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  1. How kind of them to help out the less fortunate coach (in terms of wins) on their way to thwarting Blake, haha. If the alliance works anything like the alliance she set up with Nick last season it will be non-existent, he ended up going after all the contestants she wanted and even blocked her. The first half of the alliance is something they do naturally anyway though.
  2. John will be a guest on Kelly's show on Monday, the premiere for Season 2. I imagine The Voice will come up at some point. Kelly did a round of interviews last week to promote her talk show mainly, but she talked about The Voice as well. She talked about how the coaches can hear the performances a lot better since there isn't the usual crowd noise in the studio and the coaches do like that. She mentioned that in the past her mom would call her up and say things like, "Why did you say they did good, they were so off pitch?" When she was comparing virtual audiences for both shows she said The Voice's audience wasn't as interactive since the focus of that show is more on the contestants.
  3. I agree with you he was acting like a sullen jerk. Good riddance, I doubt he'd want to ever come back and I hope he never does, he was miserable since at least Season 14. Adam was also very hypocritical giving Kelly a hard time about talking too much when he talked just as much as her, I know I was there at multiple tapings.
  4. Chevel was on the local news in Albuquerque talking about launching her music career during a pandemic. She talked about using social media to stay connected with her fans. At the end they mentioned her drive-in concert. https://www.kob.com/new-mexico-news/chevel-shepherd-talks-challenges-of-launching-a-music-career-during-pandemic/5864974/?cat=500
  5. No, I think the genuine audio from the virtual audience will definitely still be usable in the final edit. The audience could hear what was happening in the studio in near real time, but the video feed was delayed by a few seconds. The audience could hear a sound effect like the one used on TV when a coach turned so we would know when to cheer for that. The issue with the delays going back the other way with our video and audio was that they couldn't turn on the audience sound in the studio because it would be so delayed, so the performers couldn't really get any feedback other than seeing people in the audience clap or cheer, but they couldn't hear anything. It's tough to play a to a dead silent room. For Battles the audio and video feed was in sync and there was only 1/2 second delay so the audience sound was turned on in the studio. The performers could get auditory feedback from the audience and the coaches of course could also hear the audience reaction so that made the energy in the room a bit more normal.
  6. They are going to use the audience noise recorded from the virtual audience, that kind of was the whole point of having an audience to use real people's reactions to the actual performances.
  7. Honestly, I don't think Kelly's fan base votes for her team anywhere near like what Blake's fans do for him. There are some fans that will vote for her contestants no matter what, but there's plenty that either just won't vote or will vote for a contestant on another team if they like them better. I'm a huge fan of Kelly's, but if I'm not really feeling someone on her team I wouldn't vote for them, I think I do try harder to like Team Kelly people than I do with the others though. I think there are several people still on her team that will appeal to a lot of her fans.
  8. Even though there's usually two weeks in between rounds I watched a vlog from a contestant from Season 14 and she said they didn't really work on Knockouts at all for the first week after Battles and it was pretty boring not doing anything. So they might not be really losing that much time to practice compared to the normal schedule. Team Kelly most likely won't be doing their rehearsals with Kelly until at least Sunday she's doing two tapings of her talk show a day for the next three days.
  9. I don't think Blake wants to repeat that, I remember hearing him say something last season about having too many people from the same team and same genre splitting votes in the end. I don't remember if that comment made it on TV or not, I think maybe he said it during Battles, but not sure.
  10. Where are you getting this information about order for both Blinds and Battles? I've never heard anything about how they determine the Battles ordering, but from what I've heard former contestants say they don't even know how the Blinds order is chosen, they just get told by producers the night before who is going to go the next day. I really don't think the producers would just let the order be randomly determined. There was one season where Kelly got a lot of people on her team after the first day, she had 6 and the other coaches only had 3 each. During the first taping the next day a lot of male singers performed and none of them were picking Kelly. I doubt that was a coincidence that a bunch of contestants that were less likely to pick her were put in that taping, it helped the other coaches catch up to Kelly a lot. Kelly wasn't even conservative in turning even though she was more than half way full the guys just weren't picking her. She was able to pick up one person for her team, but that person seemed like they were likely to go to John I think it was just one of those cases where she was able to say the right thing to pull him in.
  11. They streamed a line feed which had several different angles that the director was calling the changes on which shots to use. The finished edit won't be exactly the same, they'll go back and figure out which shots work best. For a live show the line feed would be the same as what's shown on TV. The video quality was so much better for Battles than for Blinds.
  12. The 1iota producer said they would be posting tickets soon for Knockouts.
  13. You're supposed to stay for the entire duration of the taping. The estimated schedule is on the ticket.
  14. I would imagine that they would edit out Kelly as much as possible. While the show seems to have no problem exploiting the contestants personal trials and tribulations, I don't see them doing that to the coaches, especially one that the producers like so much.
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