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S22 Top 10 Power Ranking


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1. Triston - I’ll keep him her for now, but if he has another performance like he had Monday night, I may have to move him down. 

2. Will - He’s been the most consistent performer of the top 10, and Facebook loves him. 

3. Abi - Facebook might not love her, but nobody below has earned to right to be in this spot. 

4. Mia - Flying under the radar. She needs to give voters a reason to move her up. She doesn’t need vocal firepower, just great song choices, and solid performances.

5. KB - She’s been very inconsistent, but appears to have a sizable dedicated fanbase. 

6. Emmy - She doesn’t have a lot of vocal firepower, but it absolutely does help that her grandmother is the undisputed queen of country. 

7. Kayko - He seems to have carved out a nice niche for himself, but I don’t sense that the ceiling is high. Under the right circumstances, he could finish higher than this. 

8. Jack - See description for Kayko. 

9. Julia - She’s been mostly solid, and has the powerhouse lane to herself now. 

10. McKenna - I feel like she’s in trouble, and needs to bounce back in a big way. 

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1.  Abi — While her not having a stand-out personality is concerning, I still think that she has the best chance of winning.

2.  Triston — he’s the best of the country guys but he had his first clunker and I said that he might be too green to win.

3.  Will — he’s consistent, but he’s always just good in my eyes.

4.  Mia — I think she can get past Will, but she needs to be better in order to win this season.

5.  Kaibrienne — her fan base will take her far, but her inconsistency will be her downfall.

6.  Jack — I think he’ll get farther than Kayko, so he goes here.

7.  Julia — being the only vocal powerhouse left will help her.

8.  Emmy — her grandmother can only take her so far.

9.  McKenna — I now think that she’s in trouble due to her sickness.

10.  Kayko — the weakest of all the ones left.  It’s his time.

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1 Will- I see slightly more appeal to Will than Tristen. I don’t think the basic audience has any reason not to vote him. 

2 Mia- I think she’s going to be like Megan and make the top 3, possibly even top 2.she has alot A lot of idol voting appeal 

3 Tristen- Under Mia because I don’t see A Will and Tristen top 2

4 KB- She has great Facebook stats and she’s the young girl that always makes it far like Haven and Emerson but better.

5 McKenna- I know she’s lost some steam the last two episodes but I still think she has a great chance at the top 5

6 Abi- Idk about her. I think she has some fans that will keep her in for longer but not enough for the finals.

7 Jack- right around here is where I think he’ll place no matter how well or how bad he does

8 Kayko- If he starts giving some really emotional performances than maybe he can go further but this is where I see him

9 Emmy- I like her but the fact that she’s not the best singer and can’t sing that much originals now is catching up to her.

10 Julia- I think she lost all the front runner potential she had a in the begining. One more pitchy or out of tune performance snd I think she’s done.

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1. Triston - consistently high stats. we now know he can do ballads and also serve stage presence (even if it's a bit cringey, we know Minivan eats it up). 

2. Abi - she has high high's, but also some concerning lows. i'll give her the benefit of the doubt for now. 

3. Will - his stats still strike me as extremely mediocre for being the only country WGWG in the competition. 

4. Mia - very consistent and reliable, both in terms of stats and performances. she need's another "moment" to boost herself. 

5. Kaibrienne - inconsistent, but when she delivers people love her. i'd also say she has the best social media presence on the cast which helps. 

6. Julia - the only powerhouse left, can probably stick around for a bit. could see her moving up if she gives more performances like "Something in the Orange." 

7. Jack - he has the minivan appeal and the potential as a performer, though his personality is extremely dry and forgettable. if he starts to get a better edit and has a "moment" i could see him moving up. 

8. Emmy - sweet personality + memorable story, but her nerves and insecurities are too prevalent for her to go the full distance. 

9. McKenna - love her, but her stats are never really outstanding and she doesn't really have the best personality of the Top 10. the "sexy" comments also have potential to make Minivan intimidated by her. 

10. Kayko - weakest vocals left and only really appeals to an extremely niche (but passionate) group of people. he won't be allowed to do originals until Finale and i don't see that benefitting him either. 

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I'll try again.


