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  1. They probably want to test out whatever technical things they need to do for the real thing.
  2. Brynn posted this clip of herself playing a piano composition and asked for ideas about what the song should be about to go with it. She's also posted a few covers on Tik Tok as well. https://www.tiktok.com/@brynncartelli/video/6832810172574993669?source=h5_m Here's a streaming concert Brynn did on Instagram and Facebook earlier this month on the Nashville Predators account. Starstruck has been providing the team with performers from their roster for the concert series. The comments weren't included in this archived version on IGTV, but I noticed a lot of people asking who was singing because she was really good. She covered "Rainbow" by Kacey Musgraves at the 23:30 mark. Brynn mentioned something about making her music a bit differently during quarantine. She had been scheduled to make one last trip out to L.A. to finish recording for her album, but then everything shutdown because of the pandemic and she had to cancel her trip. Hopefully we'll get a more detailed update about what's going on with her album the next time she goes live on her own channel.
  3. It seems NBC Universal's reopening plans are very conservative and gradual. It could be awhile until there are productions actually filming on the lot considering that they are only planning to have a couple hundred people come back initially. I'm impressed that the studio was able to manufacture Covid-19 protective gear (masks, hand sanitizer, and a multi-tool to press buttons, open doors, etc.) for thousands of people not only for their Hollywood campus, but Orlando and NYC as well. I'm not expecting the new TV season to begin when it usually does given where studios are at right now with reopening. https://deadline.com/2020/06/hollywood-coronavirus-nbcuniversal-studio-lot-production-tests-safety-measures-comcast-1202962093/
  4. From what Audrey said earlier about not using an audience unless it could have some mass to it, I doubt The Voice would use crew members in the audience like that. I think The Voice has typically used between audiences of between 300 to 500 for the pretaped rounds and 1,000 for lives. A measly 100 people spaced at least 6 feet apart will not generate the sound and energy the show needs. I've been to special tapings for guests artists on the show and they usually don't fill the middle section behind the coaches chairs and they had the audience spread out a bit more than filling out every seat, even that had a different vibe and that was more than 100 people. Also, clapping and standing as much as is needed on this show can be a draining experience I don't think the same 100 people could do all performances needed for the Blinds without losing steam.
  5. Joanna is on IG Live right now, mentioned that she had been planning to sing "Bring It On Home to Me" by Sam Cooke for the finale. Her original song would have been "Sister of Nostalgia," she worked with Blake and Shane McAnally. She said she's going to perform it during an upcoming live stream. She said that was the next single she's planning on releasing. Later she said she's releasing an original on June 19th.
  6. Hmmm, Kelly seemed to be hinting at Nick perhaps getting another chance to experience the live rounds with the rest of the coaches in the studio eventually. The audio broke up but she says something around the 15:30 mark.
  7. Yeah, Kelly just recorded vocals for song that might be released as a single from Montana, she would have to have a good set up to be able to use it for her own album. I think Kelly sounds like herself, she can change her tone depending on the song, for this one she went with a bit of a clearer tone and turned down the smoke in her voice.
  8. The press release with details about the finale finally was released. It's not clear, but it sounds like the duets between the contestants and their coaches have been moved to Tuesday. The contestants will each perform a cover and an original song on Monday. Songland's Esther Dean, Ryan Tedder, and Shane McAnally will be working with each contestant and their coach to customize the original songs to fit with each artist and they will be showing more of the process. There will also be a group performance at the top of the show with the 5 finalists singing Collective Soul's "Shine." Tuesday's show will give all four coaches a performing slot. Blake is singing his duet with Gwen, Nick is performing with the rest of the Jonas Brothers, Kelly is singing her new single "I Dare You", John is doing a medley of his own songs. Bon Jovi, Lady Antebellum, KAROL G, and other guests TBD are also performing. https://www.nbcumv.com/news/media-alert-‘-voice’-announces-special-finale-performances?show=151062&network=33129
  9. Some info on Micah's original song from the finale from a relative (mother?) of one of the writers on Facebook: I'm wondering how the pairings with the songs and writers were done with the contestants since Micah has talked a few times about really admiring Ryan Tedder and they probably would have matched up well. I love Shane's writing though. I suspect some people will complain about The Voice getting Songland's reject songs, but just because the song didn't make the show doesn't necessarily mean it's not as good as the ones that made it, they also need to try to fit them with the guest artists coming on the show and make sure they have a variety of lyrics, tempos, styles, etc.
  10. I remember Cedrice said she worked with Kelly on two songs. I assumed that her save song was the second song, but I guess that didn't make sense since the contestants usually don't work on their save songs with their coaches. Most likely the contestants were coached on both the Top 17 song and the Semifinals songs before the Top 17 shows even aired. During the Team Kelly rehearsal videos Kelly asked Megan and Micah where they were like she had never seen the rooms they were in even though they were in the same rooms that they performed in last week. Recording the day after the results does seem fast, hopefully the contestants were at least told the quick turnaround was at least a possibility.
