. Goliath (Season 37)

Angelina Keeley

Mike White

Davie Rickenbacker

Nick Wilson

Gabby Pascuzzi

Natalie Cole

Kara Kay

Christian Hubicki

Alison Raybould

John Hennigan

Alec Merlino

Carl Boudreaux

Dan Rengering

Lyrsa Torres

Natalia Azoqa

Elizabeth Olson

Bi Nguyen

Jeremy Crawford

Jessica Peet

Pat Cusack


Survivor: Edge of Extinction (Season 38)

Aurora McCreary

Victoria Baamonde

Lauren O'Connell

Julie Rosenberg

Wendy Diaz

Gavin Whitson

Chris Underwood

Reem Daly

Julia Carter

Ron Clark

Eric Hafemann

Keith Sowell

Dan "The Wardog" DaSilva

Rick Devens


Survivor: Island of the Idols (Season 39)

Karishma Patel

Kellee Kim

Dean Kowalski

Jamal Shipman

Janet Carbin

Noura Salman

Lauren Beck

Tommy Sheehan

Missy Byrd

Elaine Stott

Chelsea Walker

Molly Byman

Jack Nichting

Jason Linden

Vince Moua

Aaron Meredith

Ronnie Bardah

Tom Laidlaw

Dan Spilo

Elizabeth Beisel

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~Final Ranking~


1.  Courtney Yates

2.  Sandra Diaz-Twine

3.  Parvati Shallow

4.  Sophie Clarke

5.  Abi-Maria Gomes

6.  Natalie White

7.  Kass McQuillen

8.  Jerri Manthey

9.  Jenna Morasca

10.  Teresa "T-Bird" Cooper

11.  Rob Cesternino

12.  Kim Spradlin-Wolfe

13.  Peih-Gee Law

14.  Michaela Bradshaw

15.  Crystal Cox

16.  Heidi Strobel

17.  Sue Hawk

18.  Yul Kwon

19.  Sean Rector

20.  Ian Rosenberger


~Cycle 14 Cuts~


21.  Shii Ann Huang

22.  Angelina Keeley

23.  Cydney Gillion

24.  Karishma Patel

25.  Todd Herzog

26.  Jessica "Sugar" Kiper

27.  Vecepia Towery

28.  Lillian Morris


~Cycle 13 Cuts~


29.  Kellee Kim

30.  Colleen Haskell

31.  Aras Baskaukas

32.  Danielle DiLorenzo

33.  Ken McNickle

34.  J'Tia Taylor

35.  Cirie Fields

36.  Mike Holloway


~Cycle 12 Cuts~


37.  Ami Cusack

38.  Jaime Dugan

39.  Aurora McCreary

40.  Yau-Man Chan

41.  Greg Buis

42.  Ciera Eastin

43.  Ethan Zohn

44.  Andrea Boehlke


~Cycle 11 Cuts~


45.  Stephen Fishbach

46.  Deena Bennett

47.  Lisa Welchel

48.  Michele Fitzgerald

49.  Hannah Shapiro

50.  Stacey Kimball

51.  Victoria Baamonde

52.  Twila Tanner


~Cycle 10 Cuts~


53.  Candice Cody

54.  Trish Hegarty

55.  Brenda Lowe

56.  Chrissy Hofbeck

57.  Rupert Boneham

58.  Aubry Bracco

59.  Adam Klein

60.  Kelley Wentworth

61.  Stephenie LaGrossa

62.  Jon Misch

63.  Bobby John Drinkard

64.  Dean Kowalski

65.  Michelle Yi

66.  Shane Powers

67.  Jane Bright

68.  Sherea Lloyd

69.  Devon Pinto

70.  Lindsey Richter

71.  Ramona Gray

72.  Edna Ma

73.  Chris Noble

74.  Eliza Orlins

75.  Natalie Bolton

76.  Jaclyn Schultz


~Cycle 9 Cuts~


77.  Jamal Shipman

78.  Jenn Brown

79.  Holly Hoffman

80.  Jenna Lewis

81.  Erinn Lobdell

82.  Jan Gentry

83.  Taj Johnson-George

84.  Dawn Meehan

85.  Katie Collins

86.  Shirin Oskooi

