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  1. Listening to this new version vs the album version I like that Brynn was picking the guitar as hard as the guitarist on the album track. Also comparing this version to what she did when she performed it on Kelly's show, I always liked how she sang "eyes" in a stylized way in that performance, but she did it kind of a lot in that performance, in this version she saved it for just for the last one. Overall I think I like this version the best overall.
  2. Preview clip of Kelly and Ariana's duet on Kelly's Christmas album that's dropping this Friday:
  3. Brynn Cartelli released a new live performance video of "If I Could" and also released the audio from the performance on all the usual digital platforms. Listen on Spotify: Links to listen on all platforms: https://brynncartelli.lnk.to/live
  4. The audio for the live version of If I Could is out now: The performance video will be released at 10 a.m. ET today:
  5. Kelly notices Paula Abdul in the front row of the audience in the second slide in this post, she was so surprised to see her. I love how sweet and supportive Paula has been to Kelly from the beginning all the way through now. https://www.instagram.com/p/CUoEK8tpMyO/
  6. Looks like we're staying in the BOATS era for a bit longer. Today's announcement is a live track and video for "If I Could" is being released on October 8th. https://www.instagram.com/p/CUn7-REqHoS/ Click here to pre-save: https://fpt.fm/app/30792/bclive
  7. She turned for Preston Howell and I could be wrong, but I think she had a plan to try to steal him at some point during his season, but I forgot what happened. Not sure if it didn't happen because he won his battle or because she used her steal before it was his pairing. Kelly also turned for Austin Giorgio during her first season.
  8. Brynn posted in her IG story about an announcement coming up tomorrow. Most likely it's about "Gemini", her new single, being released. I imagine her recent activity on TikTok was probably a bit of ramp up to the announcement. She posted a new cover on there yesterday, "High & Dry" by Radiohead.
  9. Brynn did an interview for Nantucket Magazine's podcast, Nantucket Sound. It was recorded at the end of her last visit there, right before she went to London to record for her album. They spoke a lot about she had planned for her album, not necessarily any info about specific songs, but a lot about where she was getting inspirations for the songs, how her experience making the album differs from how she made her EP. Brynn also talks about her attempts to live a "normal" life and how that feeds into her songwriting. Brynn also talked about how this period in her life was a major transition for her since she was getting ready to move out of her childhood home and move to New York City to go to NYU. It was interesting to hear what went into the process of deciding whether to defer for a year or attend immediately. Brynn said she was majoring in Music Business, which seems like a smart idea to me just knowing how many artists get screwed over by just trusting people on the business side of things and not really knowing if what they are being told is really true and in their best interest. I like that this interview went pretty in depth into who she is as a person and a songwriter and didn't have that much fluff to it. I'll probably pull out some quotes from this interview later after people have had a chance to listen to it for themselves. https://www.instagram.com/p/CUfblOlrkRC/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link https://www.facebook.com/NantucketMagazine/posts/278555824271462 Listen on Apple Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/brynn-cartelli-voice-of-the-future/id1559966418?i=1000537240538 Listen on Spotify: It sounds like there was a camera in the studio filming the interview as well, but so far there's nothing up on YouTube yet.
  10. Brynn's "Second Hand Smoke" post has over 500k views on TikTok and Kelly's repost of it on her IGTV channel also has over 500k views, so it's gotten over 1 million views between the the two. The TikTok post also has over 3k comments. Hopefully there's a push to put this song on Brynn's upcoming album, this one has definitely struck a chord with her fans.
  11. Chevel sang "God Bless America" with Michael Martin Murphey and Carin Mari on September 11th, but just got around to posting it today:
  12. There was something that happened during Hailey's coach comment period that basically spoiled who she was going to pick as her coach. Kelly was trying to get to know her better as an artist so she asked her who else on the radio she would cover and Hailey very hesitantly said, "Ariana Grande." Like she felt bad about saying it in response to Kelly, but it was the truth, haha. Of course Kelly knew she had no chance after that.
  13. I gotta admit that error had me dying laughing ever since it was first posted here.
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