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  1. Yeah, this is definitely accurate. It’s a shame too because there are some really promising queens, it’s gotta be really disappointing for all of the queens on this season to be associated with Sherry, as well as the season airing while everyone is stuck inside and can’t go support them in shows.
  2. Normani was a judge last night? I don’t remember seeing her.
  3. Overall rankings after this week: 1. Jan 2. Crystal Methyd 3. Heidi N Closet 4. Everyone else kind of a disappointing season so far, actually. I blame Sherry Pie and COVID-19 for killing the mood.
  4. Time will tell, but I still think it would have been wiser to get out someone who had never approached her in the first place. I get that Sandra was her biggest target from the beginning but Denise was limiting her options by getting her out imo. Still a really fun move
  5. Denise's move was really fun to watch but thinking about it a bit more it was kind of stupid, imo, to be on the bottom and betray the one person on the top who you've built a relationship with. She should have taken Tony or Kim out but I'm glad she didn't haha
  6. 1. Sophie 2. Michele 3. Tony 4. Kim 5. Sarah 6. Yul 7. Parvati 8. Denise (would have been much higher if the move itself was actually a smart move) 9. Natalie 10. Jeremy not really rooting for anyone else at this point but.. 11. Ben 12. Nick 13. Tyson for buying food 14. Sandra 15. Danni 16. Ethan 17. Adam 18. Amber 19. Rob - back to being at the bottom lol 20. Wendell
  7. Is it just me or are the judges way off base this season, even more so than usual? It's making a season of great queens kind of hard to watch (that plus the Sherry scandal). Overall rankings after episode 4: 1. Rock M Sakura - What the actual F*CK, not only did she destroy Brita in the lipsync but she shouldn't have even been lipsyncing in the first place. Her look was a bit over the top but I absolutely loved the barrage of color and she sold it better than other queens still standing. Also I liked her padding on the bball wife look tbh, it's not naturally proportional but it fit the character she was playing and I liked the aesthetic. She was so misunderstood by the judges and the other queens, and I'm glad she became a fan favorite. At this point she deserves Miss Congeniality tbh. 2. Crystal Methyd - I wish the show would give us more Crystal content because every time she's on my screen I love her! She did exactly what she needed to do to get Michelle to stop bitching and moaning about her make up, and her look was flawlessly executed. She's so funny in confessionals too, give us more! 3. Jan - Lol what a bitch gotta do to win. Her looks >>>> Jaida's and Nicky's this week, lol she was so easily one of the top 2 of the night. Actually maybe she should be Miss Congeniality? Because at this rate she's definitely not winning lmao 4. Gigi Goode - Very impressed by her this week, I'm starting to become a fan. I like her determination and confidence, it's very adorable and not off-putting either. 5. Heidi N Closet - The bitch delivered! I loved her this week as usual, she's more well-rounded in her drag skills than I originally thought she would be. And you just KNOW she'll be a fierce lipsyncer but I'm hoping that we won't have to see her do that till near the end haha 6. Jackie Cox - Her final look was amazing but she wasn't very present this episode. Still a fan overall though! 7. Jaida Essence Hall - Should not have been in the top 3. I didn't like her look at all this week and don't get why she was so confident about it nor why the judges fawned over it so much. It looked boring and unfinished. Overall I still think she's fierce and her first two looks were really really great. I want her to be one of my top faves but she's not there yet. 8. Nicky Doll - LOVED her first look, wasn't crazy about her last one. It was very good but definitely not top 3 material imo. The judges need to leave her tf alone about her personality, lol, damn they are really annoying this season. 9. Widow Von'Du - Meh, not great this week and kind of invisible. 10. Aiden Zhane - "Less is more" doesn't really apply when you come out with the most unoriginal look of the night. I like the concept of Aiden but as an actual competitor on this show she is so far out of her league, it's becoming sad to watch. 11. Brita - She was just bad this week, huh.