87.  Albert Destrade

88.  Kelly Goldsmith

89.  Mike White

90.  Clarence Black


~Cycle 8 Cuts~


91.  Tom Westman

92.  Sierra Reed

93.  Sean Kenniff

94.  Davie Rickenbacker

95.  Christina Cha

96.  Sarah Lacina

97.  Janet Carbin

98.  Nick WIlson

99.  Matthew von Ertfelda

100.  Eddie Fox

101.  Burton Roberts

102.  Morgan McLeod

103.  Gabby Pascuzzi

104.  Spencer Bledsoe

105.  Courtney Merit

106.  Natalie Cole

107.  Neleh Dennis

108.  Scout Cloud Lee

109.  Susie Smith

110.   Laura Morett

111.   Caryn Groedel

112.  Robert "Robb" Zbacnik

113.  Chase Rice

114.  Amanda Kimmel

115.  Colby Donaldson

116.  John Carroll

117.  Tony Vlachos

118.  Hayden Moss

119.  Jon "Johnny Fairplay" Dalton

120.   Janu Tornell

121.   Lydia Morales

122.   Ken Hoang

123.   Erik Reichenbach

124.   Kara Kay

125.  Kellyn Bechtold

126.  Brice Johnson

127.  Sylvia Kwan

128.  Monica Culpepper

129.  Pete Yurkowski

130.  Bradley Kleihege

131.   Jason Siska

132.  Brendan Synnott 

133.  Tina Wesson

133.   Sabrina Thompson

135.   Noura Salman

136.   Jenn Lyon

137.   Francesca Hogi

138.  Lauren O'Connell

139.  Danni Boatwright

140.  Tai Trang

141.  Christian Hubicki

142.  Julie Rosenberg

143.  Tasha Fox

144.  Jaison Robinson

145.  Alison Raybould

146.  Woo Hwang



~Cycle 7 Cuts~


VOID.  Natalie Cole

147.  Christa Hastie

148.  Julie Berry

149.  Christine Shields-Markoski

150.  Sherri Biethman

151.  Wendy Diaz

VOID.  Shirin Oskooi

152.  Kimmi Kappenberg

153.  Jamie Newton

154.  Jonathan Penner

155.  Gary Hogeboom

156.  John Cody

157.  Cindy Hall

VOID.  Colleen Haskell

158.  Monica Padilla

159.  Tammy Leithner

160.  Bruce Kanegai

161.  Leann Slaby

162.  Judd Sergeant

163.  Chelsea Townsend

164.  Gavin Whitson

165.  Dan Kay

166.  Jessica Johnston

VOID.  Bobby Jon Drinkard

167.  Angie Layton

168.  Alecia Holden

VOID.  Dean Kowalski

VOID.  Chris Noble

169.  Stacey Powell

170.  Tyrone Davis

171.  Laura Boneham

172.  Kelly Czarnecki

173.  Amy O'Hara

174.  Osten Taylor

175.  Randy Bailey

176.  Ashley Massaro

177.  Joe Del Campo

178.  Kelly Shinn

179.  Stephanie Johnson

180.  Gregg Carey

181.  Yasmin Giles

182.  Tijuana Bradley

183.  Chris Underwood

184.  Richard Hatch

185.  Ali Elliott

186.  Frosti Zernow

187.  Kim Powers

188.  Keith Famie

189.  Alicia Calaway

VOID.  Dawn Meehan

190.  Erik Cardona

191.  Katie Hanson

192.  Paloma Soto-Castillo

193.  John Hennigan

194.  Margaret Bobonich

195.  Ryan Opray



~Cycle 6 Cuts~


VOID.  Eddie Fox

196.  Malcolm Freberg

197.  Jessica Lewis

198.  Chris Daughtery

199.  Christy Smith

200.  Brett Clouser

201.  Ashley Nolan

202.  JP Hilsabeck

203.  Reem Daly

VOID.  Taj Johnson-George

204.  Elizabeth Filarski

205.  Tray Hughes-Wolfe

206.  Whitney Duncan

