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  1. Rankings sent! Easily my favorite season of lipsyncs so far.
  2. 1. A'Whora - Liiiiiiiiiiive for this b*tch! Her kissing up to Sister Sister to try and borrow some of her materials sent me I was in love with her runway look from head to shoulders to toe. The clear best of the night. I am still adoring everything about her! 2. Bimini Bon Boulash - Still very much love her, great idea to switch up her look because I thought it suited her well. 3. Lawrence Chaney - She's about tied with Bimini for me. I think she nailed her look this week! 4. Tayce - I didn't hate her look besides the crotch region, but that part was so distracting. 5. El
  3. Elliott tanking Mad Max bc I cut Fate of the Furious
  4. Charlize’s two scenes in That Thing You Do are so iconic
  5. That was the worst double save ever, I’m kind of over this season.
  6. 1. A’Whora - I seriously thought she was going to be in the top with Bimini this week. The judges make no sense. Also just learned she made Tayce’s runway look. I think she is one of the most creative queens the show has ever had 2. Bimini Bon Boulash - new front runner. She’s starting to seriously impress me 3. Lawrence Chaney 4. Tia Kofi - 5. Tayce - I didn’t enjoy her Snatch Game very much 6. Ellie Diamond 7. Sister Sister
  7. So rank the songs in her one studio album?
  8. Why wasn't she in more of those movies so I could cut them all at once
  9. That Thing You Do making the top 15 despite zero effort on my part
  10. Can we all vote to bring North Country back?
  11. I was surprised it ranked so low. Jiggly did awesome!
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