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Cassadee Pope Fan Thread


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Albums on Apple Music: Cassadee Pope • The Voice: The Complete Season 3 CollectionFrame by FrameSummerStages • Rise and Shine • Thrive



Blind Audition: Torn


Battle Round: Not Over You (vs. Ryan Jirovec)


Knockout: Payphone


Live Playoffs: My Happy Ending


Top 12: Behind These Hazel Eyes


Top 10: Over You


Top 8: Are You Happy Now?


Top 6: Stand


Top 6: I'm With You


Semifinals: Stupid Boy


Finale: Over You


Finale: Cry


Top 12: Life is a Highway (with Blake Shelton, Terry McDermott, Mikayla Paige)


Top 8: Hate That I Love You (with Dez Duron)


Top 6: Breakaway (with Amanda Brown)


Semifinals: Blake Shelton - White Christmas (with Team Blake)


Semifinals: Little Talks (with Terry McDermott)


Finale: Steve McQueen (with Blake Shelton)


Finale: The Killers - Here With Me


Finale: Kelly Clarkson - Catch My Breath (with Terry McDermott)



Finale: It's Time (with Liz Davis, De'Borah, Melanie Martinez)


Finale: I'm With You (with Avril Lavigne)




Hey Monday


How You Love Me Now



How Do You Love Me Now (alt. version)

I Don't Wanna Dance



BMLG Records


Wasting All These Tears


I Wish I Could Break Your Heart

I Am Invincible





Take You Home


One More Red Light (Nashville Sessions)


Let Me Go


Counting on the Weather




Built This House




Sand Paper


California Dreaming (with Sam Palladio)


Rise and Shine




Bed of Roses (live)


Think of You (with Chris Young)





Episode 1 (part 1)


Episode 1 (part 2)


Episode 2


Episode 3


Episode 4


Episode 5



Episode 6





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Cassadee Pope is still immersed in the world of her 2019 studio album Stages, but when she is ready to move on to her next musical chapter, the singer says she'll be shooting for revealing, vulnerable songwriting.


"I'm writing some of the most revealing songs about my family and about my relationship, and some of the struggles we've had in our relationship," Pope told The Boot at the 2019 ASCAP Awards, referencing her long-term romance with actor Sam Palladio. "I'm just baring it all, which has been a conscious decision.

Read More: Cassadee Pope Wants to Be 'Revealing and Bold and Take Risks'


more here

| https://theboot.com/cassadee-pope-new-music-2020/?utm_source=tsmclip


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I’ll be honest, Cassadee wasn’t my favorite in Season 3 (Amanda was.) Her performances just always seemed to be lacking something for me. 🤷‍♂️ However, I have begun to really appreciate her post show career and her character. This is probably going to get really long and detailed, so just scroll down to the last sentence if you don’t want to read it all. 😅


As many of you probably know, the actions of Morgan Wallen have caused quite a discussion among the country music industry. I just want to recognize Cassadee’s loyalty and support to the black community. She doesn’t just condemn racism, she works to 

solve it. Here are just a few tweets that demonstrate this...

Here you can see that Cassadee wants to encourage others to check out and appreciate Black Country artists. 🤩

Cassadee is a true country queen that serves as an example for everyone in the industry. @Vinyl please add me! ☺️

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