207.  Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien

208.  Carolyn Rivera

209.  Gillian Larson

210.  Lauren Beck

211.  Kim Johnson

212.  Cassandra Franklin

213.  Kelly Wiglesworth

214.  Jud "Fabio" Birza

215.  Cole Medders

216.  Earl Cole

217.  Natalie Anderson

218.  Frank Garrison

219.  Boo Bernis

220.  Stephannie Favor

221.  Angie Jakusz

222.  Desi Williams

223.  Rodger Bingham

224.  Mick Trimming

225.  Tommy Sheehan

226.  Matty Whitmore

227.  James Clement

228.  Alexis Jones

229.  Sundra Oakley

230.  John Fincher

231.  Darrah Johnson

232.  Julia Sokowolski

233.  Matthew "Sash" Lenahan

234.  Zoe Zanidakis

235.  Alec Merlino

236.  Rory Freeman

237.  Artis Silvester

238.  Carl Bodreaux

239.  Gretchen Cordy

240.  Edgardo Rivera

241.  Dan Rengering

242.  Brandon Bellinger

243.  Betsy Bolan

244.  Shawna Mitchell

245.  Ibrehem Rahman

246.  Jill Behm

247.  Michelle Schubert

248.  Benjamin "Coach" Wade

249.  James Miller

250.  Dan Lembo

251.  Michael Jefferson

252.  Brad Culpepper

253.  Jay Starrett

254.  Alan Ball

255.  Nick Maiorano

256.  Simone Nguyen

257.  Lyrsa Torres




~Cycle 5 Cuts ~


258.  Debbie Wanner

259.  David Wright

260.  Tina Sheer

261.  Julia Carter

262.  Val Collins

263.  Missy Byrd

264.  Lauren Rimmer

265.  Shawn Cohen

266.  Butch Lockley

267.  James Lim

268.  Roxy Morris

269.  Sally Schumann

270.  Alina Wilson

271.  Natalia Azoqa

272.  Ozzy Lusth

273.  Keith Nale

274.  Hali Ford

275.  Gervase Peterson

276.  Erik Huffman

277.  Bobby Mason

278.  Cristina Coria

279.  Alec Christy

280.  Nick Brown

281.  Lea "Sarge" Masters

282.  Zeke Smith

283.  Sarah Dawson

284.  CeCe Taylor

285.  Ben Driebergen

286.  Mikayla Wingle

287.  So Kim

288.  Jennifer Lanzetti

289.  RC Saint-Amour

290.  Rodney Lavoie Jr.

291.  Cecilia Mansilla

292.  Brady Finta

293.  Jenny Guzon-Bae

294.  Jonas Otsuji

295.  Bill Posley

296.  Elyse Umemoto

297.  Debbie Beebe

298.  Coby Archa

299.  John "JP" Calderon

300.  Elaine Stott

301.  Darnell Hamilton

302.  Elizabeth Olson

303.  Caleb Reynolds

304.  Patrick Bolton

305.  Chris Hammons

306.  Roark Luskin

307.  Katie Gallagher

308.  Wendall Holland

309.  Missy Payne

310.  Andria "Dreamz" Herd

311.  Tyson Apostol

312.  Denise Stapley

313.  Amber Brkich



~Cycle 4 Cuts~


314.  Ruth Marie Milliman

315.  Rebecca Borman

316.  Laura Alexander

317.  Kelly Bruno

318.  Helen Glover

319.  Shannon "Shambo" Waters

320.  Jacquie Berg

321.  Lucy Huang

322.  Bi Nguyen

323.  Donathan Hurley

324.  Chelsea Walker

VOID:  Ben Driebergen

325.  Bret Labelle

326.  Brendan Shapiro

327.  Danny "GC" Brown

328.  Brian Corridan

329.  Kelly Sharbaugh

330.  Elizabeth "Liz" Kim

331.  Alex Angarita

332.  Marisa Calihan

333.  Misty Giles