1. Will - I'll keep him here until further notice.

2. Triston - I don't think he's unstoppable as some perceive. 

3. Abi - She has a good chance to make it all the way.

4. Mia - Dark horse, possible Finale contender.

5. Emmy - Might be overestimating a bit, but I think she has plenty of support still.

6. KB - She has her fans, is a versatile contestant as well shown this week.

7. Jack - Might be coasting but he's consistent at least.

8. McKenna - Took a hit but could rebound.

9. Julia - Powerhouse, but it seems Minivan doesn't care too much for them.

10. Kayko - Might not last too long with his performance quality.

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1. Will - I think it's safe that he already won American Idol as he has the most views and likes on Facebook. Minivan loves him. He does need to change it up a bit to be unpredictable with his song choices as it's easy to know what he's singing. At least he's solid. 


2. Abi - She is the producers TCO and they are pimping the crap out of her every single week. They have their winner, not sure if it will work. They are going to have to give her major pimpage in the finale and buss the other two finalists. 


3. Mia - She's the dark horse this season and is very consistent.


4. KB - She's got a big fanbase that can carry her far. All she needs to do is stay on pitch for the rest of her run and do better than the others. She also has the producers on her side.


5. Emmy - She's Loretta's granddaughter so I think this will help her get this far. Sadly I don't think she will make the finale no matter how much producers loves her.


6. Julia - She's the powerhouse this season which is why I'm putting her here. I think the producers loves her as she's getting a growth arc. If she continues improving, she can make the finale. Maybe she should pick more country songs to stay in the game. 


7. Jack - He fell behind on his Monday's performance, but if he rebounds back to his Sunday night level of performance, he could continue going far. I'm placing him here for that reason. He just needs to be more unpredictable or he isn't winning.


8. McKenna - She was sick and fell behind in views and likes. She put herself back on top on Monday night slightly. She also has the producers on her side and is being pimped. She just has to stay consistent and pick songs like Both Sides Now.


9. Triston - He had an off night hence why he's this low. He just needs to go back to doing what he does best and not be Elvis. He isn't Elvis and he understands that. He's also consistent. If he has another off night, Minivan isn't going to be forgiving. If he delivers, I'm putting him higher than this.


10. Kayko - He is a great singer and songwriter, but I don't see him lasting longer than this. He's the weakest one left. If he delivers, maybe he has a shot.

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Here's my best guess?


1.  Triston - Everyone wants and thinks he's going to win even the contestants so I think he's the safest.

2. Will - White Male Country singers are generally always safe especially when you are the last one.

3. Abi- The top 2 I'm the most confident in and I guess I'll put Abi here for now but she's going to need to consistently perform well or she will be past up.

4. KB - She's got one of the most likable personality's from any contestant that has been on the show. If she can pick the right song choices and not stumble anymore she could make the finale.

5. Jack - If the girls stumble he's probably the next in line to replace them because America likes basic white guys.

6. Emmy - Another incredibly likable contestant who's probably got a lot of people back home rooting for her and voting for her. I was expecting a massive growth arc from her which hasn't really happened yet though. So she's probably not going to be everyone's cup of a tea.

7. Mia - She's the lone true female country singer left. She's been more consistent then all the other girls so far. She doesn't seem to have as big of a fan base as the other girls do so she's going to have to rely on the casual voters I think.

8. McKenna - She's definitely a production favorite and she has the highest highs of anyone on the show. Unfortunately she was sick last week and didn't have the best performances but she's also at risk because of how stunning she looks and Lionel keeps bringing it up so that's not helping her case with team minivan.

9. Kayko - He's reddit's boy so that probably counts for something lol. Definitely one of the weaker singers left in competition but minivan might keep him in longer for his looks.

10. Julia - All the other powerhouses have been voted off instantly so I'm not sure that America likes any of them. Maybe being the last powerhouse will help Julia but I'm thinking she's probably the one in trouble the most.

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1. Mia - My favorite, Some call her a dark horse, I think she has a bigger fan base than most think - I predict top 2 or 3, but I hope she wins it all.

