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  1. I vote to veto Victoria’s cut so Wally can advance AYSM!
  2. JOHN FINCHER (Samoa) John Fincher is best known for marrying one of the Survivor GOATs, Parvati Shallow. Unfortunately, that isn't 100 words so now I have to talk about his time on Survivor. He is a rocket scientist which means he's incredibly smart but also gave off kind of a smarmy dbag vibe iirc. I think I'm due for a Samoa rewatch though. He was part of the Galu tribe that was dominating the game in numbers by the time we reached the merge. Notoriously, the Galu alliance started falling apart and one by one the members were eliminated. Fincher survived three merge votes before going out in 9th place. He was worried about eventually going to rocks so he went to Russell to work with him, who of course threw him under the bus and he was sent packing at that tribal council. He and Shambo voted for Russell to win, but it didn't matter because Natalie got most of the votes. Then he married Parv! That's where he truly wins in life. Saving: Spencer
  3. ARBITRAGE (2012) Arbitrage is a 2012 movie that actually looks interesting. It stars Richard Gere as a super successful hedge-fund magnate. Wow he must be a great human being - not. The movie revolves around him worrying that he will get caught for all of the fraud he had committed. When a critical error is made, everything gets even more scary as a detective begins to investigate. This actually sounds like it could be either super entertaining or super boring. It made an impressive $35.5m against its $12m budget. Much of the praise for the movie went to Richard Gere’s outstanding performance. He was nominated for a Golden Globe for his work. saving: Shame
  4. Will get my rankings in at some point today. Probably will not have time for comments
  5. ZOE ZANIDAKIS (Survivor: Marquesas) This works for me, Erik was my second choice to save and while I do remember liking Zoe, this is definitely a fair spot for her in the grand scheme of things. Zoe competed on Marquesas and was honestly a bit of a weirdo, but in a mostly entertaining way. She made it to 8th place and was part of the Rotu Four, the alliance that was controlling the game by early merge. When Kathy decided to flip and go with Vecepia, Neleh, Sean and P*schal, Zoe actually ironically sided with them to take out John, the supposed leader of that alliance. Things went to sh*t from there and Zoe was unanimously voted out next when she angered Tammy and Robert - and of course the others were getting rid of the Rotu Four. Besides that, Zoe was super strange. I don’t remember anything in particular that she did *waits for Alex to chime in* Saving: erik
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