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  1. If my memory serves me correctly the TV edit left out the part where Kelly was shown being beside herself that she didn't have a save left to use on Marina because they aired her Knockout first. It sucks when such positive comments hit the cutting room floor because of an editorial decision regarding the airing order. It looked no one liked her enough to save her when someone actually genuinely wanted to. I get that the TV order is to serve whatever story are they are trying to create for the show, but there's definitely aspects of it that aren't so cool for the contestants.
  2. Has anyone heard about anyone actually getting tickets? Considering how people have to submit their vaccine verifications they really should have sent out invitations by now.
  3. It's been a minute since Brynn has made a post on Instagram so this clip of her singing "Jane" at Electric Lady Studios was nice surprise. I wonder if she just played it for fun while she was their recording something else or if she actually recorded it for something. https://www.instagram.com/p/CRm5Hz9i3q7/
  4. I'm new to watching this show, so I'm unfamiliar with how the format works other than what I've seen explained on Wikipedia for previous seasons, but according to this article the Judges Cuts round will be completely cut out this season and part of the Auditions 8 episode this week will have judges deliberations about how will move on. https://talentrecap.com/why-americas-got-talent-ditched-the-judge-cuts-in-season-16/ A couple of days ago Storm Large posted on Instagram and Facebook that she found out when she was already boarded on a plane that she was expected to be "camera ready" for what she understood to be a closed rehearsal. She was a bit freaked out because she hadn't packed anything other than dumpy workout clothes and she didn't have any make up and hair stuff either. Whelp, lucky for her she's still gorgeous without make up. Even if she had been able to make a quick pit stop at the mall for more appropriate clothes I suspect buying off the rack is probably not that easy since she's nearly 6 feet tall. The trip appeared to be a quick one since she was back at the airport the next morning. I saw her reply in the comments about not knowing if and when she would be on the live shows, but she would let everyone know as soon as she knew. Here's her freak out post: https://www.facebook.com/27023776319/posts/10160225538386320/?d=n
  5. Team Kelly probably filmed their rehearsals yesterday, Kelly's make up artist posted a picture at "work" on her IG story and there was a canvas behind her with the letters of V, O, I, C, E in random order all over it.
  6. I don't know anything about this particular contestant, but it's very easy to miss or forget a name especially the last name since that is only said once during the whole segment. The volume level from the speakers in the studio can be low in general and sometimes during the speaking portions of the show you don't catch everything that's said or there will be noise in the audience that makes it difficult to hear. Also, sometimes contestants either aren't very active on social media period, or they are very cautious before reveal day and don't follow people they know from the show until then.
  7. Parker McKay's bio on her website classifies her as being a Country Pop artist. I did get the same impression of her as you did after listening to both her covers and originals. I thought it was interesting that she ended up on Kelly's team since Kelly is a pop artist who was based in Nashville for several years.
  8. Chevel is live streaming on Instagram from her bus right now instead of doing her usual Thursday cover. She's sung a few songs, she's doing Looking for Loretta right now.
  9. You think they would be paired in a battle? While that might seem to make sense in terms of not having a 2 or 3 against one situation, doing an arrangement involving a trio and a duo would be pretty complex. It also doesn't help that one of the groups is composed of what I'm assuming are minors so they have restrictions placed on how much they can rehearse. If they go against each other I think it is more likely it would be in the Knockout round. It should be noted though that Kelly absolutely loves harmonies and being able to work with groups. I think she's going to want to bring at least one of her groups into the live rounds.
  10. Cassadee Pope's performance on Kelly's talk show is airing on Wednesday of next week.
  11. Here's a video of most of Good Boy from Chevel's dad's YouTube page: He also posted this video about a week ago of Chevel singing "I Went Down to the River to Pray" in memory of his mother who had recently passed away. Condolences to Robert and Chevel and the rest of their family for their loss: ETA: He posted all of Good Boy on Facebook. Maybe he lost reception or something when he uploaded it to YouTube: https://fb.watch/6mYpd3riyE/
  12. I think they especially take a war path stance whenever there is a new coach. During the last sets of pre-Covid pre-taped shows it was brought up that someone was sued just for saying something about Kelly's outfit from a taping during her first season. That person didn't even give any spoilers like that Ariana fan did, I'm not surprised at all that they're getting sued. The amount the production company will sue people for is $250,000. When the penalty is that steep I'm surprised there are still people that provide spoilers. The production company's lawyers can call the people compiling the spoilers as witnesses in a lawsuit. The warm up guy was called as witness in that lawsuit he mentioned about the Kelly related tweets because they used him to try and help identify who the leaker might have been.
  13. A bunch of The Voice alums have been booked at each of Blake's bars to around the 4th of July including Todd Tilghman, Kirk Jay, Taryn Papa, The Swon Brothers, and Brennley Brown. Gracee Shriver is playing at the Nashiville location tonight. https://twitter.com/OleRed/status/1404453808676167681?s=20
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