2. Julia - Great voice, needed better song choices on some nights

3. Jack - Consistent and has a good voice.

4. Will -Good personality and voice, no stage presence

5. McKenna - Pretty, nice raspy voice

6. Emmy - Cute, sweet little voice, popular grandmother - all of these things are keeping her in

7. KB - Average at best

8. Triston -He is declining

9. Abi - She will go further than I rank her. Good voice, but the same old same ole each week, too much hype over not much for me.

10. Kayko - okay at best

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1. Triston - Dominated Facebook the nights of the Top 20 to Top 14. Still solid numbers for Top 12 night even though the performance really sucked.

2. Will - Solid FB numbers. The only one aside from Kayko who has lead in FB reacts for any night aside from Triston.

3. Abi - The female contestant with the highest peak on FB reacts. She gave the performance of the season, which still isn't enough to win considering the bias this show has for male contestants.

4. Mia - The dark horse and my favourite in the competition. Makes great song choices and is the most consistent performer. Maybe she will be able to break into the Top 3 and slay the male country singers.

5. KB - She’s been quite inconsistent but has the full brunt of the Mormon fans in her homebase of Utah. The contestant that gets the biggest boost in FB reacts relatively compared to the rest after a day is KB, probably because of this Mormon fanbase.

6. Emmy - She has a safety cushion none of the other contestants have in that her grandmother is incredibly famous, so people are very curious about following her story.

7. Kayko - He should be good for another night considering his Somebody That I Used to Know was received well even though I thought it was terrible. He led the night in FB reacts for the first time.

8. Julia - I Believe was a mini-Rude moment for her in that it capped her support much like it did for Dennis in Season 16 where it didn't matter what he did after that as voters soured on him 'cause of that performance.

9. Jack - The edit has done the most to limit his appeal with the focus on the faces and his 2 NOs at his audition. Katy also painted him as a calculating strategist on Monday, which viewers aren't liking since they're easily susceptible to judge comments.

10. McKenna - Almost certainly going home on Sunday no matter how well she does.

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16 hours ago, Marlie said:


1. Mia - My favorite, Some call her a dark horse, I think she has a bigger fan base than most think - I predict top 2 or 3, but I hope she wins it all.

2. Julia - Great voice, needed better song choices on some nights

3. Jack - Consistent and has a good voice.

4. Will -Good personality and voice, no stage presence

5. McKenna - Pretty, nice raspy voice

6. Emmy - Cute, sweet little voice, popular grandmother - all of these things are keeping her in

7. KB - Average at best

8. Triston -He is declining

9. Abi - She will go further than I rank her. Good voice, but the same old same ole each week, too much hype over not much for me.

10. Kayko - okay at best

thank u;)

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1. Triston - TCO ... great tone, genuine "aw shucks" personality, powerful backstory, pretty consistent and seems to know what songs to pick


2. Will - Obvious appeal to the audience, very consistent albeit a little predictable at times. Great grit and guitar skills - like Abi just needs to change it up


3. Abi - BEAUTFUL TONE, excellent vocal delivery, able to give the most moments of the remaining singers - just needs to change it up once in a while 


4. Mia - Dark horse, has been doing great lowkey and isn't being pushed in our faces, very calm and collected demeanor yet still has charm. Could see her make the finale if she keeps it up


5. KB - Very appealing with the audience, touching backstory, capable of giving "moments" but needs to consistent and reign in on her nerves


6. Jack - He's been slowly rising in the ranks lately - has great appeal, picks creative and smart song choices ... he does need to have a "winning" moment performance soon thou or else he'll get overshadowed


7. Julia - Her song choices haven't been my favorite as they've ranged from stellar (Zach Bryan) to not so stellar (Fantasia) ... she needs to be more strategic, otherwise best technical vocalist remaining


8. Mckenna - For some reason she's not connecting with the audience - could be just a tonal preference but she needs another "Both Sides Now" moment to move on


9. Emmy - Her best performance has still been her Benson cover and she just hasn't been able to replicate that magic since ... plus her last performance was a bit of a misstep with her nerves getting the best of her


10. Kayko - I like him and I do think he's my personal fave male singer in terms of what I'd listen to post-show, but he's been wildly inconsistent and I just don't see him lasting much longer

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