  8. Denise is a f*cking savage holy crap
  9. Wendell is absolutely insufferable this season
  10. You spelled Parvati wrong in your sig btw Oh and Michele haha
  11. 1. Jan 2. Crystal Methyd (literally Michelle stfu) 3. Heidi N Closet (judges leave her tf alone about her damn name it’s not that deep) 4. Jackie Cox 5. Rock M Sakura 6. Gigi Goode 7. Jaida Essence Hall 8. Widow Von’Du 9. Nicky Doll 10. Aiden Zhane 11. Brita 12. Dahlia Sin
  12. 1. Sophie Clarke 2. Michele Fitzgerald 3. Sarah Lacina 4. Yul Kwon 5. Kim Spradlin 6. Tony Vlachos 7. Parvati Shallow 8. Sandra Diaz-Twine 9. Ben Driebergen 10. Jeremy Collins 11. Denise Stapley 12. Adam Klein 13. Wendell Holland 14. Nick Wilson 15. Rob Mariano-Adelstein
  13. Rankings after episode 2 and rewatching episode 1: 1. Rock M Sakura - Is there a more adorable human being? The judges are officially off the rails, her runway look was exciting and her verse in the musical number was so much fun. Plus she is so likable in the confessionals. I wanted to give her a hug when she started crying and taking the blame for the rehearsal mishap. 2. (Just) Jan - The judges were so insufferable in episode 2, lol. It's almost like Ru was offended by her line of wanting to be the most mainstream queen so she unleashed the dogs on Jan She was fabulous and like Rock M, very likable throughout the whole episode. It's almost like the judges don't want to see a multi-talented, polished, confident queen do well because there isn't much for them to critique. So excited to see more from her. 3. Crystal Methyd - Clearly I'm not on the same page as the judges, lol. She's so much fun. She's like an even weirder Thorgy with a bit more self confidence? That's the energy I get from her, anyways. I hope she gives glam and fashion down the line to silence the judges but who knows. 4. Heidi N Closet - Also so much fun, her confessionals are by far my favorite. She screams lip sync assassin to me as well. 5. Jaida Essence Hall - Objectively, she dominated episode 1, and she seems like she's going to supply personality and drama as well which is sometimes lacking in polished pageant queens like Jaida. Super excited for her as well. 6. Jackie Cox - Another cutie out of drag, I'm really interested by her but I'm not quite sure if that's just because I think he's cute Her spring and fall fashion looks were by far the best thing about her during week one 7. Gigi Goode - I mean I guess I still really like her, she is clearly the young fashion forward queen this season who is probably going to do well...I just hope she stops talking about her mom making every single outfit of hers because then it's just gonna start feeling like Honey Boo Boo/Toddlers in Tiaras by the end of it, lol 8. Widow Von'Du - Don't love her style of drag, it seems a little messy to me, but she brought it in the performance and lipsync and seems like a fun personality so I ain't mad at her 9. Aiden Zhane - Fun and very unique, didn't bomb the challenge which tbh we all thought she was going to. I always love what she does from the shoulders up even if her outfits have been hit or miss for me so far. I like her but don't love her yet. 10. Nicky Doll - Idk, she just doesn't do it for me. I can't explain why other than I just don't get excited by her. #meh 11. Brita - I really want to like her but after seeing all the queens she doesn't really stand out. Even her big personality is eclipsed by other bigger personalities (Widow, Heidi, Rock etc). Maybe she'll grow on me? Again I want to like her and am here for the Polynesian representation, she also seems like a really successful staple of the NYC drag world, but yeah that doesn't always translate to doing well on Drag Race (also this is ignoring the personal allegation against her) 12. Dahlia Sin - Thank u, next. I get the same lack of self awareness that I've always gotten from Aja, but she has even less to offer than Aja imo. OOPS
  14. Sis she did nothing this past episode (except the iconic Sandra comment lol)
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