334.  John Cochran

335.  Kat Edorsson

336.  Baylor Wilson

337.  NaOnka Mixon

338.  Jeremy Collins

339.  Nadiya Anderson

340.  Sierra Dawn Thomas

341.  Alex Bell

342.  James "J.T." Thomas

343.  Lindsey Cascaddan

344.  Ron Clark

345.  Desiree Afuye

346.  Jefra Bland

349.  Sydney Wheeler

348.  Maralyn "Mad Dog" Hershey

349.  Jeanne Hebert

350.  Mia Galeotalanza

351.  Gabriel Cade

352.  Gina Crews

353.  Jeff Wilson

354.  Dave Johnson

355.  Vytas Baskauskas

356.  Becky Lee

357.  Andrew Savage

358.  Ryan Ulrich

359.  Mari Takahashi

360.  John Kenney

361.  Marcus Lehman

362.  Domenick Abbate

363.  Mike Zahalsky

364.  Ace Gordon

365.  Rick Nelson

366.  Lex van den Berghe

367.  Rob "Boston Rob" Mariano

VOID:  Tony Vlachos



~Cycle 3 Cuts~


368.  Robert "The General" DeCanio

369.  Dan Barry

370.  Michael Snow

371.  Ashley Underwood

372.  Reynold Toepfer

373.  Michael Yerger

374.  Eric Hafemann

375.  Anthony Robinson

376.  Leslie Nease

377.  Jean-Robert Bellande

378.  Spencer Duhm

379.  Ashley Trainer

380.  Lisi Linares

381.  Blake Towsley

382.  Nick Stanbury

383.  Matt Quinlan

384.  Adam Gentry

385.  Aaron Reisberger

386.  Joe Dowdle

387.  Kel Gleason

388.  Chad Crittenden

389.  Brandon Quinton

VOID.  Devon Pinto

390.  Brad Virata

391.  Caleb Bankston

392.  Rudy Boesch

393.  Ben "Benry" Henry

394.  Wes Nale

395.  Molly Byman

396.  Peter Baggenstos

397.  Angela Perkins

398.  Liz Markham

399.  Keith Sowell

400.  Wardog DaSilva

401.  Sunday Burquest

402.  Cliff Robinson

403.  Brandon Hantz

404.  Marissa Peterson

405.  Julie Wolfe

406.  Alexis Maxwell

407.  Joaquin Souberbielle

408.  Jeremiah Wood

409.  Sandy Burgin

410.  Melinda Hyder

411.  Brooke Struck

412.  Wanda Shirk

413.  Stephanie Gonzalez

414.  Dana Lambert

415.  Carolina Eastwood

416.  Ghandia Johnson

417.  Joanna Ward

418.  Jolanda Jones

419.  Trish Dunn

420.  Lisa Keiffer

421.  Sarah Jones

422.  Stacey Stillman



~Cycle 2 cuts~


423.  Denise Martin

424.  Bubba Sampson

425.  Will Wahl

426.  Julia Landaeur

427.  Jack Nichting

428.  Ashlee Ashby

429.  Rafe Judkins

430.  Austin Carty

431.  Grant Matthos

432.  Mike Chiesl

433.  Reed Kelly

434.  Charlie Herschel

435.  Laurel Johnson

436.  Carter Williams

437.  Rachel Ako

438.  Jason Linden

439.  Billy Garcia

440.  Chet Welch

441.  Zane Knight

442.  Michelle Tesauro

443.  Wendy DeSmidt-Kohlhoff

444.  Shamar Thomas

445.  Vince Moua

446.  Jeremy Crawford

447.  Daniel Lue

448.  Neal Gottlieb

449.  Ryan Aiken

450.  Tom Buchanan

451.  Mitchell Olson

452.  Mikey Bortone

453.  BB Anderson

454.  Rita Verreos

455.  Joel Klug

456.  Joel Anderson

457.  Nate Gonzalez

458.  David Samson

459.  Leif Manson

460.  Dolly Neely

461.  Keith Tollefson

462.  Mary Sartain

