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  1. Chevel reposted this on her Instagram story a few days ago. Apparently she spent 5 days in L.A. as a cast member for an "industry pitch" for the musical Hair. From the comments in the post it sounds like it was a pitch for a film version. Kenny Ortega is in charge of the project. He directed all the High School Musical and Descendants movies. He also directed and produced "This Is It", the Michael Jackson documentary. Five days seems like a very short period to pull together something like this, but I'm sure Chevel's time on The Voice helped her to be able to learn songs and put together performances quickly.
  2. I'm assuming they will go straight from Playoffs to the semi-finals, that's how they will complete the season with only three weeks of lives total.
  3. Anders Drerup https://m.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=181845709587222&id=100032853825755&set=a.127576188347508&source=48 https://www.instagram.com/andersdrerup/?hl=en https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChb3ntdxBWh_mjBI27QeaTQ
  4. Roderick Chambers https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJOZ1FtThlab3M0IEkrZhrg
  5. ^ Yes Michael's own band as well The BB King Band that features him as their lead vocalist are both also signed to the that label. Not sure how long Sarah's deal has been in the works, but when she was talking to fans after her show in L.A. last year she mentioned not wanting to digitally release the EP that she was selling CDs of at her shows because she wanted her first digital release to be when she was signed with a label. Sarah has a business savvy and professional manner about her that is way beyond her years, that along with her talent and work ethic hopefully will lead to her having a long successful career.
  6. I heard it was supposed to be on 2/10, I guess they changed their mind.
  7. Sarah Grace signed with Ruf Records, an independent blues label with international distribution.
  8. Pryor and Kaleb have played at Blake's bars several times. Kelly's done a lot for Kaleb she financed a solo EP he recorded, I don't think he released the whole thing, but the three singles he released were a part of it. Kelly also used her performance slot on The Voice last season to have Kaleb perform "I Dream in Southern," a song she's featured on. He also performed a different single on her talk show a few months ago. He's gotten the most visible support from her aside from her winners. It's pretty much a sure thing she'll have Kaleb and Pryor on her show when they release something.
  9. Maybe the difference in cost vs. ad revenue still makes Game of Games come out ahead of The Voice even if the ratings are much lower. Are the coaches paid per episode?
  10. There was only one other taping. Considering that it's now pretty easy to get your preferred taping choice I'm not surprised if vet taping goers all went to the first one, it's the more interesting one because all the steals are in play.
  11. I don't explicitly know the answer, I can only make an assumption based on the four way Knockout. Such a format change would only make sense if the number of people on a team going into the Knockout round is an odd number, right? Just from a logical standpoint that's what makes sense.
  12. I'm going to hold off commenting specifically on any contestants, but from what I've seen so far I'm generally impressed at the quality of performances the contestants have been able to deliver. This isn't acknowledged that much on here, but this show is incredibly stressful to be in and that can cause the artists to be more nervous than they usually be and not perform up to their abilities. While there have been a few people that haven't given their best performances and had execution issues here and there, I can only think of one complete disastrous performance of the three tapings I attended. A lot of these battles and knockouts are going to come down to preferences and how the coaches want their team to be balanced out. I've really been enjoying this season so far, at this point I'm not really sure who the front runner is in my mind, there are a lot of really talented people and they have different strengths. Probably one of the most interesting things about this season for me is there are a few stylists who also have power and range. I would say it's mostly the case that singers are either categorized as belters or stylists, but there are contestants that do well at both. Regarding the move out of Stage 12, I didn't speak with any crew members about it directly but another audience member heard that they are moving to stage that is way on the other side of the lot. Stage 12 is the largest soundstage on the lot, I would imagine they would have to utilize multiple stages to house everything that they can fit in Stage 12. There was one season, I think it was Season 16 where they used Stage 25 for Battles and Knockouts and the size of the actual set was only slightly smaller even though the building it was housed in was significantly smaller so the audience at home probably won't notice that much of a difference with how the set looks.
  13. Knockouts were one day over two tapings for Season 14 and Season 15. Cross Battles replaced Knockouts for Season 16. Knockouts were spread out over 2 days with 3 tapings for Season 17. I don't know what the schedule was previous to Season 14 since I wasn't going to tapings back then, but to me the tapings being two tapings over one day is the normal scheduling.
  14. Did one of your sources explicitly tell you there were 48 contestants for Battles this season or is this an assumption based on how many pairings there were during taping #3?
  15. Brynn responded to someone asking, " You know it's a joke right?" but deleted it . She probably figured they must know. Since tweets can easily be embedded on here now is good time to post a couple clips Brynn posted of her playing the piano. Once Brynn had been signed to Atlantic and now Elektra she hasn't been as free to share full unreleased songs, but maybe small snippets like this are okay? She was happy at the response she got from the first clip and said she was probably going to do it more often. It was interesting to hear how she changed some of the songs she was in the process of writing when she was still allowed to do that in most cases she smoothed out the flow of the lyrics once she revised them.
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