  11. If social media followings are a reliable indicator and with contestants in their teens and twenties like they are I think they are, Micah's fanbase seems way bigger than Megan's, he's got 33,500 followers and she has 13,000. They both went live tonight and he had 550 viewers by himself and he gained 200 more when Allegra joined him. Megan had around 200 with Michael Williams on with her. I'd be surprised if Megan beat Micah the gap seems too big.
  12. I think Megan may have said more than she was supposed to about her dedication for this week's song, but she gave some details about the message of the song to the people she's dedicating it to, it starts at the 2:00 mark.
  13. If you knew anything about Kelly you'd know she would never intentionally do anything to hurt anyone on her team. I really don't understand why you would think she would want him to fail, she said she sees him in the finale since his Battles performance. Kelly gives her contestants a lot of freedom to choose their own songs, so it's not a surprise if both of them both really like their songs.
  14. Micah said on Facebook Live that he was singing a song that her really loves this week. He said Kelly changed it a lot, but in a good way. He said she's good at pushing him to use parts of his voice that he doesn't normally use.
  15. When Joanna mentioned Songland she said that if she got to the finale she would get to work with some of her original stuff, so it sounds like someone from Songland (former contestants? mentor writers?) will be writing a song with/for The Voice finalists. It seems like a cool idea to me, the quality of most of the originals on The Voice finale usually aren't that great and I think most of the songs from Songland are better. If the songs are tailored to or partially written by the contestants all the better.
  16. I forgot if it was in this thread or the general thread someone wondered if they contestants had to return all the stuff they were sent wardrobe, cameras, lighting, mics, lighting equipment, etc. Mandi Thomas said during an interview on Thursday that her due date to return her wardrobe was the next day. So they do have to return it. I think the contestants are usually allowed to keep the wardrobe they actually wear on the show if it's not a rental, but not the shoes. Chevel was allowed to keep all of her cowboy boots she wore on the show, I think the winners do get to keep more stuff than the rest of the cast, Brynn was sent extra clothes as well.
  17. Michelle McNulty, the casting director for The Voice, was answering questions on @thevoicecasting IG story about the online open call for Season 20. Starting on Monday people can sign up for an audition slot. Each person will be given 01:30 to sing, which is about enough for a verse and chorus. You can sing a capella, to a track, or play an instrument. It doesn't sound like anyone will be interacting with you live during the audition, a video will be recorded of you during your time and then sent to someone in casting. The auditions are going to be in June. All the details about how to sign-up etc. are on the learn more link on the main page of the casting site: https://www.nbcthevoice.com/index
  18. Kelly talked about some of the difficulties of doing The Voice remotely during her interview with Seth Myers last night. She said she was having all sorts of problems on Tuesday, it took right up to the last minute for everything to start working for her. After Seth asked about working on her talk show Kelly went back and talked about her experience working on The Voice more. It seems like she's more stressed out about doing The Voice because of how many people are watching. She said she was getting pit sweat while shooting packages for The Voice because it's just her and her husband doing the lighting and filming and they don't really know what they're doing. Kelly also mentioned that because she and Blake are both located in such remote locations they are experiencing 5 to 6 second delays and she can't really look at the video because the audio isn't lining up so it's disorienting. The delay is also causing them to talk over each other and it's pretty impossible to take jabs at each other like they normally would because of the timing. Kelly is determined to find a way to still give Blake a hard time though.
  19. There have been seasons where almost half the finale results show was pre-taped anyway. I don't think people realize that doing that is often necessary from a logistical perspective, not just accommodating the schedules of the guest performers, but also being able have enough time to load in and break down all the big sets that they use. Last season I don't think they had as many special tapings to get that stuff done, but I know they've also taped things before or after a regular taping for that stuff as well. Thinking about it, the taping schedule for the results show probably is going to be stressful because it's usually much more spread out than the time they have available now. I noticed Meghan installed a green screen at her house, it was behind her during her IG Live. I wonder if any of the other contestants have them as well, it would give them more options visually for backdrops during the performances.
  20. Kelly has already invited Mandi and Cedrice to sing with her sometime during her Vegas residency. Kelly cancelled all her dates scheduled for this year, but new dates are going to be scheduled for 2021.
  21. I don't see anything in that e-mail that goes against the rules. There is no rule that a person can't have multiple accounts. The rules only state that you need to use a valid e-mail address to create an account and the e-mail address has to belong to you and you are supposed to be the only one using your account to vote. If they said something like "use as many fake e-mail addresses as you can make up to create accounts to vote" then there's a problem.
  22. In case anyone missed Chevel's IG Live performance since she did hers earlier than advertised (she went on at 3 p.m. MT time instead of 3 p.m. PT) it's archived on her Instagram for about two more hours. She sang "Mama Got the Chair" and "Everybody's Got a Story to Tell." I've only watched one other stream from this series, but Chevel's seemed kind of short.
  23. I was referring to the coaches feedback while they are sitting in their chairs, that's all filmed immediately after the performance obviously because the audience is all there. It's very obvious the coaches are given the order the performances are going to be shown in on TV for the comments you're referring to.
  24. John briefly acknowledged it saying that he made a mistake, but recovered well from it. I don't remember if any of the others said anything about it, it happened 3 months ago. The coaches always go right into their comments right after the performances so there's no way the coaches could be told to do or not do anything.
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