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  1. I think that person totally mischaracterized what Kelly said, first of all it was shown on the show they didn't edit it out regarding Ian. I didn't take what she said about him to be sexual or anything at all she said in a very joking manner that she found herself staring at Ian for a long time because she was so drawn in by his performance that it was almost inappropriate. She never mentioned anything at all about his looks at all. I knew the second she made that joke that someone was going to twist it into something other than what it was merely because she's single now. The only
  2. It looks like the contestants filmed something on Saturday night on the backlot, they decorated the exteriors used for "Murder She Wrote" with Christmas lights. Maybe it's for the Holiday special? It could just be some type of group performance for the regular show or even a commercial, who knows. I saw a few videos on IG stories from Ryan Gallagher and the head stage manager Chris Hines. I also saw a couple of the female contestants post themselves glammed up, but you couldn't really see anything around them.
  3. I'm assuming the bunny belongs to Kelly's kids, Brynn is in L.A. right now (probably for the final recording sessions for her album) and she usually stays with Kelly when she's there. Brynn had been scheduled to come to L.A. to finish recording in April, but the pandemic caused her to have to postpone.
  4. In my opinion people on here depend way too much on trends and history in trying to predict what coaches will do. I would say with Blake he has come straight out and said when things are even between two contestants he will go with who was on his team the longest. I don't think that matters as much to Kelly, I think she'll base her decisions more on the individual contestant, their performances on the show, and what she sees as their potential. Kelly used her block on Cami and then saved her steal in the Knockouts for her, I wouldn't count Cami out at all even if she doesn't get the public vot
  5. Tickets for all the live shows are up for request on 1iota. Playoffs are on 11/30 and 12/1 and the finale is on 12/14 and 12/15. Just as the audience was told during pre-tapes, there is only 3 weeks of lives.
  6. Speaking of Jake Hoot collaborations Kelly mentioned on Willie Giest's podcast that she was going to record a duet with Jake.
  7. I forgot this festival was yesterday. The stream is archived on YouTube, Chevel's contribution was her performances from her pay-per-view concert. They showed "Everybody's Got a Story" and "Mama Got the Chair."
  8. The virtual audience process seems to have smoothed out and improved a lot since Season 19 Blinds. Here are a few general tips to have the experience go smoothly: 1. Use a laptop or desktop computer to check-in and view the show. Tablets, iPads, and smart phones won't work with 1iota's system. 2. Use Chrome as your browser. 3. Disable any Ad Blocking plug-ins. I don't know if these plug-ins have caused anyone problems, but there are points in the process that either a new tab or a pop-window need to be opened after a link is clicked so it's just best to turn off Ad blocking jus
  9. Based on Instagram story postings it looked like the make up artists for Blake and Kelly were on the show's set yesterday, I think everyone assumed those two would be there, it's the other two seats that people were speculating about.
  10. Kelly's make up artist was probably on set as well, she tagged the show in one of her IG story videos.
  11. Nope, there's still no info on the show's page on 1iota's website.
  12. Confirmations for ticket requests for Blinds for Season 20 are starting to be sent out today.
  13. Cami and Sid are tied right now for the highest percentage on The Voice app this season with 87%. Both of them were dropped by John and picked up by Kelly. I just realized now that Sid eventually made his momma happy by ending up on Team Blake. It's good he got to experience being coached by the other two first though. Considering only one person can win, I don't think it's a bad strategy at all to make the most of the experience and go for working with as many coaches as possible since they all have something different to offer.
  14. Chevel went live on Instagram Live to tell her fans that the concert is cancelled. She said she was disappointed it was cancelled because it had been such a long time since she's performed, but she would have another show eventually. Someone asked how Covid-19 has affected her personally and she mentioned that a few of her friends have gotten Covid and it's definitely something you should take seriously and everyone should wash their hands and wear masks. On a lighter note she got on the topic of foreign languages and accents and she mentioned she was learning the song La Llorana and she san
  15. You don't need cable to watch the show though. You could buy TV antenna and watch any over the air broadcast channel (NBC is one) that you want without paying a service fee. When you use the term "cable" you are implying that it's a show you can only watch with a cable subscription.
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