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  1. 1. River Medway - Queen of the chest pops. 2. Choriza May - Queen of ending Scarlett. 3. Kitty Scott-Claus - I just now realized her name is a pun too. Still enjoying her. 4. Ella Vaday - She's the Rose of this season. 5. Charity Kase - I feel like the only one who likes Charity? Their critiques of her are always so weird and left-field. If it was someone the judging panel stanned, they would have praised her runway look to the high heavens. 6. Vanity Milan 7. Krystal Versace 8. Scarlett Harlett - Should have been her week to go imo
  2. I love how no one in our group has bothered to start a message
  3. Rankings after Episode 3: 1. Kitty Scott-Claus - Idk she's my favorite! Super infectious and fun to watch. Her performance this week was perfectly Fine 2. Ella Vaday - Should have won this week imo. Not sure what the judges were smoking to make them critique that perfection so much. The jacket was FIERCE and I loved the color scheme she had going on. Absolutely gorgeous imo 3. Scarlett Harlett - Having said that, Scarlett looked amazing also. Her construction reminded me of Pearl's during the Hello Kitty week. Basically a tailored blanket that looks chic and fashionable. 4. Charity Kase - Would have had her in the top instead of Krystal. Absolutely heartbroken then inspired hearing her open up about contracting HIV at such a young age... can you even imagine. Huge fan 5. Choriza May - Top tier personality 6. River Medway - Top tier personality 7. Krystal Versace - How was she not clocked for ripping off Aquaria? As soon as she said "no one has done this before" I had to laugh. I do still like her, but she's not standing out to me. 8. Vanity Milan - TERRIBLE outfit. They were too kind to her. She won the lipsync though 9. Veronica Green - My heart breaks for Ronnie, she's such a sweetheart but time management did her in as she said. The vision was there but the execution was just....horrendous. I'm still a huge fan and maybe there will be a comeback episode?
  4. Burnell Taylor - Flying Without Wings Kree Harrison - Piece of My Heart Candice Glover - Chasing Pavements
  5. One of my round 2 advancements will be Burnell’s My Cherie Amour’m
  6. I'll send this piece of perfection to the fourth round:
  7. This performance NEEDS to be protected at all costs! As well as the glitter being thrown on Candice moment
  8. @Alex95 I’m signing up for S12 btw, but that’s the last season I’ve seen
  9. This Elise vs Hollie fan war is so stupid lmao they’re not even remotely similar in style
  10. My top 2 as the top 2 but in reverse order Overall very happy with these results!
  11. If this is Elise shade, you can leave it in the trash can please
  12. I don’t need it but I was just trying to help you get better taste and hearing
  13. They sell earwax remover at most grocery stores
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