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Survivor Rankdown 2.0 (Winner Reveal Page 225)

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Wow why does JC hate men, he ranked Sean so low???

Remove my vote out of sheer disgust that Natalie has been eliminated.   You can all say goodbye to any remotely hot guy from now on. Those are now my targets and will be until further notice

Natalie Anderson deserves better than this. 🙂 

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Chris Underwood



Well, the majority wants Dean saved, so they get their way. Chris is the winner of Edge of Extinction. He was initially voted out on day 8 and reentered the game on day 35. I mean, he got to stay on an island with the jury members for 17 days. It's not surprising that he won instead of Gavin or Julie. Like, this season's twist was designed for someone from the Edge to win, naturally. And that is why this twist sucks. Chris had some great moments upon his return. Him winning immunity, giving it to Gavin and then defeating Devens in the fire making challenge was pretty impressive and it's a move he knew he had to make. He's lucky that the Edge was a twist this season and that he was given the chance to return to the game. It's crazy that we have a winner who wasn't present for most of what happened in the main game. Chris is nice and all, but I think this is a solid placement for him, all things considered.


SAVING: Dean Kowalski

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Incase @#jeah needs a reminder!


Immune for Andy's Round:

Chrissy Hofbeck

Rupert Boneham

Twila Tanner

Aubry Bracco

Kim Spradlin

Victoria Baamonde

Noura Salmon

Natalie Bolton

Eliza Orlins

Natalie White

Brenda Lowe

Lauren O'Connell

Yul Kwon

Hayden Moss

Mike Holloway

Adam Klein

Spencer Bledsoe

Nick Wilson

Dean Kowalski

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Jan Gentry (Thailand)

Tijuana Bradley (Pearl Islands)

Gregg Carey (Palau)

Bruce Kanegai (Panama)

Ashley Massaro (China)

Yasmin Giles (Samoa)

Kelly Shinn (Nicaragua)

Edna Ma (South Pacific)

Tasha Fox (Cagayan)

Joe Del Campo (Kaoh Rong)

Chelsea Townsend (Ghost Island)

Chris Noble (Ghost Island)

Bradley Kleihege (Ghost Island)
Stephanie Johnson (Ghost Island)

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Tijuana Bradley

10k GIF - Find on GIFER


Tijuana Bradley was a contestant during Queen Sandra's first season, Survivor Pearl Islands. Tijuana was caught up in a bit of drama during the first episode when Lill told Tijuana that Nicole was gunning for her. This led to Tijuana confronting Nicole and eventually Nicole was the first person voted out. Tijuana was under the radar for a while it seems after this, not being targeted at all during the Ryan S and Lill boots. Unfortunately for Tijuana's game, once Lill returned via the outcast twist, her allies Andrew and Ryan O were voted out. When Rupert was voted out next, drama happened when the tribe's fish supply disappeared. Sandra then spied on the guys with Tijuana to convince her that the guys were not loyal to her, which turned out to be true. Ultimately, Tijuana decided to try and vote out Burton, but the men convinced Sandra and Christa to join them and Lill in booting Tijuana. Tijuana ended up being the only person to not vote for Sandra during FTC, which makes me slightly bitter since Sandra could've had the first "perfect" game, but it's not that big of a deal to me so whatever. Tijuana seemed pretty all right, but no that big of a character so sorry to her fans, but out she goes.


Saving Purple Chelsea.

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Yasmin competed on Survivor: Samoa. She was on the Galu tribe, and she was the first one voted out from that tribe. However, since Foa Foa lost the first three immunity challenges, she managed to survive until Day 11. Yasmin thought Monica was going to be voted out, but the tribe eliminated Yasmin due to her apparent laziness around camp. She also butted heads with some of the castaways, most notably Ben when she was sent to visit the Foa Foa camp. What else is there to say about her? I think Jeff had low expectations for her going into the season, even giving her grief about choosing to bring high heels with her to the island. It’s kind of surprising an early boot like Yasmin has made it this far in the rankdown, but out she goes now.


And I’m saving Chris Noble.


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Gregg Carey


Gregg was fine enough, but not a major character or player. He was on Survivor: Palau and easily skated by to the merge by being on the dominant Koror tribe. He had a cute little flirtmance with Jenn and I found myself rooting for this duo during the season. He was part of the majority alliance on the tribe with Tom, Ian, Katie, and Jenn. They took the outsiders Coby and Stephenie out and then he wanted to make a bigger move and gun for Tom. His plan failed though and instead he found himself getting booted in 6th place, despite the fact that Caryn was still around. I think he had some cute little moments throughout the season but nothing too memorable. I almost made a #biggermove and cut Tasha, but I think she deserves a better writeup than what I'd give her right now. So instead, that means Gregg has to go.


Save Jan

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