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Todd Tilghman Fan Thread

Summer Overby

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Fan Thread for Todd Tilghman Season 18.

Just a fun fact

I am from Meridian,MS as well. Supporting our local guy. 


Fan List 

1. Summer Overby

2. Istersay

3. Archanium

4. mjdolorico

5. Dalton Eduardo

6. jamescasaki

7. David68

8. RoseannTx

9. ATX29

10. FloorWax


12 . Someone648

13. wgm

14. Maudie1877

15.  Gmm99

16. season1

17. anorie93

18. Zainab Tufail



Here is his FB Fan Page


And his Twitter 



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8 minutes ago, Summer Overby said:

I am new to this how to you add everyone to the fan list haha. 


you can just edit and start a list like this in the first post, and add the screen names to it,  number them if you want, or not lol





3.next member



and add photos, videos, social media links  and info for Todd, or whatever you want to put to promote him 🙂 check out some other fan threads for examples

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12 minutes ago, Summer Overby said:

I am new to this how to you add everyone to the fan list haha. 



You can just edit a fanlist on the first post of this thread and add the names of the people who want to be added, like the one I made below. 



1. Summer Overby



and so on. 


You can also add graphics, links to Todd's social media, and videos on the first post so we can have a place to easily access those links. 


Speaking of, here's Todd's trivia graphic from The Voice app. 🙂



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Great first impression. Not a fan of the song choice per se, but he emoted very well and was compelling nevertheless. Kelly's reaction was pretty much mine as well: I love Todd's excitement and joy during his performance, it's very infectious and makes me root for him even more. He'll fit right at home on Team Blake. I hope he keeps his energy under control and work on his breath control for his next performance, coz once he irons that out, it's all uphill from there. To the next round! 😁

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4 minutes ago, Summer Overby said:

That's odd when I click on it, takes me right to it. 


I think it's a private album. So you can't share it with anyone unless you're an FB friend of the owner. 


Anyway, I managed to get some more pics of Todd's watch party. They managed to rent out the Temple Theater, which is apparently a culturally significant site in Meridian. George Strait, Waylon Jennings, Alabama and Elvis are just some of the country greats who graced this stage. It's an excellent setting for Todd's family and friends to celebrate his Voice appearance. 








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Yes The Temple Theater is a historic building in Meridian. Alot of good memories there. For many years growing up during the Summer time we had what was called the Jimmie Rogers Festival and all the top name Country artist had concerts there for a whole week.  The festival is not much to it like it was back then. 

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