463.  Matt Bischoff

464.  Mookie Lee

465.  Brianna Varela

466.  Ryan Shoulders

467.  Libby Vancik

468.  Jessica Peet

469.  Morgan DeVitt

470.  Julie McGhee

471.  Marty Piombo

472.  Kyle Jason

473.  Scot Pollard

474.  Peter Harkey

475.  Hunter Ellis

476.  Patricia Jackson

477.  Tyler Frederickson

478.  Jonathan Libby

479.  Aaron Meredith

480.  Nina Poersch

481.  John "J.P." Palyok

482.  Lindsey Ogle

483.  Kim Mullen

484.  Kelly Remington

485.  Gary Stritesky

486.  Erica Durousseau

487.  Liliana Gomez

488.  Max Dawson

489.  Brook Geraghty

490.  Willard Smith

491.  Ken Stafford

492.  Kristina Kell

493.  Dave Cruser

494.  Taylor Lee Stocker

495.  Jessica "Figgy" Figueroa

496.  Drew Christy

497.  Jimmy Johnson

498.  Candace Smith

499.  Jessie Camacho

500.  Dave Ball

501.  Ahn-Tuan "Cao Boi" Bui

502.  Jerry Sims

503.  Josh Canfield

504.  Linda Spencer

505.  Yves Rojas

506.  Steve "Chicken" Morris

507.  Sonja Christopher

508.  Allie Pohevitz

509.  Janet Koth

510.  Nicole Delma

511.  Tarzan Smith

512.  Kourtney Moon

513.  Debb Eaton

514.  Troy "Troyzan" Robertson

515.  Russell Swan

516.  Chelsea Meissner

517.  Robert "Bob" Crowley

518.  Corrine Kaplan

519.  Semhar Tadesse

520.  Diane Ogden

521.  Jake Billingsley

522.  Steve Wright

523.  Jenna Bowman

524.  Penny Ramsey

525.  Stephanie Valencia

526.  Sebastian Noel

527.  Tanya Vance

528.  Sarita White

529.  Clay Jordan

530.  Erin Collins

531.  Matt Elrod

532.  Morgan Ricke

533.  Ralph Kiser

534.  Ted Rogers Jr



~Cycle 1 cuts~


535.  Jim Lynch

536.  Pat Cusack

537.  Jed Hildebrand

538.  Nina Acosta

539.  Hope Driskill

540.  Ronnie Bardah

541.  Sekou Bunch

542.  Joe Mena

543.  Jacob Derwin

544.  Garrett Adelstein

545.  Kathy Sleckman

546.  Stephanie Dill

547.  Joe Anglim

548.  Jeff Kent

549.  Jim Rice

550.  Terry Deitz

551.  James "Rocky" Reid

552.  Russell Hantz

553.  Roger Sexton

554.  Paschal English

555.  Rick Devens

556.  Dirk Been

557.  Jessica DeBen

558.  Carl Bilancione

559.  LJ McKanas

560.  Tom Laidlaw

561.  Dale Wentworth

562.  Jessica "Flicka" Smith

563.  Paul Wachter

564.  Vince Sly

565.  Jimmy Tarantino

566.  Michelle Chase

567.  Jay Byars

568.  Dan Foley

569.  Anna Khait

570.  Krista Klumpp

571.  Rachel Foulgar

572.  Shannon Elkins

573.  John Rocker

574.  Mark "Papa Bear" Caruso

575.  Ben Browning

576.  Mike Borassi

577.  Jeff Varner

578.  David Murphy

579.  Brian Heidik

580.  Phillip Shepphard

581.  Dan Spilo

582.  Colton Cumbie

583.  Will Sims II

584.  Elizabeth Beisel

585.   Natalie Tenerelli

586.  Katrina Radke

587.  John Raymond

588.  Silas Gaither

589.   Alicia Rosa

590.   Michael Group


Edited by Solaris
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Final Ranking:




Top 20:

Susan Hawk

Jerri Manthey

Teresa "T-Bird" Cooper

Sean Rector

Jenna Morasca

Rob Cesternino

Heidi Strobel

Sandra Diaz-Twine

Ian Rosenberger

Yul Kwon

Parvati Shallow

Courtney Yates

Peih-Gee Law

Crystal Cox

Natalie White

Sophie Clarke

Kim Spradlin

Abi-Maria Gomes

Kassandra "Kass" McQuillen

Michaela Bradshaw




8 Rankers have cut 570 survivors, some of them multiple times.  Now there are 20 left in the rankdown.  Its time for the final ranking.  You will each provide me a ranking of the remain of the 20 remaining survivors in the game.  Your vote will be tallied with the other 7 rankers + the publics rankings.  The 9 final rankings will determine who wins this ranking.  For your rankings to count,  you must each provide me with a minimum 100 word write up for your Top 5 and Bottom 5 explaining why you've put them there.  You do have to say something about the other 10, but they don't have to be 100 words.  



The public can vote here:  https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/PS6GH7F  If they want to provide write ups to include in the final ranking, you can PM them to me!


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For those of you who are confused.  Alex and I have been speaking for a couple months about how I wanted to run a rankdown.  Together we decided I would run this one.  I look forward to giving a rankdown some of my flavor.  :P

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This rankdown has come about now because Winners at War is almost over.  I will be putting up the applications tonight, and I will be closing them the evening before the finale.  The goal here is to have the cast announced on finale day, as well as the first twist.  The game should be looking to officially start on May 14th.  

Edited by Solaris
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1 minute ago, Elliott said:

But if you're running this, who's going to help me get Parvati into the finals? 😢



IDK, Andrew?  He gave immunity to Parvati in the last rankdown at the final cuts.

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Just now, Deeee said:

I wish I could play! 

I mean you dont have to have seen every season.  You do have 8 days to binge as many seasons as you can.  :haha:  I am looking for broad knowledge of the series though!  I am hoping some of our newer players step out of the woodwork and apply this time around as the last time this rankdown happened was 2 years ago (my introduction to rankdowns).  

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Just now, Solaris said:

I mean you dont have to have seen every season.  You do have 8 days to binge as many seasons as you can.  :haha:  I am looking for broad knowledge of the series though!  I am hoping some of our newer players step out of the woodwork and apply this time around as the last time this rankdown happened was 2 years ago (my introduction to rankdowns).  


I will see where I am at in eight days. If you could afford another player and I feel confident in how far along I am, I will consider. 😇

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Just now, Deeee said:


I will see where I am at in eight days. If you could afford another player and I feel confident in how far along I am, I will consider. 😇



I have the game planned for 8 rankers!  I have no idea what I will get for applications once things are posted.  The easy thing would be to get exactly 8 and I would be good.  If I get more then that, I am going to have to make some cuts!  

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1 minute ago, Solaris said:

I have the game planned for 8 rankers!  I have no idea what I will get for applications once things are posted.  The easy thing would be to get exactly 8 and I would be good.  If I get more then that, I am going to have to make some cuts!  


Nice! I am sure based on the popularity of Survivor here you will get your eight, no problem!

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Just now, Elliott said:

You may not want to have the application in a code box. If people send it to you, you'll just get blank PMs. @*Chris can confirm.


oh the new forum gives me so many problems when I try to remove code boxes.  I shall try to get rid of it.

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What name would you like to go by in the rankdown? (username/real name/etc?) 

Who is your favorite winner? 

Who is your least favorite winner? 

Who is the most overrated and most underrated player? (By IDF standards)

List your Top 5 survivor contestants: 

List your Top 5 least favorite survivor contestants: 

What was your favorite and least favorite survivor twist over the last 40 seasons? 

Will you be around at least once a day to participate in this rankdown? 

Why do you want to participate in the second Survivor Rankdown? 

Do you agree to the rules listed on the front page? 


There. 😘

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